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Blackwater founder's plan for mercenaries in Venezuela

Most Restaurant Workers Don’t Earn Enough to Feed Their Own Families

Oscar-nominated director John Singleton dies at 51 following stroke

Bernie Sanders Supports Voting Rights for the Imprisoned

Spain’s Socialists win snap election, but far right enters parliament

Operation Take Down Bernie

The Destruction of a Civil Rights Center

Duke Ellington made music for social justice

California man tries to murder Muslims with his car

Italy joins China's Belt and Road Initiative

Democratic Party Continues in Sabotaging Challengers to Incumbents

Kansas Supreme Court Guarantees Right to Abortion

Judge Blocks Texas' Anti-BDS Law In Scathing Ruling

Joe Biden Reality Check: The Puffery vs. the Record

Forfeit Your Pay and Resign: An Open Letter to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg

Tiananmen Square protests and China's fight for internet control

Should Walt Whitman Be #Cancelled?

Sen. Warren Wants to Jail Those Who Caused 2008’s Meltdown

Modi returns as the prodigal son of the far right in India

U.S. and Afghan Forces Killed More Civilians Than Taliban Did, Report Finds

America’s Biggest Lie: We Can’t Afford Medicare for All

Israel Is Killing With Impunity

Mass funerals mark Sri Lanka's day of mourning

Iran slams US silence on mass executions in Saudi Arabia

Sen. Warren Just Stepped Up On Free College For All

Violent Police Attack on Teen Reignites National Debate on Cops in Schools

Iran's parliament approves bill labelling US army as 'terrorist'

Israel's Netanyahu wants to name Golan settlement after Trump

Sudan's women protesters leading the pro-democracy movement

Integration Won’t Solve Racism in Schools

Sanders Demands Vote to Override Trump Veto on Yemen Genocide

I’m Glad Netanyahu Won, says James Zogby

Megacorporations Want More Ocean Farms. That’s a Huge Mistake.

More Than 200 Killed in Easter Sunday Bombings in Sri Lanka

‘Not the first time there’s been a civilization in the universe’

Footballers boycotting social media face 'racist abuse'

Robert De Niro On Trump: Even Gangsters Have Morals

We All Need Sanctuary From Donald Trump

US ‘Tightens Noose’ on Cuba

Bystanders scream in horror as Florida cops brutalize black teens

Nearly 100,000 Pentagon Whistleblower Complaints Have Been Silenced

Warren Becomes First 2020 Contender to Announce Support for Trump Impeachment

Black Alliance For Peace Revives Black Anti-War Tradition

Northern Ireland's Escalating Violence

Why aren't Europeans calling Israel an apartheid state?

The Public Banking Revolution Is Upon Us

Mr. Mueller’s Indictment

Heavily Redacted Mueller report released by US Justice Department

Jimmy Carter says US 'Most Warlike Nation in History of the World'

Trump vetoes bill to end US involvement in Yemen war

First They Came for Assange

Brazil's Far-Right President Jair Bolsonaro To Be Honored At American Museum of Natural History Gala

A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Walruses Are Jumping Off Cliffs to Their Deaths—Yes, Because of Climate Change

BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti Condemns McCarthyite Repression in U.S. & Israel (VIDEO)

Notre Dame and the case of misplaced empathy

Maxine Waters Questions Trump's Finances With Deutsche Bank

AOC Smashes The Overton Window

US officials will never end up before ICC judges

Ilhan Omar says death threats increased after Trump tweet

Spire Falls At Paris' Notre Dame As Cathedral Is Engulfed In Flames

Black identity in the spotlight at Paris’s musée d’Orsay

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris Catches Fire

Yo-Yo Ma Brings Bach to US-Mexico Border

Assange Arrested for Exposing U.S. War Crimes

Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police

Polls close in Finland's elections with leftists poised to win

Postal Workers' Message to Public Denounces Trump Privatization Plan

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris releases 15 years of tax returns

The F-35 Fighter Jet Will Cost $1.5 Trillion. It’s Time for New Priorities.

Russia’s return to Africa

World's largest plane makes first flight over California

Ecuador accuses Assange of ‘misbehavior’ to justify his arrest

Dems Urged to Speak Out After Trump's Latest Attack on Ilhan Omar

Russia in Africa: Inside a military training centre in CAR

India marks colonial massacre centenary, Britain makes no apology

Trump’s attack on Rep. Omar is White Supremacy on Fire

Democratic Candidates Say They Support Reparations. Do They Mean It?

