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Tens of Thousands Gather in Moscow to Protest

With Pre-Caucus Focus on GOP Race, Occupy Movement Steps Up Activism in Iowa

Bradley Manning Hearing: Alleged WikiLeaks Whistleblower in Military Court, 19 Months After Arrest

Activists say 111 killed in Syria's "bloodiest day"

Can a Montana Program to Reduce Veteran Suicide Succeed at the National Level?

Adobe’s Cloudware Announcement Stirs Pricing and Privacy Concerns

Oakland council adds debit-card ability to city ID Read more:

Image of Unknown Woman Beaten by Egypt's Military Echoes Around World

Tens of Thousands of Pakistanis Rally Against US

The False Equation: Religion Equals Morality

The War on Drug Addicts - and Everyone Else

Occupy Oakland Closes Ports

President Obama Richly Deserves to Be Dumped

Climate Apartheid

Ethics of Drone Strikes Questioned

Tawakkul Karman, Yemeni Nobel Peace Laureate, Pays Tribute to Women Activists Worldwide

Revealed: Huge Increase in Executive Pay for America's Top Bosses

Russia’s Putin Faces Unprecedented Challenge as Tens of Thousands Protest Electoral Fraud

Surviving the Second Gilded Age

Lehman Brothers: Financially and Morally Bankrupt

Current crop of California college grads can't find jobs they want

ACLU Sues Scott Walker Over Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law

Prime Minister al-Maliki to US Chamber of Commerce: Iraq is Open for Business

Occupy Protesters Shut Down Major West Coast Ports, Targeting Goldman Sachs

"The Arab People Have Woken Up": Yemeni Activist Tawakkol Karman Accepts Nobel Peace Prize

Los Angeles and Occupy LA Agree: It’s Time to End Corporate Personhood

Ex-Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson, Former Democrat, Launches Third Party Presidential Bid Against Obama, GOP

Three Women’s Rights Leaders Accept Nobel Peace Prize

Time to Save the Post Office

Exclusive: Ex-Greek PM George Papandreou on Greece’s Fiscal Crisis and Why He Backs Occupy Movement

Frustrated by Inaction, Youth Delegates Occupy COP 17 Plenary in Durban

Developing Countries Call for Green Climate Fund Independent of Western Control

Listen to the People, Not the Polluters

What Can Save the Euro?

Eurozone crisis: Late night summit talks to save euro

Murder-suicide revisits Virginia Campus

Social Contract Unravels in Rich Countries as Widening Income Gap Favors Bankers, Executives

Marching Off the Cliff

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America's army of jobless

Are Americans in Line for Gitmo?

Hundreds of OccupyLA Demonstrators Held for Days Without Charges on $5,000 Bail in Often Deplorable, Illegal, and Unconstitutional Conditions

Iran shoots down US drone

Derrick Jensen Speaking at Occupy Oakland

Wal-Mart Circles Indian Markets, and Indians Push Back

$7.7 Trillion to Wall Street - Anything to Keep the Banksters Happy!

OWS "Truth-Force" Obliterates New York Police Department Barricade at Lincoln Center Plaza

The 99 Percent Takes Office: Lessons From a Rhode Island Special Election

Arundhati Roy: "The People Who Created the Crisis Will Not Be the Ones That Come Up With a Solution"

Cops Invade Occupy Boston to Seize Its Sink

Romney's Billionaire Threatens BBC Investigative Reporter

Vermont's Push to End Corporate Personhood

Deranged Senate Votes for Military Detention of All Terror Suspects and a Permanent Guantánamo

Unemployed, Liberal Groups to Hold 4-Day DC Protest

Occupy Montreal Protesters Branded by Police

Twenty Examples of the Obama Administration Assault on Domestic Civil Liberties

7-7-7: Jobless? Face It. Obama's Not That Into You

British Public-Sector Strike Threatens Airports, Closes Schools

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Takes Early Lead in First Post-Mubarak Elections

3 Protesters Hit With Taser at Occupy Protest at Washington State Capitol

Senate Keeps Controversial Detainee Policy in Defense Bill

V for Vendetta: Alan Moore – Meet the Man Behind the Protest Mask

Wisconsin Recall Drive Surpasses 300,000 Signatures

A Tale of Two Portlands: Occupy vs Subsidizing Developers

Cablegate One Year Later: How WikiLeaks Has Influenced Foreign Policy, Journalism, and the First Amendment

Egypt's Election Can't Be Trusted

Citigroup-SEC Settlement Rejected by New York Judge

Egyptians Cast Ballots in Post-Mubarak Polls

WikiLeaks Wins Walkley for Revealing 'Inconvenient Truths' in Global Coup

Does Smaller Government Create More Jobs?

