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Unhoused US teenager named high school valedictorian: ‘All I could ask for’

Police officer killed as multiple people shot in Minneapolis

Trump’s conviction on all 34 counts is a full-blown victory for DA Alvin Bragg

Trump found guilty on all counts in historic criminal trial

Netherlands: Former spy chief to lead right-wing coalition

Africa presses for reform of 'unjust' global financial system

Israel’s “System of Domination” and U.S. Complicity

The Atlantic faces backlash for saying ‘It is possible to kill children legally’ in Gaza

Israeli genocide in Palestine ongoing for 76 years, says Mandela's grandson

Casa Skate – a new generation of skateboarders in Morocco

Hay Festival drops sponsor after boycott over ties to Israel

Punched, choked, kicked: German police crack down on student protests

'Stop It. Stop It Now, Joe.'

Egypt agrees to resume aid to Gaza through Israel after U.S. pressure

China testing ability to ‘seize power’ in second day of military drills around Taiwan

Ivorian cocoa farmers ‘barely survive’ while chocolate company profits soar

EU staff sign letter expressing concerns over its handling of Gaza crisis

Spain, Norway and Ireland’s recognition of a Palestinian state

Russia begins tactical nuclear weapon drills near Ukraine border

What happens after ICC Prosecutor seeks warrants in Israel-Gaza conflict?

Justice Alito infuriates Democrats with upside-down flag: ‘Alarming,’ ‘appalling’

Morehouse Students Show Solidarity With Gaza During Biden Commencement Speech

Solidarity Marches Held Across Globe to Demand Cease-Fire in Gaza

Saudia Group in 'landmark' deal for 105 Airbus planes

Who is Mohammad Mokhber, Iran’s interim president?

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi dies in helicopter crash

ICC prosecutor seeks arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Sinwar

Seafood chain Red Lobster files for bankruptcy

Julian Assange wins high court victory in case against extradition to US

AI eats the web

Living and dying in the shadow of chemical plants

Israeli Forces Attack Known Aid Worker Locations in Gaza

Tunisian lawyers take to the streets after colleagues arrested and 'beaten'

‘Intolerable’: State of emergency in New Caledonia as unrest spreads

1st Jewish Biden Appointee to Resign Over Gaza Quits on Nakba Day

University Human Rights Network Concludes Israel Is Committing Genocide in Gaza

“A Racist, Criminal Project”: Palestinian Historian on 1948 Nakba, Israel’s War on Gaza & U.S. Complicity

Herd of 170 bison could help store CO2 equivalent of almost 2m cars, researchers say

Slovakia PM Robert Fico in ‘life-threatening condition’ after being shot

Biden announces 100% tariff on Chinese-made electric vehicles

Parents of over 900 Israeli soldiers urge IDF to call off ‘death trap’ Rafah attack

Bernie Sanders says Israel 'Has Gone to War Against the Entire Palestinian People'

African countries call for sanctions as UN nears treaty on ‘biopiracy’

Universities Have Failed Their Democratic Mission by Repressing Gaza Protests

Hammerhead Sharks Are Back in the Caribbean

Donors pledge over $2 bn for Gaza at Kuwait conference

Poor Kenyans feel devastated by floods and brutalized by the government’s response

'Argentina Stopped': Unions Hold Second General Strike Over Milei Austerity

Weaponizing Antisemitism

‘It’s deeper than slavery’: Lisbon street project reclaims Portugal’s unseen black history

When will EVs become mainstream in the US?

Far-right EU election gains could boost nationalist parties on home turf

UN General Assembly backs Palestinian bid for membership

U.S. health care is increasingly like a casino

The students protesting in Dublin are on the right side of history – and they know it

US report finds possible Israeli violations of international law in Gaza

Police disband pro-Palestinian student encampments across the US

Meet Students at 4 Colleges Where Gaza Protests Win Concessions

Climate Movement Cheers Michigan AG's Plans to Sue Big Oil

Activists disrupt Barclays Bank AGM, call for divestment from Israel arms companies

Pentagon chief confirms US pause on weapons shipment to Israel

Olympic flame sails into Marseille port, marking milestone on path to Paris Games

High school students join Gaza protests

House Dems Save 'MAGA Mike' Johnson From Marjorie Taylor Greene Ouster

Steve Albini, US alt-rock musician and producer, dies aged 61

Student protests against Israel’s war on Gaza spread across Europe

GOP Pays the Price for Booting Kevin McCarthy

Columbia University cancels main commencement ceremony after Gaza protests

Israel Bans Al Jazeera, Largest Int’l News Org. in Gaza, Ahead of Rafah Invasion

Hamas accepts Qatari-Egyptian proposal for Gaza ceasefire

Hala Rharrit, First U.S. Diplomat to Quit over Gaza

On Kent State Massacre Anniversary, Progressives Decry Repression of Student Protests

Italian government accused of using defamation law to silence intellectuals

Jewish Americans to Lead Shabbat Protests Against US Complicity in Gaza

Indiana University sued over protester bans

Antisemitism: The Big Lie Smearing Campus Protesters

Why has the flooding in Kenya been so devastating?

The wrongs and harms of a Roma register in Norway

Doctors Back from Gaza Describe Horrific Hospital Scenes, Decimated Health System

Students erect pro-Palestinian encampments across major Canadian universities

'Betrayal of Labor': Biden Nominates Ex-Trump Official to Amtrak Board

Israeli Finance Minister Denounced for Calling for 'Total Annihilation' of Gaza

10 Years Later, Flint Residents Are Still Waiting for Lead Pipes to Be Replaced

Over 2,000 protesters arrested at college campuses across the U.S.

US students slam Biden’s comments on Gaza encampments

Turkey stops all trade with Israel over ‘humanitarian tragedy’ in Gaza

Nearly All 600,000 Kids in Rafah 'Injured, Sick, Malnourished,' Says UNICEF

Researchers witness Orangutan treating face wound with medicinal herb

Unions on the rise in the US as young workers respond to economy

Dozens of UK Universities Warned of Criminal Liability Over Israeli Weapons Investments

Second Boeing whistleblower dies after short illness

Russian troops enter airbase in Niger where US soldiers are stationed

Newly appointed Haiti PM tasked with stabilising violence-racked country

Police arrest pro-Palestinian protesters at Columbia University