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Ntozake Shange, Who Wrote ‘For Colored Girls,’ Is Dead at 70

Ntozake Shange, American Playwright and Freedom Fighter, Dies at 70

Rare 5,655 carat Emerald discovered in Zambia

Black, Latino, and Young Voters Go to Polls in Record Numbers

After third Taser death, California police officials reconsider 'less-lethal' weapon

Demonstrators Block Trump During March for Love and Solidarity in Pittsburgh

Will Paulette Jordan be the first Native American governor in the US?

Marriott Workers Stay Tough on the Picket Lines

Number of Georgia Voters Purged by Brian Kemp Continues to Climb

Kentucky man accused of shooting two black store patrons indicted for murder

Why Israel does not mind Trump's anti-Semitic supporters

As Bolsonaro Threatens to Criminalize Protests, a New Resistance Movement Is Emerging in Brazil (VIDEO)

Bolsonaro, 'gender ideology' and hegemonic masculinity in Brazil

Germany pledges new investment fund to develop new markets in Africa

Bolsonaro Represents the Starkest Expression of Politics of Hatred in Brazil

Students call for NYU to cancel Milo Yiannopoulos lecture

Rabbi Michael Lerner on Solidarity After the Massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh

We Must Not Be Bystanders When Darkness Descends

Brazil Has Elected “Most Extremist Leader in the Democratic World” (VIDEO)

Historic Kenya Airways direct flight to U.S. arrives in New York

Rare Genetic Sequences Illuminate Early Humans' History in Africa

Indonesia: 'No survivors' after Lion Air flight crashes into sea

Trump Persuaded Struggling People to Invest in Scams, Lawsuit Says

Jimmy Carter says something is very wrong with Georgia governor's electionF

Ninth child dies in deadly viral outbreak in New Jersey

Package addressed to Atlanta CNN Center similar to others mailed last week

There are 18 cases of white-supremacist killings since Trump was inaugurated

Trump sends 5,200 troops to Mexico border as caravan advances

Andrew Gillum thrashes Trump for calling him a ‘thief’: ‘He’s howling because he’s weak’

Angela Merkel exit to polarise Germany and Europe

Conservative Matt Drudge unloads on Fox News for laughing about the massacre of Jews

Assange says Ecuador seeking to end his asylum

Gaza's drinking water spurs blue baby syndrome, serious illnesses

Trump & GOP Have Blood on Their Hands for Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting & Hateful Violence (VIDEO)

Haitians Rise Up Against Corruption, Austerity

How US policy in Honduras set the stage for today’s migration

Lewis Hamilton wins fifth F1 title

How much power does Saudi Arabia wield over the global economy?

Did Trump destroy the conservative movement? No — he cashed in on its darkest tendencies

4 Members of Violent White Supremacist Group Face Riot Charges

Brazil elections: Far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro wins presidency

Young black Portuguese men take police brutality case to court

Right Wing Nationalist Terror Stalks the Nation says Henry Giroux

Gab Social Media Site Connected to Synagogue Shooter Loses Hosting, Funding

Fox News host nails Georgia Secretary of State over sketchy voter purge: ‘Suppression is alive and well’

Mikhail Gorbachev: A New Nuclear Arms Race Has Begun

Ireland re-elects president, set to dump blasphemy law

Merkel's party suffers losses in Hesse elections as right-wing AfD enters parliament

A Tragedy in Three Parts: Corporations, Coups, and Crazies

Is Donald Trump Responsible for Violence? Yes.

Last survivor of WWII raid on Rome’s Jewish Ghetto dies

Reports of Voter Intimidation at Polling Places in Texas

LeBron James dons Beto O'Rourke hat to game in San Antonio

Hundreds of thousands march for marriage equality in Taiwan

'While the Rest of the World Burned,' Billionaires Made More Money in 2017 Than Any Other Year in History

The Trump administration’s withdrawal of California gillnet protections for whales, turtles ruled illegal

11 killed, several wounded, in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Ben Jealous Wants Maryland to Move Forward in the Age of Trump

Black journalist banned from Trump’s Young Black Leadership Summit

Last Rites for the Village Voice, a Bohemian Who Stayed On Too Long

Baltimore's new Divine mural defies conventions — and the law

Pipe Bombs Sent to Trump Critics, Right Wing Nationalist Terror Stalks the Nation

Critics blast Kemp for posing for photo with anti-Muslim extremist

'Whites don't shoot whites': 2 black people shot dead in Kentucky

Is Orwell’s Big Brother Here? Bezos & Amazon Team up With Defense, CIA & ICE

Bombing suspect’s van blanketed in pro-Trump bumper stickers

Trump Admin Opens Up Alaska for Drilling, Threatening Already At-Risk Arctic Biodiversity (VIDEO)

Live From The Sunken Place: Trump Attends MAGA-Cap-Wearing Young Black Leadership Summit

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Megyn Kelly, Blackface and NBC’s "Hate Crime-Adjacent" Problem

How Andrew Gillum turned the state of Florida into a beachhead for the progressive movement

Same-sex penguin couple become parents

Cory Booker latest Democrat to be targeted by explosive device through the mail

Suspicious package sent to Democratic Senator Harris

More than 200 retired journalists condemn president’s ‘un-American’ attacks on press

