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Ntozake Shange, American Playwright and Freedom Fighter, Dies at 70

Demonstrators Block Trump During March for Love and Solidarity in Pittsburgh

As President Donald Trump arrived in Pittsburgh on Tuesday amid opposition from local officials and activists who argued the man responsible for stirring so much racist hatred should not visit the site of a deadly mass shooting motivated by anti-Semitism, thousands of peaceful demonstrators flooded the streets near the... read more .

Marriott Workers Stay Tough on the Picket Lines

Three weeks on the picket line will either weaken a strike or make it stronger. But workers at the Marriott hotels in eight cities around the US show no signs of wanting to go back to work anytime soon, at least not without resolving the reasons why they went on strike to begin with. Instead, the noise on the picket line is getting louder.  Read more .

Bolsonaro Represents the Starkest Expression of Politics of Hatred in Brazil

Rabbi Michael Lerner on Solidarity After the Massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh

On Saturday, October 27th, shortly after the largest massacre of Jews in U.S. history took place in Pittsburgh, I received a message from the leadership of the largest African American Baptist Church in Oakland, California. Recalling that we at Tikkun had brought dozens of our subscribers and members  to their church on several occasions when African Americans had been murdered by white racist fanatics, they asked me when Beyt Tikkun would be... read more .

We Must Not Be Bystanders When Darkness Descends

Thirteen pipe bombs were sent to two former presidents and other political and cultural leaders. In Kentucky, a white man shot and killed two elderly African-Americans at random in a Kroger grocery store, after failing to force his way into a black church. In Pittsburgh, in what is believed to be the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in U.S. history, a gunman walked into the... read more .

Haitians Rise Up Against Corruption, Austerity

Did Trump destroy the conservative movement? No — he cashed in on its darkest tendencies

Donald Trump has given rise to a great deal of handwringing by those conservatives who seek to distance themselves from him. Salon's Chauncey DeVega recently interviewed one of the most thoughtful of those, Max Boot, whose new book, "The Corrosion of Conservatism: Why I Left the Right," is more honest than most. But the “corrosion” of the title betrays a lingering sense that... read more .

Right Wing Nationalist Terror Stalks the Nation says Henry Giroux

'While the Rest of the World Burned,' Billionaires Made More Money in 2017 Than Any Other Year in History

During a year in which so much of the world faced deep poverty, the corrosive effects of austerity, and extreme weather caused by the worsening human-caused climate crisis—from devastating hurricanes to deadly wildfires and floods—one class of individuals raked in more money in 2017 than any other year in recorded history: the world's billionaires.  Read more .

Last Rites for the Village Voice, a Bohemian Who Stayed On Too Long

The death last week of The Village Voice, the storied alt-weekly, was in some ways to be expected. When its latest owner, Peter D. Barbey, who bought it in 2015 to restore it to its early glory, stopped print publication almost a year ago, it seemed that it would be only a matter of time before its online presence ceased as well. The Voice didn’t appear to have a strong sense of identity anymore, in part because the New York that it covered — downtown, the underground, bohemia and its ephemera — didn’t exist anymore, neither in a physical sense nor as a state of mind.  Read more .

Pipe Bombs Sent to Trump Critics, Right Wing Nationalist Terror Stalks the Nation

Is Orwell’s Big Brother Here? Bezos & Amazon Team up With Defense, CIA & ICE

Same-sex penguin couple become parents

Former Fed Chair Paul Vlocker Warns of Failed Government

Former Fed Chair Paul Volcker Warns About US Becoming a Plutocracy

Judge Rules Georgia Must Stop Tossing Out Absentee Ballots

In what civil rights advocates celebrated as an "important victory" for voting rights and democracy less than two weeks away from the midterm elections, a federal judge on Wednesday ruled that Georgia election officials must stop tossing out absentee ballots and applications due to signature mismatches without first giving voters an opportunity to fix or dispute any alleged errors.  Read more.

‘Apology not accepted’: Internet rains hell on Megyn Kelly’s ‘crocodile tears’ over blackface blowback

NBC’s Megyn Kelly apologized on Wednesday for not understanding that it would be offensive for white people to wear blackface on Halloween — but for many Twitter users, her apology was not accepted. In particular, the users noted that Kelly’s comments on blackface were... read more .

Inside Nikki Haley’s Shocking Speech to Secretive Far-Right Group

Israel Forced to Delay Illegal Demolition of Palestinian Village Amid Growing International Pressure

Day After Bomb Found at Soros Home, 'Potential Explosive Devices' Sent to Clinton, Obama, and CNN

Just 24 hours after a suspected bomb was found in the mailbox of billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros, the U.S. Secret Service said on Wednesday that it has intercepted two "potential explosive devices" addressed to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's residence in New York and former President Barack Obama's home in Washington, D.C.  Read more .

Three Women Face Felony Charges For Saving Thrown Away Baby Cow

On Sunday, October 21, three women were charged with a grand theft felony each for attempting to rescue a dying calf found in a pile of dead cows on at Ray-Mar Ranches, a factory farm in Oakdale, California which supplies calves to Harris Ranch, and beef to companies like Costco and In-N-Out Burger. Despite the calf left for dead in a pile of cows meant to be discarded, providing no economic value as the pile is not intended for use in the production of... read more .