Obama Granted Fewer Requests for Clemency Than Any Other President in the Last Century

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Syracuse fires assistant basketball coach Fine

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Ask the Candidates Real Questions — Like These

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Crowds Swell in Cairo as New PM Appointed

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Thousands of Egyptians Press Demand for Military Council to Step Down

The Fascinating History of How Corporations Became "People" -- Thanks to Corrupt Courts Working for the 1%

Petroleum Junkies of the World, Unite!

Foreclosed Homeowners Re-Occupy Their Homes

New Documentary Tracks Cultural Genocide of American Indians

Police Crackdowns on Occupy Camps are Real Threat

Occupy Everywhere: Michael Moore, Naomi Klein on Next Steps for the Movement Against Corporate Power

NYPD Raid on Occupy's Zuccotti Park Camp Destroyed Thousands of Books

University chancellor under pressure after campus police pepper-spray students at Occupy camp

Yemen's Leader Signs Power-Transfer Deal

Portugal Holds General Strike Against Austerity Measures

BPA Spikes 1,200 Per Cent After Eating Canned Soup: Study

Washington’s Debt Panic and the Real Social Debt in America

Let Me In

UN Chief Slams Rich Nations' Plans to Delay Climate Change Treaty

Cities With Budget Woes Sell Out to Highest Bidder

Grace Lee Boggs: You Have a Chance to Change the System

Tahrir Square Protest Continues to Grow

Occupy Protesters 'Mic Check' Obama in New Hampshire

Army schedules Dec. 16 pretrial hearing for PFC Bradley Manning

The Christian Spirit Rests with Occupy Protestors

US Firm's Teargas Used Against Tahrir Square Protesters

Seymour Hersh: Propaganda Used Ahead of Iraq War Is Now Being Reused over Iran’s Nuke Program

Tahrir Square Under Attack: 32 Egyptians Killed, 1,750 Injured in Protests Against Military Rule

UC Davis Student Describes Pepper Spray Attack on Occupy Campus Protesters

U.S. Leads Challenge to Ban on Cluster Munitions

The Revolution Will Be Live Streamed: Global Revolution TV, the Occupy Movement’s Video Hub

Projectionists Light Up New York City Buildings, and Protesters’ Spirits, with Occupy-Themed Display

Occupy Oakland: Footage Shows Police Beating 'Peaceful' Iraq War Veteran (VIDEO)

Occupy Colleges Now: Students as the New Public Intellectuals

Washington Lobbyists Crafted $850,000 Secret Plan For Bank Lobbyists To Undermine Occupy Wall Street

Egypt Protesters Stage Mass Anti-Military Rally

We Are All Occupiers

If You Lived in Iran, Wouldn't You Want the Nuclear Bomb?

Standing Against Militarism and Violence: From Haiti to Fort Benning

Hip-Hop Legend Russell Simmons, Member of the 1%, on Why He Supports the 99% and OWS

At least one founding father would support OWS

Occupy Wall Street Draws Massive Turnout in NYC and Across the Nation to Mark 2-Month Milestone

NYC Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez Detained in Zuccotti Raid, Urges Mass Involvement in OWS

SEIU President, Union Leaders Arrested in OWS Brooklyn Bridge Protest Demanding Job Creation

"Occupy" Actions Across the Country

Billionaire Media Moguls vs. Occupy Wall Street

Human Rights Group Concerned Over Journalists’ Arrests at Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Prepares for the Onslaught

Rebellion is in the Air: Quan’s Quackery and Bloomberg’s Bullshit

NYPD blast LRAD Sonic weapon against OWS protest

Palestinian "Freedom Riders" Challenge Segregation

Paramilitary Policing of Occupy Wall Street: Excessive Use of Force amidst the New Military Urbanism

84-Year-Old Dorli Rainey, Pepper-Sprayed at Occupy Seattle, Denounces "Worsening" Police Crackdowns

San Francisco Police Arrest 100 in Bank of America Protest

Airline strands passengers, demands cash for fuel

Occupy clashes on Wall Street in day of action