Israeli warplanes carry out air attacks in besieged Gaza

Florida governor restores voting rights to white Republican felons — after restricting black felons

Ethiopia Appoints Its First Female President

Former Fed Chair Paul Vlocker Warns of Failed Government

Ex-Texas firefighter gets a year in prison for leaving nooses at black family’s home

Watch Newt Gingrich blame bomb recipients for bringing it on themselves

Former Fed Chair Paul Volcker Warns About US Becoming a Plutocracy

NATO launches its largest war games since end of Cold War

Republicans Will Cut Your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Benefits

Judge Rules Georgia Must Stop Tossing Out Absentee Ballots

Trump Blames Media for Inciting “Anger” After Bombs Sent to CNN & High-Profile Democrats (VIDEO)

European Parliament votes for ban on single-use plastic

'Suspicious package' seized from Robert De Niro-linked building

Senator refers Kavanaugh accuser, Avenatti for criminal probe

New York sues Exxon for misleading investors on climate change risk

‘Apology not accepted’: Internet rains hell on Megyn Kelly’s ‘crocodile tears’ over blackface blowback

Pope Francis says populism leads to Hitler

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio says mail bombs were ‘an effort to terrorize’ Americans and the free press

A 14-year-long oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

U.S. white nationalist leader, three others charged with inciting riots

Georgia votes for Democrat Stacey Abrams are being changed to Republican Brian Kemp

'The most famous black man in South Korea'

Inside Nikki Haley’s Shocking Speech to Secretive Far-Right Group

Americans' anger may help Democrats in Nov. 6 vote: Reuters/Ipsos poll

$1.5bn Mega Millions lottery ticket sold in South Carolina

Trump picks former Monsanto executive to lead U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Under pressure over Khashoggi killing, MBS praises Qatar economy

Retrial to begin for US border agent who shot teen across border

Israel Forced to Delay Illegal Demolition of Palestinian Village Amid Growing International Pressure

Former Monsanto Executive Picked by Trump to Lead Wildlife Agency

Day After Bomb Found at Soros Home, 'Potential Explosive Devices' Sent to Clinton, Obama, and CNN

Stacey Abrams Slams Brian Kemp on Suppressing Vote as He Worries Too Many Georgians Will Vote (VIDEO)

Three Women Face Felony Charges For Saving Thrown Away Baby Cow

Greg Palast Sues Georgia’s Brian Kemp for Purging 340,000 from Voter Rolls Ahead of Election (VIDEO)

Robert Reich: Democrats Should Go Big and Bold

GOP school board member busted for Facebook plot to accuse the 2020 Dem presidential nominee of sexual assault

Peru's natives say Amazon Waterway Project threatens food sources

U.S. appeals court revives Nestle child slavery lawsuit

In Leaked Audio, Brian Kemp Expresses Concern Over [Blacks] Exercising Their Right to Vote

Megyn Kelly Can’t Understand What’s So Offensive About Blackface: ‘What Is Racist?’

In Texas, Trump speech takes far-right turn: 'I'm a nationalist.'

You Have Nothing to Apologize For! The Defense of White Male Privilege

What Jamal Khashoggi's murder tells us about the West's 'friendly' autocrats

Second migrant caravan in Guatemala heads toward Mexico

The U.S. Helped Destabilize Honduras. Now Honduran Migrants Are Fleeing Political & Economic Crisis (VIDEO)

How the man behind Khashoggi murder ran the killing via Skype

Tesla critic Citron makes U-turn ahead of results

Cheers, claps as MBS shows up at 'Davos in the desert' event

The West Enabled Khashoggi's Demise - Not To Mention All the Other Saudi Crimes

Irish Women Demand Equal Pay

Microplastics now found in our poop

“Reminiscent of South Africa’s Grand Apartheid”: Israeli Human Rights Group Slams Israel at U.N. (VIDEO)

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on the State of the U.S. Empire

King says Jordan to reclaim land held by Israel under 1994 deal

Miscarrying at Work: The Physical Toll of Pregnancy Discrimination

Germany halts arms deals with Saudi Arabia, encourages allies to do the same

The history of African slavery in Iran

Foreigners sell net $1.1 billion of Saudi stocks as journalist disappearance rattles investors

State Supreme Courts Thwart GOP Politicians’ Court-Packing Plans

US Air Force Admits F-35 Will Harm Health and Learning of Vermont Children

Saying goodbye to Paul Allen and people too big to fit into headlines

Evangelist scalds fellow pastors for abandoning their ‘moral core’ to support Trump

Hundreds of migrants storm Spanish enclave in North Africa, one dies

Taiwan train crash kills 18 in deadliest rail tragedy in decades

Khashoggi’s Murder and Saudi War Crimes in Yemen Were Facilitated by US

Is it the end of cheap pad thai in Bangkok?

Inside the Arab heart of Mexico City

Media investigation exposes scale of years-long European tax scam

Gaza’s Great March of Return: Six months on, we are still struggling against Israeli oppression

Jamal Khashoggi called for freedom of expression in final column

Russia liquidates nearly all its holdings of US debt

Technology Access Gap Leaves Millions of Students Struggling to Keep Up