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After Surviving 600 Assassination Attempts & Outlasting 11 U.S. Presidents, Fidel Castro Dies at 90

The Untold Story of Cuba's Support for African Independence Movements Under Fidel Castro

At Standing Rock Water Protectors Sue Over 'Deliberate and Punitive' Police Brutality

North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple cuts off emergency services at Standing Rock

Moral Monday Movement Vows to Defend Victory Over Right-Wing Governor

Fight for $15 Plans National Strikes as Uber Drivers Join Protest for First Time

UK Government Uses Aid Money to Back Oil Drilling in UNESCO World Heritage Site

Repression and Nonviolent Resistance in Africa’s Last Colony

Russian ruble resumes recovery as exporters seen selling dollars

France votes for center-right candidate - and perhaps next president

César Chelala on Fidel Castrol

Clinton Campaign to Join in Recount Effort, as Stein Officially Files in Wisconsin

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s revolutionary leader, dies aged 90

Stardardized Testing Has Created Administrator Cheating In Public Schools

The Power of the Movements Facing Trump

Veterans Plan "Deployment" to Join Water Protectors' Battle Against DAPL

Cuban Revolutionary Leader Fidel Castro Dead at 90

Noam Chomsky on the new Trump era

Noam Chomsky calls the Republican Party "the most dangerous organization in world history"

Pennsylvania prisons stop using food loaves to punish inmates

‘Journalistic garbage’: Greenwald & others slam WaPo for ‘insane’ Russian propaganda story

'Fear of Trump' Is Making Some Children Physically Sick, Say Health Experts

Army Corps will close anti-DAPL protest camp at Standing Rock by Dec. 5

Wisconsin receives Stein and Del La Fuente recount petitions

"No, Trump, We Can’t Just Get Along" says Charles Blow

Florence Henderson, Upbeat Mom of ‘The Brady Bunch,’ Dies at 82

Armed White Supremacists Clash With Counter-Protesters at Texas Capitol During Unveiling of Black History Monument

Planned Parenthood Gets More Than 50,000 Donations in Mike Pence's Name

Trump Nominates 'True Enemy' of Public Schools for Education Secretary

Jill Stein Raises Millions for Recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania

Historian Says Dakota Access Co. Attack Came on Anniv. of Whitestone Massacre

Wayne State campus police officer dies after being shot

A Thanksgiving Ode to John Horse and the Black Seminoles

‘Go back to cotton farm’: 8yo boy left concussed in alleged racist attack outside school

Thanksgiving: "It Has Never Been About Honoring Native Americans"

1 Million Syrians in Aleppo Under Siege with No Hospital, Food

Judge Puts Overtime Pay for Millions in Limbo as Republicans Rejoice

Sweeping New Rutgers Report Reveals University's Ties to Slavery & Displacement of Native Americans

Normalizing the Abnormal: NPR Begins Its Whitewashing of Breitbart's Racism

Texas police knock woman out of wheelchair, Taser her while handcuffed

White Supremacists in Suits and Ties in Washington

White Nationalists 'Hail Trump' with Nazi salutes at DC Conference

Tsunami hits Japan after strong quake near Fukushima disaster site

#CalExit backers submit official ballot proposal to Attorney General

College bans US flag citing ‘hate-based violence’ post-Trump victory

Multiple children killed in school bus crash in Tennessee

Police Blast Citizen Activists With Water Cannons in Sub-Freezing Temps

Pope extends power to forgive abortion to all Roman Catholic priests

Attacks on police continue in Texas and elsewhere

The First 100 Day Resistance Agenda

Neocons, War Criminals & White Nationalists: Jeremy Scahill on Trump's Incoming Advisers & Cabinet

Jeremy Scahill: TigerSwan Security, Linked to Blackwater, Now Coordinates Intel for Dakota Access

Trump Assembling Team of 'Swamp Creatures,' Says Ellison

A Dying Mule Always Kicks the Hardest

Gaza Trip: A Collaboration of Israeli Musicians, Palestinian Parkour Athletes and Just Humans

The Yes Men's Guide to Resisting Trump

Canada passes assisted suicide bill, critics say it will 'trap patients in intolerable suffering'

Keith Oberman Tells Trump to 'Get Your Daughter the F$%k Out of State Meetings!'

