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Attitudes towards experimenting on monkeys are diverging

 In 2014 a German animal-rights group called SOKO Tierschutz planted a caretaker in the laboratory of Nikos Logothetis, a neuroscientist working at the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen. The infiltrator secretly filmed around 100 hours of lab work over six months, some of which was later broadcast on German television. Read more .

Tesla Stops Accepting Bitcoin

Like most activity in the modern stock market, Elon Musk's sudden reversal to stop accepting bitcoin as payment for Tesla has little basis in reality—except for speculators in cryptocurrencies and Tesla stock.  Read more .

The History of Black-Owned Record Labels

Black Swan Records, the first large-scale Black-owned record label in the United States, is getting a lot of attention lately. Started by Harry Pace in 1921, Black Swan only lasted three years, but its legacy laid the groundwork for many Black-owned labels to come.  Read more .

Lewis Hamilton wins 2021 British GP

Joyous and revelling in success after a gladiatorial victory in the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton ran to his adoring crowd clutching the union flag, arms spread wide as if he would bellow: “Are you not entertained?” They were indeed, on their feet... read more .

Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones Joins Howard U. After Rejecting UNC Tenure

After months of controversy, acclaimed journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones has announced that she will join the faculty at Howard University, one of the country’s most prestigious historically Black universities, instead of joining the faculty at her alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she went to... read more .