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Afghanistan's Taliban, US sign peace deal

The Undercover Abolitionists of the 18th Century

Walkouts at 'French Oscars' as Roman Polanski wins best director

French PM Philippe pushes through controversial pension reforms without vote

House Democrats to introduce bill clawing back border wall funds

Meet the evangelicals pushing back against Trump

The boss who put everyone on 70K

How 'dark fishing' sails below the radar to plunder the oceans

Bloomberg continues tradition of collusion with DNC leadership

Jury Refuses to Convict Climate Activists Who Presented Necessity Defense

Japan orders nationwide shutdown of schools over coronavirus

Kenya bans controversial donkey slaughter trade

Baltimore ex-mayor sentenced to three years in prison in children's book fraud scheme

Costco's legacy of violent animal abuse and the fight against it

Joining Warren and Sanders, Centrist Democrats Klobuchar and Buttigieg Agree to #SkipAIPAC

Hundreds of billions of locusts — fueled by conflict and climate change — are swarming East Africa

Senegal Farmer Succeeds With Regenerative Ag, Begins Teaching Others

Harvey Weinstein Is Found Guilty of Rape

Spanish opera star Placido Domingo apologises over sexual harassment

As a Corporate Tool, Buttigieg Is Now a Hammer to Bash Sanders

Bernie Sanders Plunges to First Place

Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak dies at 91

The Rwanda Genocide’s Origins Are in Resource Extraction and US Militarism

Appeals Court Upholds Trump's Anti-Women, Anti-Choice "Gag Rule"

Macron vows to defend French farmers, fishermen in uncertain year

Powerful new Khashoggi film hits its mark … but will audiences get to see it?

On the 100th Anniversary of the Negro Baseball Leagues

Wendy’s Billionaire Owner Has Held Trump’s Priciest Fundraiser to Date

Wells Fargo to pay $3 billion to U.S., admits pressuring workers in fake-accounts scandal

Donald Trump Jr granted permit to hunt Alaska grizzly bear

International Banks and Law Firms Are at the Heart of South Africa’s Corruption

Native Voters in Nevada Head to Caucuses After Winning Voting Rights Fight

Black Mexico and the War of Independence

Malcolm X is still misunderstood - and misused

Unreported Opposition Violence Continues in Venezuela

Michael Bloomberg Is Spending Over $5 Million Per Day for Presidency

Dating Apps Are Intensifying Online Partisanship

'Horror' in Syria: UN cites deliberate attacks on civilians

Ilhan Omar’s ‘Pathway to Peace’ Would Revolutionize US Foreign Policy

Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg Is a GOP Bankroller

Germany city Hanau reels after mass shooting

Former Justice Department Officials Want William Barr to Resign

Community policing part of Macron’s plan to ‘reclaim’ France’s neglected suburbs

Venezuela holds military exercises as Maduro attempts to show force

The Corporate Media Is Directly Profiting from Mike Bloomberg’s Rise as He Spends Fortune on TV Ads (VIDEO)

Trump defends right to interfere in criminal cases

France calls for better long-term relations with Russia

How 1920s Catholic Students Fought the Ku Klux Klan

'Blasphemy' case divides France

Ethiopian migrants make desperate journey to Saudi Arabia via Yemen

Australian government is burning our children's future

Reimagining Democratic Public Ownership for the Twenty-first Century

What Was the Black International?

The Establishment Now Has Three Horses in the Race — and None Won New Hampshire

America and Israel Against the World

Trump's new architecture policy is a grave threat civic life and artistic freedom

Sanders Wins New Hampshire

Trump's new nationalistic policy threaten public architecture and design

U.S. presidential candidate Bloomberg endorsed by three black lawmakers

US Sanctions Venezuela Again to Prove Socialism Doesn’t Work

Bernie Sanders Isn’t a Radical—He’s a Pragmatist Who Fights to Un-rig the System

Airbus unveils 'blended wing body' plane design after secret flight tests

Sudan agrees to transfer 'those indicted by the ICC' to the Hague

Sanders seizes lead in New Hampshire Democratic primary

Warren Makes Final Pitch in New Hampshire

30 years since Mandela was freed, where does South Africa stand?

Facebook Ads Should Face the Same Libel Law as Media Outlets

Bernie Sanders Takes Lead Nationally as Biden Nosedives Post-Iowa

'St Louis Superman' Bruce Franks Jr on giving his community hope

Algeria: Macron finally breaks the taboo around French colonial past

Herat's restored synagogues reveal Afghanistan's Jewish past

Striking portraits celebrate individuality of refugee women

Eight West African countries agree to sever common currency from France

US preacher Franklin Graham tries to reverse UK tour cancellations

The GOP Has Given Trump a Blank Check to Do Anything He Wants (VIDEO)

Record-Breaking Temperature of Nearly 65ºF Logged in Antarctica

With Establishment Knives Out for Bernie, Iowa Fiasco Just a Taste of What's Coming

In another Trump win, court tosses Democrats' suit over his businesses

Child Suicide Is a Symptom of Our Traumatised World

Macron unveils nuclear doctrine, warns EU ‘cannot remain spectators’ in arms race

Fox News guests spread 'disinformation' – says leaked internal memo

Although polls showed Sanders winning by several points, Buttigieg wins Iowa caucuses

Polish farmers fight Europe's largest coal plant

Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey face criticism from black entertainers

Khashoggi fiancee: 'Saudi Arabia can get away with whatever it wants'

The genesis of robotic life and the future of humanity

ExxonMobil Got Congress to Trade Arms for Offshore Gas

'I don't want a Michelin star,' says French Chef Marc Veyrat

Irish election: Sinn Fein surges into the lead four days before vote

Daniel arap Moi, former president of Kenya, dies aged 95

German court rules antisemitic carving can stay on church wall

Should First Primaries Be in Whitest States? Warren Says, “I’m Just a Player in the Game”

The Art of Criminalization

In Rural Areas, a “Quiet Jail-Building Boom” Is Taking Place

With no impeachment witnesses, Senate set to declare Trump innocent

DNC Showing Its True Colors (Again)

A Look at the Real Size of Wealth Gap—Using American Pie

Arab League rejects Trump's Middle East plan

Russia to evacuate citizens from China as virus toll rises