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St Helena urged to return remains of 325 formerly enslaved people to Africa

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Richard Serra, uncompromising American abstract sculptor, dies aged 85

Ocasio-Cortez Condemns US Complicity in Gaza “Genocide” and “Forced Famine”

EU reinstates UNRWA funding and increases emergency support by 68 million euros

Baltimore bridge collapses after powerless cargo ship rams into support column

How Luxury Real-Estate Can Have Redeeming Social Value for the Rest of Us

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How Phones Warped Gen Z

State of emergency declared in Maryland after Baltimore bridge collapse

White Mississippi “Goon Squad” Cops Get Lengthy Prison Sentences for Torturing Black Men

How Luxury Real-Estate Can Have Redeeming Social Value for the Rest of Us

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun to step down in shakeup amid safety crisis

UN Security Council adopts resolution demanding immediate Gaza ceasefire

UN Security Council adopts resolution demanding immediate Gaza ceasefire

At least four judges resign from men-only Garrick Club after backlash

Eagles and falcons deployed to scare away pigeons in Barcelona

‘There will be no day after’: hopes fade to end war in shattered, traumatised Gaza

Moscow concert hall attack: Why is ISIL targeting Russia?

AOC Pleads for Biden to End Israel Aid Amid 'Unfolding Genocide' in Gaza

Israel stripped of ‘liberal democracy’ status by prominent global index

‘Honest and brave’: progressive Jewish figures defend Jonathan Glazer speech

Rachel Corrie: Parents & Friend Remember U.S. Activist Crushed by Israeli Bulldozer in Rafah in 2003

“A Catastrophe That Cannot Be Described”: Palestinian Poet in Rafah on Daily Hardships Amid Israel’s War

Most children under six in Chicago exposed to lead in water

Paris Opera faces questions over lack of women, Russian conductor

In Ghana, why is being queer so unacceptable?

Joe Biden has just dealt a big defeat to big tech

The pro-Palestine movement has exposed the cynicism of political elites

Vaughan Gething set to become First Minister after winning Welsh Labour leadership contest

Realtors reach historic $418M settlement, upending lucrative commission system

Pence won’t endorse Trump

'Working-Class People Aren't Lazy, They're Fed Up,' UAW Leader Tells Senate

‘Desperate neglect’: teachers washing clothes and finding beds as poverty grips England’s schools

Amid the ongoing genocide in Gaza, Argentinian artists express solidarity with Palestine

Willis Can Remain as Prosecutor in Trump Election Interference Case, Judge Rules

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Report Exposes the Oil Giants 'Fueling Israel's War Machine'

Canada moves to protect coral reef

The Zone of Interest is about the danger of ignoring atrocities – including in Gaza

Top US Nitrogen Gas Producers Ban Use in Executions

The problem of where looted masterpieces belong

Kuwaiti doctors perform crucial surgeries in Gaza

Canada, Sweden Restore UNRWA Funds

US ambassador hits out at Hungary’s ‘unhinged anti-American messaging’

World’s first 3D-printed mosque unveiled in Jeddah

Columbia Sued Over 'Retaliatory' Suspension of Pro-Palestine Student Groups

‘We are tired, angry and mad’: 180,000 women march in Mexico City

Right to abortion officially added to French constitution at Paris ceremony

NATO's new map: Sweden officially joins alliance in blow to Russia

Senate Dems Call On Schumer to Reopen WWII-Era Commission on 'War Profiteering'

Dartmouth basketball team votes to unionize, rattling college sports

France's Macron demands justice after shooting of Palestinians in Gaza

At Rallies Nationwide, Low-Wage Workers Tell Political Leaders: 'Our Votes Are Demands'

Judges in Trump-related cases face unprecedented wave of threats

Navalny laid to rest at Moscow cemetery after thousands gather for funeral

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Israeli Army in Gaza in ‘State of Shock’ – Yedioth Ahronoth

‘The Bus of Our Neighborhood’ Arrives in Rafah

Ralph Nader at 90 on the “Genocidal War” in Gaza & Why Congress Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction