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Florida State Attorney Who Oversaw Trayvon Martin & Marissa Alexander Cases Is Defeated in Primary

America’s True Role in Syria

With Tacit US Support, Brazil's Right-Wing Senate Ousts First Female President, Dilma Rousseff

A New McCarthyism: Greenwald on Clinton Camp's Attempts to Link Trump, Stein & WikiLeaks to Russia

Abdul-Jabbar: Insulting Colin Kaepernick says more about our patriotism than his

UN Says 10,000 Civilians Killed, Wounded in Yemen Conflict

Colin Kaepernick explains why he sat during national anthem

Maine's Governor Openly Calls for Race War Against People of Color

Why Are We Paying $300 for an EpiPen That Holds Only $1 Worth of Medicine?

DOJ Report on Baltimore Echoes Centuries-Old Limits on Black Freedom

A Turning Point for the Charter School Movement

Gene Wilder, Star of 'Willy Wonka' and Mel Brooks Classics, Dies at 83

The Olympics May Be Over, But the Anger, Disillusionment Among Brazilians Remains High

Venezuela's Maduro Accuses US of "Imperialist Attack" Against Latin America

Fukushima Nuclear Cleanup Exceeds $628 Billion

Quake Exposes Italy’s Challenge to Retrofit Its Architecture

Italy Earthquake Survivors Bury Loved Ones; Rescue Efforts Continue

Naomi Klein, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky, Others Condemn 'Coup' in Brazil

Regime Change in Libya Mirrors Iraq: Both Efforts Led to Failed States & Destabilized Region

John Oliver Slams Charter Schools

Political Gerrymandering Moves Forward

Pentagon unable to "account" for 1.4 million guns U.S. shipped into Iraq and Afghanistan

Bernie Sanders Launches New Organization, But Key Staffers Quit in Protest

Corporate Conquistadors Violate Indigenous Lands and Bodies

Dozens dead as shallow 6.2 quake shakes Rome, devastates towns in central Italy

New Trump Campaign Chief "Created an Online Haven for White Nationalists"

Nobel laurete and elder economist blasts Obama for "outrageous" and "absolutely wrong" TPP

Virginia's Govenor Announces Process for Full Restoration of Former-Felons’ Civil Rights

Grad Students Win Right to Unionize at Private Universities

How Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Redefines Pop Queerness

Ex-Host Sues Fox, Says Network Operates Like 'Playboy-Mansion-Like Cult’

Tensions Rise as American Indian Tribes Move to Block a Pipeline

Lawmakers, Peace Groups Team Up to Block 'Disturbing' US-Saudi Arms Deal

Mislabeled pills seized at Prince's home after his death

Mislabled pills found at Prince's estate contained a drug 50 times more powerful than heroin

Postal Contract Narrows the Gap Between "Tiers" of Workers

Chicago Cops Killed a BlackTeen -- Then Locked Up His Best Friend for the Murder

Republicans say party can’t afford to cut ties to Trump

Brazilians are Fed Up with U.S. Olympian Ryan Lochte and Privileged First-World Tourists

‘I was playing with friends when it hit me’: Aleppo kids injured in rebel fire tell their stories

Dakota Pipeline Construction Halted Amid Ongoing 'Defiance of Black Snake'

U.S. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars

Milwaukee's War on Black People

Video shows LA cops tasering grandfather who died in jail

Twenty-two killed, 94 injured in bomb attack at Turkish wedding

Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties

China unveils world’s longest & highest glass bridge

Bolivia Builds Anti-Imperialist School to Counter US Hegemony

U.S. Government to End Use of Deadly, Costly, Negligent Private Prisons

Killing the Homeless in California

Justice Department Announces Initiative to End Use of For-Profit Prisons

Detroit plans to sue banks, companies for unpaid taxes

U.S. Should Stop Funding Israel & Saudi Arabia

Ten Times Worse Than Hell: A Syrian Doctor on the Humanitarian Catastrophe in Aleppo

Taylor Swift Donating $1 Million to Louisiana Flood Relief

Aetna Shows Why We Need a Single Payer

NYC Agrees to Pay Over $4 Million to Family of Akai Gurley

Louisiana Flood: In Baton Rouge, worst of times brings out best in residents

Lee Fang on How Citizens United Opened Floodgates for Foreign Corporate Money in U.S. Elections

Matt Taibbi on Trump's Position on NATO, Russia & his Campaign Head's $13 Million Scandal in Ukraine

Pennsylvania’s top prosecutor, Kathleen Kane, found guilty on nine criminal charges

A Post-Racial Society With a Racial Wealth Divide?

African-American Women Make Olympic History by Winning Gold in Swimming, Gymnastics & Shot Put

Father & 7yo daughter held at gunpoint by ‘insane & violent’ police officer

Disaster declared for Louisiana floods that have killed five

The "$500 Million Club" of Colleges Tends to Be Stingy With Aid to Low-Income Students

Father & 7yo daughter held at gunpoint by ‘insane & violent’ police officer

After the bombing deaths of 10 children in Yemen, new arms sale to Saudi Arabia encounters senate resistance

Milwaukee Sheriff Provokes Outrage, Blames 'Urban Pathology,' 'War on Police' for Police Brutality

At least 10 children killed in Yemen after school reportedly hit in airstrike

Pope Francis visits 20 former prostitutes in Rome on ‘Friday of Mercy’

