Coal River Mountain Emergency: Sit-Ins-Funeral March Erupt at EPA/JP Morgan Chase Offices Across Nation

Jeff Biggers @ Common Dreams - As millions of pounds of explosions rip across their mountain communities, including the clean energy landmark of Coal River Mountain, scores of residents from the Appalachian coalfields have joined with supporters from across the country in a series of sit-ins, die-ins, protests, and a haunting "Day of the Dead" funeral procession and sit-in in the courtyard of the Washington, DC headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Clean energy and clean water supporters across the country are also sending emails to the EPA and President Obama to stop the tragic blasting of Coal River Mountain.

"Inaction on the part of the EPA will affect the future of Appalachians, and generations to come," says Bob Kincaid, with the Coal River Mountain Watch organization in West Virginia. "If Coal River Mountain is blown up, the green energy future of Appalachia, and the entire nation, will be imperiled." Read more.


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