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Ex-Harvard Hillel Leader: 'Stop Weaponizing Antisemitism'

Utah governor says social media increases anxiety, depression, self-harm among youth

Pro-Palestine rally held in Paris during holiday season

Maine, Colorado Officials Face Threats After Trump Barred From Ballots

Idaho AG plans to appeal ruling blocking transgender care ban

Burundi's president says homosexuality 'imported from the West', calls for stoning gays

Eurostar returns to full service on Sunday after widespread cancellations

Brexit has completely failed for UK, say clear majority of Britons

Taiwan's sovereignty belongs to its people, presidential frontrunner says

‘We can’t tell her the truth’: Gaza’s hospitals filling with lone orphans

Police killed Niani Finlayson seconds after responding to her 911 call, video shows

Biden administration again bypasses Congress for weapons sale to Israel

Russian poets given long jail terms for reciting verses against Ukraine war

Hong Kong democracy activist Tony Chung flees to UK to seek asylum

L’Oréal heiress and board member is first woman to amass $100bn fortune

SpaceX launches US military space drone for secretive research mission

Maine disqualifies Trump from presidential primary ballot, citing insurrection clause

Wisconsin university chancellor claims he was fired for appearing in porn videos

“Absolutely Unimaginable”: Children in Gaza Face Amputations Without Anesthesia, Death & Disease

House Democrat Says No More US Aid for Netanyahu's Assault on Gaza

‘Queen of trash’ and employees arrested over Sweden’s ‘largest environmental crime’

Theatre chain AMC apologizes after civil rights leader says he was kicked out of screening

Israeli Politician says Palestians in Gaza "deserve death"

Hezbollah launches most rockets ever towards Israel in single day since latest unrest started

Ukraine welcomes latest US aid package as war nears two year mark

Social Media Giants Make Billions Advertising to US Kids

Tommy Smothers, famed for political satire, dies at 86

EU leaders salute father of European integration Jacques Delors

Unions Lead Protests Against Milei's Anti-Worker Decree in Argentina

Dozens killed as gas tanker explodes in Liberia

Hong Kong's pro-democracy Civic Party disbands after China cracks down on dissent

‘Piles of body parts’: Gaza’s Maghazi residents find families ‘in pieces’

Higher Education Cannot Train a New Generation Without the Humanities

The New York Times is suing OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement

James Bamford on Group That Doxes Students & Profs for Palestine Activism

John Cleese Defends ‘Very Bad Joke’ About Trump and Hitler

Veteran of German politics Wolfgang Schaeuble dies at 81

Who are the Israeli refuseniks picking jail over the Gaza war?

UN appoints veteran Dutch diplomat to coordinate humanitarian aid for Gaza

U.S. Colleges Suppress Free Speech, Academic Freedom for Students & Professors

Two U.S. senators call for Tesla recalls after Reuters investigation

Ten dead in Australia thunderstorms, thousands without power

Why Israel Systematically Humiliates Palestinians

How Mama Octopus and her female fishing crew make waves saving Kenya’s reefs

Several dead as devastating Christmas storms sweep eastern Australia

Far-right extremists stage rural land grab across Germany

How language used by media outlets downplays Palestinian suffering

Will Maine Become the Second State to Disqualify Trump From the Ballot?

Mickey and Minnie Mouse lose copyright protection next week

Iraq Slams US Airstrikes as 'Unacceptable Violation' of Sovereignty

Law enforcement investigating threats to Colorado judges in Trump case

Ukraine says it has destroyed Russian warship in Crimean port

Time to get rid of the short-sighted politics of migration

Sônia Guajajara, Brazil’s First Indigenous Peoples Minister

India’s navy deploys warships to Arabian Sea after tanker attack

This Christmas Palestinians aspire to a life of full dignity and full freedom

Alexei Navalny located in Siberian prison after being reported missing

NY Governor Hochul Vetoes Wrongful Conviction, Immigrant Rights Bills

Christmas Canceled in Bethlehem as Churches Mourn 20,000+ Palestinians Killed in Gaza

Pope deplores 'desperate humanitarian situation' in Gaza, calls for immediate ceasefire

Russia’s military wives and mothers protest against Putin

Serbian police fire teargas as thousand protest over ‘unfair’ elections

Irish prime minister ‘shocked’ by fatal shooting at Dublin restaurant

Bethlehem’s bombed-out nativity sculpture sends a powerful message

Israeli air strike kills at least 70 Palestinians in central Gaza refugee camp

Former federal judge: The Constitution will disqualify Trump from higher office, ‘not Joe Biden’

Christians refuse to celebrate Christmas amid Gaza war

Bethlehem nearly deserted as Christmas celebrations suspended over Israel-Hamas war