Robert Reich: Democrats Should Go Big and Bold

Donald Trump says the midterm elections are a “referendum about me.” Of course they are. Everything is about him. Anyone who still believes the political divide runs between Republicans and Democrats hasn’t been paying attention. There’s no longer a Republican Party. The GOP is now just pro-Trump.  Read more .

In Leaked Audio, Brian Kemp Expresses Concern Over [Blacks] Exercising Their Right to Vote

Brian Kemp, Georgia Secretary of State and the Republican nominee for Georgia governor, expressed at a ticketed campaign event that his Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams’ voter turnout operation “continues to concern us, especially if everybody uses and exercises their right to vote,” according to... read more .

Megyn Kelly Can’t Understand What’s So Offensive About Blackface: ‘What Is Racist?’

Halloween is a time of year when costumes often push the envelope, and a debate that inevitably comes up is exactly how far it should be pushed. Blackface is generally considered offensive, although the far-right Megyn Kelly—formerly of Fox News and now the host of “Megyn Kelly Today” on NBC—implied that blackface still has its place in 2018.  Read more .

You Have Nothing to Apologize For! The Defense of White Male Privilege

My very wise partner has noted that “The people who are most inclined to say ‘I’m sorry’ often have nothing to apologize for. The a--holes who have so much to be sorry for, never apologize.” Donald Trump could be the poster boy for this this latter category - its commander-in-chief, if you will.  He has happily accumulated a long list of offenses, great and small, without a single apology – or hint of remorse - on record.  Read more .

Irish Women Demand Equal Pay

Thousands of mostly-female city workers began a two-day strike on Tuesday in Glasgow, Scotland, demanding equal pay after living under an unfair pay scale for more than a decade and spending nearly a year negotiating with the city council.  Read more .

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on the State of the U.S. Empire

Miscarrying at Work: The Physical Toll of Pregnancy Discrimination

If you are a Verizon customer on the East Coast, odds are good that your cellphone or tablet arrived by way of a beige, windowless warehouse near Tennessee’s border with Mississippi. Inside, hundreds of workers, many of them women, lift and drag boxes weighing up to 45 pounds, filled with iPhones and other gadgets. There is no air-conditioning on the floor of the warehouse, which is owned and operated by a contractor. Temperatures there can rise past 100 degrees. Workers often faint, according to interviews with 20 current and former employees.  Read more .

The history of African slavery in Iran

Behnaz Mirzai’s students often say her office is like a museum. With shards of ancient pottery recovered from the mountains of Iran’s Sistan and Baluchistan province, colourful vases from Isfahan, and tribal masks from Zanzibar adorning the shelves, it is easy to see why. Mirzai has spent nearly 20 years studying the origins of the African diaspora in Iran, including the history and eventual abolition of slavery in her native country.  Read more .

State Supreme Courts Thwart GOP Politicians’ Court-Packing Plans

Republican politicians in Florida and West Virginia were on the verge of replacing most of the members of their state supreme courts, but those courts asserted their independence in the past few days and halted the court-packing plans. In Florida, outgoing Republican Gov. Rick Scott had planned to appoint replacements for three justices whose terms end on Jan. 8, the same day the... read more .

US Air Force Admits F-35 Will Harm Health and Learning of Vermont Children

In its 2013 Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the US Air Force disclosed that operation of the F-16 fighter aircraft in the Chamberlin School neighborhood of South Burlington, Vermont, assaults children with noise sufficient to cause learning impairment. The EIS also shows that 45 percent more children will have their learning impaired if the Air Force executes its plan to base F-35 jets in that neighborhood.  Read more .

Khashoggi’s Murder and Saudi War Crimes in Yemen Were Facilitated by US

The alleged torture, dismemberment and killing of Saudi citizen and US permanent resident Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul has triggered justifiable outrage throughout the United States and around the world. But amid the outcry over Khashoggi’s death, many media and public figures still fail to acknowledge the war crimes Saudi Arabia is committing in Yemen with US assistance.  Read more .

Technology Access Gap Leaves Millions of Students Struggling to Keep Up

Twenty-one-year-old Mirka Mendez, a petroleum engineering student at the University of Texas-Austin (UT), has a deep understanding of the US’s technology gap. Without easy access to the internet while in high school, she often had to leave home at 4 a.m. and sit on a bench outside her school so that she could use the building’s hotspots to do research, study or write papers before the opening bell.  Read more .

Longtime Republican flees the GOP because of Republican party pettiness

The Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Oct. 6, after sexual assault allegations surfaced against the judge. The battle for the votes of a few key senators was exceedingly bitter, pitting the principle of due process and the #MeToo movement against each other in a fight for control of the high court.  Read more .

Khashoggi Dismembered With Bone Saw for 7 Minutes While Alive

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was tortured and dismembered over seven minutes while he was still alive, according to a Turkish source who heard an audio recording of the murder. The Washington Post columnist was abducted Oct. 2 from the consul-general’s office at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and dragged more.  Read more .