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Russia’s Supreme Court bans 'international LGBT movement', effectively outlawing activism

Henry Kissinger: 10 conflicts, countries that define a blood-stained legacy

Facebook shuts thousands of fake Chinese accounts masquerading as Americans

Biden became ‘Genocide Joe’ thanks to the Israel lobby

Ben-Gvir threatens to dissolve Israel gov’t if bombing of Gaza stops

Paramedics killed Elijah McClain with ketamine overdose, prosecutor says

Biden became ‘Genocide Joe’ thanks to the Israel lobby

Former President George W. Bush celebrates late American diplomat Kissinger

Quilombolas: The Afro Brazilians serving as guardians of the forests

PBS Mirrored GOP Lies on Social Security and the Debt

Rosalynn Carter's Atlanta memorial attended by Bidens, Clintons

Cyber-attack closes hospital emergency rooms in three US states

Jeremy Scahill: Israel’s “Lethal Lie” About Al-Shifa Hospital as Hamas Base Was Co-Signed by Biden

Saudi Plot to Hook Poor Nations on Oil Exposed

Finland to close border with Russia for two weeks

Former Google CEO says Companies' AI guardrails "aren't enough" to prevent harm

Hunger Strikers Demand Permanent Cease-Fire at White House

Eleven people killed in accident at platinum mine in South Africa

Georgia prosecutors oppose plea deals for Trump, Meadows and Giuliani

Robert De Niro says anti-Trump speech censored at Gotham awards ceremony

109 Aussie Kayaktivists Charged for Blocking World's Largest Coal Port

More than a dozen dead as storm sweeps through Russia, Ukraine and Moldova

66 Palestinian journalists killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza since Oct. 7

Palestinian children just released from prison claim beatings, abuse, torture and starvation

Attackers seize an Israel-linked tanker off Yemen

JFK’s political insights remain relevant 60 years on

Tesla sues Swedish Transport Agency over licence plate delivery

'Rat Miners' Burrow to Rescue 41 Men Stuck in Indian Tunnel

World’s biggest iceberg moving beyond Antarctic waters

Israel-Palestine conflict: A brief history in maps and charts

Suspect arrested in shooting of three Palestinian students in Vermont

Bishop Carlton Pearson, Tulsa pastor declared heretic for views on hell, dies at 70

Private Equity Is Using Prison Phone, Food and Health Systems to Rack Up Profits

Thousands rally in Italy condemning violence against women following murder of 22-year-old woman

Sierra Leone imposes nationwide curfew after attack on army barracks

US Coal Plants Killed 460,000 People Between 1999 and 2020

‘Remember who we are’: riots, race, and the end of the ‘Irish welcome’

Christian leaders Claiborne, Barber, Budde call for Gaza cease-fire

South Africa asks ICJ to classify Israel as apartheid state

Facebook permitted ads calling for ‘Holocaust’ against Palestinians

Actors face consequences for Palestine support

USDA is giving some farmers an ultimatum: Grow hemp or marijuana

This Israel has no future in the Middle East

Gender-based violence in French universities

A Voluntary Ethics Code for the Supreme Court Is a Sad Joke

US Congresswoman Tlaib thanks Americans for supporting calls for ceasefire in Gaza

Gaza War protesters disrupt NYC Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, vandalize NY Public Library

Irish police chief warns of further disruption by far right after Dublin riot

Republican Senate candidate’s family egg company caught in price-fixing plot

Dublin riots: What to know about the stabbing attack and clashes in Ireland

Extremely high-energy particle detected falling to Earth

What can we expect from the four-day truce between Israel and Hamas in Gaza?

Geert Wilders’ victory confirms upward trajectory of far right in Europe

Iran top diplomat meets Hezbollah chief in Lebanon

State Department Official Resigns Saying Israel's Massacre of Civilians in Gaza

European MPs describe Israel actions in Gaza as 'genocide', 'ethnic cleansing'

Iran says Gaza war scope will grow if truce doesn’t hold

Kentucky governor declares emergency after train derails and spills chemicals

Israel’s Genocidal Antisemitism Against the Arab Civilians of Gaza

Israel arrests director of Gaza's Shifa Hospital

Israel shoots down cruise missile over Red Sea

Crypto scam: Inside the billion-dollar ‘pig-butchering’ industry

Obama administration advisor arrested in NYC for racist hate crime

Tik Tok's gossip surveillance

Geert Wilders is the EU’s worst nightmare

Ex-Obama adviser Stuart Seldowitz arrested after Islamophobic rant

Harvard journal accused of censoring article alleging genocide in Gaza

Far-right leader Geert Wilders wins Dutch election

Director of Bombed Gaza Hospital Appeals Directly to Biden

Iraqis displaced by climate change fall into poverty

‘It’s a privilege to say I am Palestinian’: a conversation with Nancy Mansour

Journalist Death Toll Tops 53 as Israel Kills More Reporters in Gaza and Lebanon

Ousted CEO Sam Altman to return as head of OpenAI

Israel and Hamas agree deal for release of some hostages and four-day ceasefire

BRICS condemns Israel war on Gaza in signal to the West

‘It’s a bit of a mystery’: what’s causing Omagh’s hum?