Former Credit Suisse CEO Tidjane Thiam elected to lead Ivory Coast opposition

In Germany, Palestinians try to speak up amid support for Israel

Russia bars pro-peace candidate from presidential poll

Biden has destroyed what was left of American decency

Israel bombs Gaza with one-tonne bombs where civilians were sent to take refuge

Palestinian Troupe Entertains Children in Gaza Camps

Researchers warn AI could add billions to U.S. racial wealth gap

How the Giuliani case is a warning for Trump in Georgia

Macklemore reads poem highlighting US funds used in Gaza bombardment

Gazan Attorney Who Has Lost 60 Relatives in Israeli Attacks Says U.S. Is “Complicit in Genocide”

ACLU sues Texas over controversial immigration law

Canadians supporting Palestine face job loss, condemnation

UN Security Council acts to boost Gaza aid after US abstains

The anatomy of Zionist genocide

California town proposes ban on Pride, Black and women’s history celebrations

Tesla to recall over 120,000 vehicles in US

Turkiye detains 304 people over suspected Daesh ties

Woman killed by falling Christmas tree on Belgian market square

Police crash SUV into St Louis gay bar and arrest owner for assault

Colombia looks to recover billions in treasure from ‘holy grail of shipwrecks’

Dukes of Hazzard actor John Schneider called for public hanging of Joe Biden

French city of Montpellier makes public transport free for all residents

Gustave Eiffel: French tower builder who sparked skyscraper frenzy

Norwegian cruise ship MS Maud loses power in North Sea during storm

Gulf Drilling Leases Decried as Another Biden Climate Failure

Oxfam Says Biden Shares Blame for Mass Starvation in Gaza

Gulf Drilling Leases Decried as Another Biden Climate Failure

Israel confirms 19 prison guards beat Palestinian prisoner to death

California senate candidate Barbara Lee calls for Gaza ceasefire.

Las Vegas shooting suspect was a professor who recently applied for a job at UNLV

Czech police say people have been killed in a shooting in downtown Prague

Putin ‘has Trump’s number’ and still sees him ‘as an asset’, says Fiona Hill

Venezuela hands US ‘Fat Leonard’ and others in prisoner exchange

‘The math ain’t math-ing’: Taraji P Henson speaks out about Hollywood pay gap

More than 100 container ships rerouted from Suez canal to avoid Houthi attacks

Russian opposition leader Navalny goes missing as Putin seeks re-election

Hungary’s ‘draconian’ new law can be used to punish Orbán critics, US warns

France's TotalEnergies to invest billions in Nigeria

Suicides of asylum seekers in UK double in last four years

Argentina's Milei announces sweeping decree to deregulate economy

Emmanuel Macron denies controversial immigration bill is victory for far right

EU countries strike deal for major overhaul of asylum system

Northern Cyprus to restrict property sales after rumours of mass Jewish purchases

'Cashing in on Genocide': Israeli Firm Pitches Beachfront Real Estate in Leveled Gaza

Rite Aid faces 5-year facial recognition ban

Political crisis brewing in France after minister resigns over immigration bill

80+ Groups Descend on DC Demanding Gaza Cease-Fire, Migrant Rights

Half of young Americans think Israel intentionally kills civilians, survey says

President Sisi secures third term in Egypt

Opinion Israel is conducting its own ‘Final Solution’ in Gaza

Israel should 'level Gaza and make it look like Auschwitz', says official

Malaysia bans Israel-flagged ships from its ports in response to Gaza war

EPA to disperse $600M in anti-pollution grants through regional organizations

Palestinian statues torn down by Israeli forces

Forget Australia’s referendum. Indigenous people make strides on their own

China earthquake: death toll rises to 131 as freezing weather hinders rescue efforts

French parliament adopts toughened immigration law backed by far right

Colorado Supreme Court bans Trump from state’s ballot for violating US Constitution

At Least 100 Elephants Die in Zimbabwe Park Amid Drought

Washington Museum Returns 29 Looted Works of Art to Nigeria

Controversial Sale of Gabon Mask Cleared by French Court

Human-driven extinction of bird species twice as high as thought

​​Israel’s War on Children

Greta Thurnberg says there is no climate justice without human rights

John Oliver spends 30 minutes taking down Elon Musk

Palestinian says soldiers sent him into Hamas tunnel strapped with bombs

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez attend Gaza fundraiser

Fetterman says he’ll work to block ‘absolutely outrageous’ US Steel sale

Greta Thunberg slams COP28 climate deal and Israel, waves Palestinian flag

Masha Gessen’s Hannah Arendt Prize Postponed for Comparing Gaza to Warsaw Ghetto

Israeli Bombing Took 12-Year-Old's Leg, Her Family, and Finally Her Life

Iceland volcano erupts on Reykjanes Peninsula

Protesters March on NYC Transit Hubs Demanding Gaza Cease-Fire

Unwashed and underfed, babies born into Gaza war face hardship in tents

US announces multinational force against Houthi attacks in Red Sea

Hannah Arendt would not qualify for the Hannah Arendt prize in Germany today

EU and Kenya sign 'historic' partnership

Saudi Arabia, Iran commit to implementing Beijing Agreement

Hundreds evacuated as floods ravage northeastern Australia

Pope Francis’ 87th birthday closes out big year of efforts to reform church,