Land Grabs Continue to Destroy Uganda's Forests

Surveillance Isn't Colorblind

The Invisible Man: George W. Bush and a Hole in History

Washington County Shocks Big Oil With Ban on Fossil Fuel Exports

In Texas, a man who didn’t kill anybody is about to be executed for murder

Ohio police rescue 7yo trying to sell his stuffed animal for food

Chronic Hunger Lingers in the Midst of Plenty

Crisis Engulfs Fox News as Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment & Spying Scandal Grows

Asheville Art Museum exhibits BMC Artwork and Epic Installations

LA police kill 14yo boy, said he ‘had a gun’

At least 9 dead, dozens injured in coordinated Turkey blasts

Social Media Blackout of Korryn Gaines Shows Law Enforcement's Cronyism With Facebook

America’s Racial Wealth Divide Is Nothing Short of Shocking

Federal Lawsuit Charges Some Missouri Cities "Terrorizing" Poor Through Modern-Day Debtors' Prisons

Here’s How Racial Bias Plays Out in Policing

Justice Department releases blistering report of racial bias by Baltimore police

Clinton blasts Trump for 'casual inciting of violence,' Republicans shaken

Donald Trump Under Fire After Hinting Gun Owners Could Assassinate Hillary Clinton

"Olympic Pride, American Prejudice": How 18 Black Olympians Defied Jim Crow & Hitler in 1936

Richest 100 Members of Forbes List Own as Much Wealth as the Entire African-American Population

Police Killing of Black Teenager Paul O'Neal Sparks Protests in Chicago

Ecuador's President Correa says 'Neoliberalism Has Failed, Not Socialism'

Pakistan Mourns After Bombing at Hospital Kills At Least 74, Including Dozens of Lawyers

Sanders Campaign Declares Creation of 'Our Revolution'

Murdered by a SWAT Team for Traffic Tickets: Inside the Police Killing of Black Mother Korryn Gaines

Green Party Nominee Jill Stein: "We Are Saying No to the 'Lesser Evil' and Yes to the Greater Good"

A New Day & Another Way: Green VP Nominee Ajamu Baraka Urges Progressives to Reject Two-Party System

Trump’s Economic Team Is a Who’s Who of What’s Wrong

Matt Taibbi: Trump's All White Male Economic Team Includes "Financial Crisis Villain" John Paulson

465 slain in July: Drug pushers purged in Philippines after presidential plea

Nagasaki Mayor: 'Come Find Out What Happened Under the Mushroom Cloud'

Google Maps Just Completely Erased Palestine

Italian cops cook pasta for crying elderly couple

Chicago police officers allegedly caught high-fiving after ‘execution’ of Paul O’Neal

Power outage at Delta causes global flight cancellations and delays

50 G.O.P. Officials Warn Donald Trump Would Put Nation’s Security ‘at Risk’

Cornel West Speech at Green Party Convention

Louisiana parishes launch court battles against oil companies as contamination spreads

Roger Ailes Used Fox News Budget to Finance ‘Black Room’ Campaigns Against His Enemies

Black churches bring coding classes to the Bay Area and beyond

The Voting Rights Act, 2.0

Louisiana Parish Hit by Third Oil Spill in 10 Days

I Support Hillary Clinton. So Should Everyone Who Voted for Me

Amid Zika Scare, FDA Clears Way for GMO Mosquito Trial in Florida

Obama's New So-Called GMO "Labeling" Law Is a "Sham"

The $100,000-Per-Year Pill

Files Released on American Role in 'Horror' of Argentina's Military Dictatorship

Black Lives Matter Activists Stage Protests Across Britain

Protests by Athletes and Displaced Rio Residents Accompany Opening of 2016 Olympic Games

Donald Trump as the White supremacist voice of millions of hateful violent Americans

Donald Trump as the White supremacist voice of millions of hateful violent Americans

Black Lives Matter Leader Says Even Great People Can Be Part of the Problem (Feature Interview)

Black Lives Matter movement declares war on 'Israeli Apartheid'

Former Virginia police officer convicted of voluntary manslaughter in killing of unarmed teen

Foreign Money Pouring into U.S. Elections After Citizens United

Amid City Hall Protests, NYPD Chief Bill Bratton Resigns, But "Broken Windows" Continues Nationwide

Why We Must Heed the Call for a Moral Revolution

Rivers of wine flood streets of French city

Montana town wins back municipal water supply from private company

‘Capital murder no longer an option’: Delaware’s death penalty ruled unconstitutional

Cities Need More Public Transit, Not More Uber and Self-Driving Cars

The Shocking Police Shooting of Therapist Caring for Autistic Patient

"All He Has is a Toy Truck": The Shocking Police Shooting of Therapist Caring for Autistic Patient

Movement for Black Lives Calls for Reparations & "End to War Against Black People"

Pope Francis: Capitalism is 'Terrorism Against All of Humanity'

Declining Green Party VP Offer, Nina Turner to Keep Fighting for Soul of Democratic Party

Chicago police body cameras fail to record killing of unarmed black teen

Buffett rebukes Trump, questions his business skill

Former bankers sentenced to jail over Anglo fraud scheme

Ireland jails three top bankers over 2008 banking meltdown

US Launches Airstrikes in Libya in 'Deeply Concerning' New Offensive

Child, 12, died from anthrax, as nine cases confirmed of the deadly disease

Sister Simone Campbell on Helping Families, Inequality, Donald Trump & Women's Health

Revealed: AARP Is Funding ALEC

Puget Sound Is Home to the Biggest Nuclear Stockpile in the World

France closed 20 mosques, prayer halls since December

Alaskans Witness Collapsing Mountains, Shattered Lives