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Netanyahu's Warning Reveals His Moments of Memory Loss

New Justice Department documents show huge increase in warrantless electronic surveillance

Fox News carries live video of man shooting himself after car chase

Robinhood's FTT: A Tax for the Public Good

US Accused of “Discouraging” Financial Transaction Tax

We Are at War

Iran says to Nuclear Israel: Don't Talk to Us about "Red Lines"

From Start to Finish: Why We Won and How We Are Losing

UC Davis Reaches $1 Million Settlement over Pepper-Spraying of Student Protesters

Environmental Groups Sue Canada Over Northern Gateway Pipeline

9 Frightening Things About America's Biggest Police Force

We're the NFL. We Don't Have to Care

Obama at the UN: Pretty Words, Distorted Pictures, Veiled Threats

Spanish Police Crack Down on Protesters Surrounding the Parliament

Exposed: U.S. May Have Designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks an "Enemy of the State"

The United States of ALEC: Bill Moyers on the Secretive Corporate-Legislative Body Writing Our Laws

Romney Has a Jobs Plan ... for China

Seven Examples of a "Police State," and How They Are Appearing in the US

Calling US Drone Strikes 'Surgical' Is Orwellian Propaganda

Will 9 GOP Governors Electronically Flip Romney Into the White House?

Julian Assange to UN: 'US trying to erect national secrecy regime'

Florida GOP Fired Romney Consultant's Voter Registration Firm After Fraudulent Forms Reported in Palm Beach

K. Rashid Nuri cultivates oases of fresh produce amid food deserts

Chicago Teachers, Verizon Workers and Quebec's Students Prove That Resistance Works

UK's Poorest Families hit Hardest by Recession and Austerity

The German Economy and the Crisis in Europe

Texas Tar Sands Tree-Sit Launches to Halt Keystone XL Indefinitely

Russia Temporarily Bans Monsanto Corn Linked to Cancer in Rats

Meet the Welfare Queens of the 1%: The Moochers Mitt Missed Work for the Pentagon

Study Finds U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan Miss Militant Targets and "Terrorize" Civilians

This Presidential Race Should Never Have Been This Close

Thousands Surround Spanish Parliament in Bid to "Occupy Congress" and Stop Austerity

The Spanish Public Won't Accept Financial Coup D'etat

Spain says no to austerity

Striking Greeks Retake Streets: 'No to Troika's Austerity!'

Dumb and Hateful: The Consequences of US Islamophobia

Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Market 20 Times Global GDP

Data Centers Waste Vast Amounts of Energy

Double amputee in wheelchair shot dead by Houston police

South African Platinum Miners Win Pay Raise

Drones: A US New Terror Campaign

Scientists: No to Genetically Modified Crops, Yes to Paradigm Shift

On Voting Rights: You Want Fair, Move to Canada, Hippie

Cows fed gummi worms and cookies in factory farm nightmare

"Harvest of Empire": New Film Recounts How U.S. Intervention Caused Mass Latin American Migrations

US veto power used to serve Israeli interests: Analyst

How Do You Take Your Poison?

Iran: Attack Could Trigger World War III

Libyans Target Militias, Forcing Flight

Honduras: Our Ancestors Left This for Us to Protect

Why the Mideast Exploded, Really

Perelman, Gagosian Gallery Sue Each Other Over Art Sales

Remembering Troy Davis: Questions Remain over Whether Georgia Executed Innocent Man One Year Ago

Why the New Fed Stimulus Won't Jumpstart the Economy - and What Would

Boy Scouts helped alleged molesters cover tracks, files show

Pakistan Declares National Day of Protest over Anti-Islam Video

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

Global Warming Warning: Bill McKibben’s Rolling Stone Article Was a Hit — So Why Didn’t It Make a Splash?

Palestinian Authority Faces Fiscal Crisis, As World Bank Blames Israelis

Mitt Romney: A Corporation Masquerading as a Person for President

Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson Gears Up for Biggest Fight Yet Against Japanese Whaling

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis: Deal Ending Strike a Victory for Education

David Corn on Revealing the Secret Romney Video That’s Upended 2012 Campaign

Our Disgraceful Minimum Wage

'Born on Third Base': How the Wealthy Inherit the Earth

French Study Finds Tumors and Organ Damage in Rats Fed Monsanto Corn

Chicago Teachers Union Ends Strike; Calls Victory for Public Education

Quo Vadis Occupy? Mic Check on the State of the Revolution

Colleges Replaced by Prison? Five Curses of Privatization

South African Miners Strike a Challenge to ANC

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Swarm NYC Financial District to Mark 1st Anniversary of 99% Struggle

After Weekend Protests See 50 Arrests, Protesters Detained in Early-Morning Action on Wall Street

Occupy's protest is not over. It has barely begun

Tina Brown's 'Muslim Rage' cover

Newsweek Publishes Islamophobic ‘Muslim Rage’ Cover In Response To Embassy Attacks