At least 17 killed, dozens injured in E. Aleppo as rebels disperse protesters with machine gun fire

Goodbye, American Neoliberalism. A New Era Is Here

Tear It Down: Why Every Person at the DNC Should Be Fired

Trump Adviser Steve Bannon is Enemy of the People, Protector of Hate

"Never, Ever Give Up": Hillary Clinton Delivers First Public Speech Since Conceding to Donald Trump

Project X: The NSA Spy Hub in NYC

US intelligence head James Clapper resigns

Sanders Warns President-Elect Trump: 'We Are Not Going Backwards'

Russia Withdraws From International Criminal Court, Calling It ‘One-Sided’

'Not justified:' Cop who killed Philando Castile in his car charged with manslaughter

Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Spread to 300 Cities as Pipeline Owner Sues to Continue Construction

Jeffrey Sachs: We Need a Democratic Party Speaking the Truth Like Bernie Sanders & Keith Ellison

Love Will Trump Hate (Eventually)

Dozens gather to support Spokane MLK Center after racist graffiti is spray-painted on the building

Rep. Keith Ellison, Progressive Favorite, Announces Run for DNC Chair

History: Trump, Slavery and the Implosion of Whitenes

There's No Normalizing President-Elect Trump (Or at Least, There Shouldn't Be)

Through the Gates of Hell: From the Invasion of Iraq to Donald Trump

‘US people realizing system not for them’ – Hip-hop star Boots Riley

‘Day of Action’: More than 200 protests planned against Dakota Access Pipeline

Veterans Head To Standing Rock To Support 'We The People'

Millions Sign Onto Call for Electoral College to Award the Presidency to Popular Vote Winner Clinton

‘Hang yourself by your headscarf’: Student pens anonymous note to Muslim teacher

Naomi Klein Delivers Sydney Peace Prize Lecture Against Backdrop of Trump Win

Amid DNC Reckoning, Ellison Emerges as Progressive Antidote to Trump

"Genuinely Terrifying Prospect": Greenwald on Palin, Giuliani & Bolton Serving in Trump's Cabinet

Professor Carol Anderson on Police Killings, Trump, the Clintons & Her New Book "White Rage"

Latino students traumatized by "Build that wall" chant shouted by White students.

Florence v McDonald’s: Petition supporting Italian city reaches 25k signatures

Muslim Lawmaker Keith Ellison Gets Backing From Top Jews To Lead Democrats

Germany suggests ‘Marshall Plan for Africa’ to solve refugee crisis

North Carolina KKK group to hold 'Victory Parade' for President-elect Donald Trump

Spoiled [White] Americans Now Want to Flee What They Created

Activists block entrance to Trump Tower, stop traffic on Lake Shore Drive

Donald Trump's Victory Is Not the Last Word

‘Not my president’: Protesters rally nationwide upset with Trump victory

Trump's Political Soulmate, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Goes Down Big in Arizona

Just Like After Reconstruction, Trump Vote Highlights White Backlash to Recent Racial Progress

4 States Vote to Boost Minimum Wage

'Tipping Point'? Voters Bring Sweeping Wins for Marijuana

French women walk out of work to protest gender pay gap

Voting in 2016: Armed Intimidation Squads, Purged Rolls, 868 Fewer Polling Stations

US Airstrikes in Afghanistan Kill at Least 30 Civilians

Trump's Three Enablers: The GOP, the Media, and... The Establishment Democrats

Canada to Ban Oil Tankers Off Northern B.C. Coast

Oklahoma: Fracking Wastewater Causes 2 Large Earthquate in 24 Hours

City Governments Promote Worker Co-ops

500 Clergy Hold 'Historic' Mass Gathering for Standing Rock

Million Mask March 2016 across the globe

Standing Rock Chair: Obama Could Stop the Dakota Pipeline Today & Preserve Indigenous Sacred Sites

Michael Moore on Donald Trump, White Men & the Sound of Dying Dinosaurs

Dakota Access Pipeline CEO Kelcy Warren Should Face the Music

Swedish Archbishop: Pope's all-male environment lacks balance

Black church in Mississippi torched, defaced with ‘Vote Trump’ graffiti

Police shoot rubber bullets at Dakota Access Pipeline protesters

Effigy of Trump holding Hillary Clinton’s severed head to be burned on Guy Fawkes night

Former Prisoners Speak Out About Abuse at Rikers Island

KKK’s official newspaper supports Donald Trump for president

Obama Says FBI Probe Into E-Mails a ‘Political Controversy’

Central Park Five's Yusef Salaam: Donald Trump Needs to Be Fired from Running for President

In Morocco Massive Protests Against Neoliberalism, Privatization Follow Death of Fish Seller

The American Way: Socialism for the Rich, Free Enterprise for the Rest

Professor Carol Anderson on Police Killings, Trump, the Clintons & Her New Book "White Rage"

1 Worker Dies, 5 Hospitalized After Alabama Colonial Pipeline Explodes

Transit strike leaves Philadelphia stranded week before elections

COP22: A Defining Moment for Africa’s Climate Movement

Nasty Women vs. The Greatest Victim in the History of the World Donald Trump