Toyota SUV adverts banned in UK on environmental grounds

‘Breakthrough battery’ from Sweden

Susan Sarandon dropped by talent agency after remarks at pro-Palestine rally

UC Berkeley students raise ceasefire banner on clock tower

Israel strike kills two reporters, third person in Lebanon

the American Way of War Has Always Meant Killing Civilians

Becca Balint, First Jewish Congressmember to Back Ceasefire, Expresses Support for Rashida Tlaib

Canada: students overwhelmingly back ‘policy against genocide in Palestine’

Stampede during Congo Brazzaville army recruitment kills dozens

A response to Rev. William Barber on Palestinian resistance

Palestinian Death Toll in Gaza Tops 13,000 as Israel Repeatedly Strikes U.N. Schools Housing Refugees

The Sinister Underbelly of “Green Tech” in the Congo

Video emerges of Indian workers trapped in tunnel for 10 days

'Nowhere Safe in Gaza' as Evidence of Israeli War Crimes Mounts

Despite Growing Anger, Sanders Stands Firmly Against Gaza Cease-Fire

People who stuck by UK Covid rules have worst mental health

Yemen’s Houthi rebels seize cargo ship in Red Sea and call Israeli vessels ‘legitimate targets’

Björk turns up the volume in attack on industrial salmon farming in open pens

A Canadian mining company at the center of Panama protests says operations may be suspended

Hostage Families Subjected to Bizarre Screaming Match and Forced Hug in Israeli Parliament

News Three LGBTQ+ Writers and Editors Have Left the New York Times Over Its Coverage of Gaza

Carbon Footprint of 12 Billionaires Equal to 2 Million Homes

Capitol Police Violently Break Up Jewish-Organized DNC Protest Calling for Gaza Ceasefire

Turkiye to rebuild Gaza if ceasefire is achieved, Erdogan says

Sharif Abdel Kouddous on the Targeting of Journalists & Israel’s “Colonial Fantasy” to Depopulate Gaza

UN chief says Gaza civilian killings ‘unparalleled, unprecedented’

Despite Growing Anger, Sanders Stands Firmly Against Gaza Cease-Fire

More than 200 mobsters convicted in historic Italian mafia trial

Microsoft snaps up Sam Altman after shock ouster from OpenAI

Italy's transgender women thank pope for making them feel 'more human'

Chainsaw in hand, ‘anarcho-capitalist’ Javier Milei upends Argentina’s politics

Trump endorsed candidate becomes president in Argentina

‘They’ll have to kill me first’: locals in DR Congo oppose plans to drill for oil

Russia seeks to ban 'international' LGBT movement as 'extremist'

Former US first lady Rosalynn Carter dies at 96

South Korea to ban eating dogs

'We Are Too Humane. Burn Gaza Now,' Says Senior Israeli Lawmaker

Companies pulling ads from X: Disney, Apple, IBM and more

‘A lot of discontent’: Netanyahu alone as Israel seeks new direction

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators rally in France and Britain

Ohio priest who sex-trafficked boys he met in preschool given life sentence

Germany's Scholz criticises Israel's settlements in occupied West Bank

Australia to donate part of match fees to humanitarian efforts in Gaza

Alumni Withhold Donations Over University Responses to Pro-Palestine Protests

Palestinians File Emergency Motion to Block US Aid for Israel’s Genocide in Gaza

OpenAI shocks tech world with firing of ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman

Germany’s historical guilt haunts opponents of Israeli war in Gaza

New York police makes arrests at Fox News HQ as Gaza protests spread

Why neither Biden nor Trump will be the next president

Dirty secret of Israel’s weapons exports: They’re tested on Palestinians

From Reservation Dogs to reggae rock: ‘We’re celebrating the amazing things Natives are doing right now’

Spanish deputy PM calls for sanctions and arms embargo against Israel

Israeli forces bulldoze Yasser Arafat’s monument

London display screen calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

The Return of the Buffallo

Israel Will Only Be Secure & Safe If Palestinians Are Given Freedom

S Africa’s ruling ANC to back motion to close Israeli embassy

Iran advances nuclear enrichment while still barring inspectors: IAEA

The DC March for Israel revealed nothing

The Squad Is About to Fight for Its Political Life

Spain PM announces commitment to recognise Palestine statehood

Niece of Israeli PM Netanyahu Backs Ceasefire in Gaza

Atlanta police condemned for heavy-handed action at Cop City protest

US Capitol police clash with protesters demanding Gaza ceasefire

REI accused of dozens of labor law violations at unionized US stores

Protesters in Hollywood demand Gaza cease fire

Iran advances nuclear enrichment while still barring inspectors: IAEA

Latin American states condemn Israel's " "genocide" in Gaza

Massive ceasefire rally at Amsterdam Airport supports Gaza

Russia and Israel lead global surge in attacks on civilian water supplies

'Hospitals Are Not Battlegrounds': UN Relief Chief Sounds Alarm as Israel Raids al-Shifa