Campaigners 'Vindicated' As Shell Halts Arctic Drilling

Chris Hedges on his lawsuit against Barak Obama et all

Chicago Teachers Continue Strike; Emanuel Injunction Denied

Dirty Money: Cities and States Addicted to Soliciting for Corporate Favors

Occupy Wall Street Begins "Year II" With Call to Debt Resistance

France Says No to Genetically Modified Crops, No to Fracking

NATO Airstrike in Afghanistan Kills 8 Innocent Women, Injures more

Spain and Portugal march against austerity

Obama Says One Thing in Spotlight, Another Behind Closed Doors

Why Your Health Is Bigger Than Your Body

US on Attack in Libya: Send in the Drones

Thousands Attend Rally for Chicago Teachers as Union Nears Contract

Funding Teachers Doesn't Get Embassies Attacked

Whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld Rewarded Record $104M for Exposing How UBS Helped Rich Evade Taxes

As U.S. Inequality Widens, Scholar Cornel West and Broadcaster Tavis Smiley Launch Poverty Tour 2.0

Big Ag Directly Funded Anti-Organics Stanford Study: Report

Scotts Miracle-Gro to Pay Record Fines for Poisoning Birds and Selling Illegal Pesticides

Greg Palast on How the GOP Is Planning to Steal the 2012 Election

Why These Kids Get a Free Ride to College

A Tale of Two Chicagos: Teachers Protest Unequal System

Fed Announces New $23 Billion Round of Bond Buying to Spur Growth

The Liberal Way to Run the World - "Improve" or We'll Kill You

We Won the War on Poverty, then Lost the Peace

Obama in Rosh Hashanah greeting: Let's renew bond

Chicago Public Teachers Stage Historic Strike in Clash with Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Education Reforms

Infiltrating Occupy: Austin Activists Face Charges for Equipment Provided by Undercover Police

Disabled Athlete, Advocate Eli Wolff on the Overlooked Dynamism & Diversity of the Paralympic Games

Assange Case: Sweden's Shame in Violating Human Rights

Why We're Striking in Chicago

Missing Latino Voices: Excluded from the Newsroom, Absent from the Conversation

Confessions of a Former Republican: On Joining the Reality-Based Community

Obama Ruling Shields Torturers

3 States Take Up National Fight Against DOMA, Federal Anti-Gay Marriage Law

We Eat by the Grace of Nature, Not by the Grace of Monsanto

Obama Campaign Brags About Its Whistleblower Persecutions

Protests across West Bank against high cost of living

Voting Rights Under Attack as GOP Seeks to Overturn Historic Civil Rights Law

Breaking With Convention: Occupy Chicago Protests GOP in Tampa, Democrats at Home

Outing ACT: Test-and-Punish Doesn't Educate, but It's Profitable for Testing Companies

Star Trek: The Original Series' surprising role in US civil rights

'Unprecedented,' 'Amazing,' 'Goliath': Scientists Describe Arctic Sea Ice Melt

Rep. John Lewis, Civil Rights Icon, on Re-Electing Obama and Fighting to Protect the Vote

"Effective Evil" or Progressives’ Best Hope? Glen Ford vs. Michael Eric Dyson on Obama Presidency

BP Still Doesn't Want You to See Its Tarballs

Quebec Election Gives Students a Victory on Tuition Hikes, Fight for Free Education Continues

Canada closes embassy in Iran, to expel Iranian diplomats

It Gets Better: The Day I Ran Away From Home

'NAFTA on Steroids': New Round of Secret Trade Negotiations Begins

In the Shadow of the DNC, Organizers Call for a Unionized South

Selling the Soul of Public Education

Chris Hedges: Life Is Sacred

Pentagon eyes 66 countries as clients to buy US drones

Greek Riot Police Face Protest... from Anti-Austerity Police Officers

The Real Hunger Games - Big Commodity Traders Control World Grain Market

Why Did the Dems Choose Charlotte? Examining Obama’s Close Ties to Utility Giant Duke Energy

Health and Safety Advantages of Organic Food

US-Funded Armies Slaughtering Record Number of Elephants

The US and Israel, Not Iran, Threaten Peace

Hacked Intel Email: NYPD Involved in "Damn Right Felonious Activity"

How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless and the Middle Class Got Shafted

Senior immigration official resigns amid misconduct allegations

Brooklyn's Self-Powered Solar Building: A Game-Changer for Green Construction?

'Let Ohioans Vote': Judge Rules Against GOP Attack on Early Voting

Drug Company Apology "Too Little, Too Late" for Thalidomide Victims

'What About Israel's Nuclear Weapons?'

South Carolina Voter ID Law Takes Hits in Court

Not On Our Land: Land Recovery Kicks Off in Honduras

The Obama Administration’s War on the Constitution