Missing, Murdered and Trafficked: Native American Women Are Facing a Crisis

International Criminal Court Abandons Afghanistan War Crimes Inquiry - Loses Credibility

Insurance Industry Whistleblower Exposes Effort to Crush Medicare for All

Assange’s Indictment Treats Journalism as a Crime

Michigan school district would rather close schools than accept black students from neighboring towns

Rising Rents Threaten Berlin’s Diversity, Activists Demand Expropriation

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Reelection Underlines Israel’s Apartheid Reality

How the left also dehumanises Palestinians in Gaza

Daniel Ellsberg On Assange Arrest: The Beginning of the End For Press Freedom

Strike of 31K Stop & Shop Grocery Store Workers Receives Support From Elizabeth Warren

Stop & Shop stores across Connecticut reopen Friday as employees walk picket lines

Netanyahu's re-election leaves Palestinians facing bleak future

America must stop Binyamin Netanyahu from annexing Palestinian land

Israeli democracy is rotting from the inside

Video shows Florida deputy body slam sixth grader

Progressives Call on House Democrats to Probe 'Sham Confirmation Process' for Brett Kavanaugh

Tens of thousands remember slain rapper Nipsey Hussle

Families of Parkland school shooting victims file lawsuits charging negligence

When Cemeteries Became Natural Sanctuaries

Snowden Leads Global Chorus in Condemning Assange Arrest as Grave Assault on Journalism

How the Bay of Pigs Invasion Changed JFK

Former Obama White House counsel Gregory Craig charged with false statements, concealing information

Obama Pushes Neoliberal Myths on Health Care at Fundraiser

'Brexit is a sideshow while Britain is falling apart'

Wikileaks' Julian Assange found guilty of breaching bail terms

Julian Assange Arrested and Charged by U.S. With Conspiracy to Hack a Government Computer

New species of ancient human discovered in Philippines cave

Nipsey’s Murder Reminds Us That We Live in a Lethal Anti-Black Society

Justine Damond shooting: jurors hear 911 calls reporting sexual assault

Wall Street loves socialism for bankers – but not for ordinary people

Berlin's rental revolution: activists push for properties to be nationalised

External Powers Fuel Bloodshed in Libya

Bright Lights and Buildings Kill Hundreds of Millions Birds a Year

'Seeing the unseeable': Scientists reveal first photo of black hole

Richard Wright Helped Bring Mental Healthcare to Harlem

Teens left ‘drenched in blood’ after slur-spewing Trump supporters attack them at Ohio Waffle House

2 Arrested in Vandalism of Slave Memorial at University of North Carolina

Bibi wins 5th term as Israel's president

House Approves Save the Internet Act to Restore Net Neutrality

Bill to End Yemen Siege Passes—No Thanks to MSNBC

It’s Netanyahu’s Israel Now

The Peculiar Sex Life of Adolph Hitler

Ernst Röhm, The Highest-Ranking Gay Nazi

Netanyahu, Trump and Putin: A love story

Global Empires Built on Nazi Collaboration

For All His Endless Lies, Trump Has Exposed Some Important Truths

The Democratic Party is not going nuts. It's coming to its senses.

US-Backed Saudi Coalition Bombs Yemen School, Killing Mostly Children

Trump and Pelosi Both Cater to Private Health Insurance

New York Sues Big Pharma for Opioid Crisis

Why are Kenyans starving in food-secure Kenya?

Macron appoints researchers to evaluate role of France in Rwandan genocide

What happens if Julian Assange is tried in the US?

Google Scraps Controversial AI Ethics Board After Widespread Outrage

Mormon Church Decides Same-Sex Couples No Longer Heretics

Florida Sex Workers Demand Decriminalization After Massive Raids

US House approves resolution to end US role in Yemen war

Russia's Lavrov Says 'Whole World Dotted' With US Soldiers

Chelsea Manning Released From Solitary Confinement

Lori Lightfoot becomes Chicago’s first black female mayor

Socialist Candidates Nab Wins in Chicago Election

How Big Tech Helped Big Oil Automate the Climate Crisis

San Juan Mayor Rips Trump for Lies About Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

You Can’t Mansplain Away the Gender Pay Gap

Second woman says ex-VP Biden touched her inappropriately

From Science to Art, US Teachers Educate Students on Climate Change