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West Virginia Teachers Win Pay Raise After Four-Day Walkout

A Congressional Hearing on the Endless War That Probably Nobody Watched

Okinawans demand end to US military flights over schools

Active shooter in Russia’s Kazan, several injured

170 Million in US Now Drinking Radioactive Water -- Is Yours Affected?

International open letter calls for end to 'Syrian genocide'

Police Assault Students After Protest at Chicago's Loyola University

Supreme Court Rules Immigrants Can Be Detained Indefinitely

Penn. Lawmaker Demands Action Against Banks Practicing Racist Redlining (VIDEO)

Banks Face Probes for Refusing Home Loans for People of Color

Guns and Liberty

US Supreme Court refuses to hear Trump bid to end DACA

New Tax Codes Causes Warren Buffett's Company to Rake in $29 Billion It Didn't Want

Oxfam Prostitution Scandal in Haiti Deepens Suspicions of Other NGOs

Gun Control will Not Cure a Society that Produces Monstrous Behavior

Why Are Top NSA Personnel Leaving in Droves?

More than 1,000 Palestinians in Gaza died from Israeli blockade

Begging for bread: A Greek family under austerity

UN Security Council votes in favour of 30-day Syria ceasefire

West Virginia teachers walk out, shutting down all public schools

Federal Court Rejects Trump Admin.'s Attempt to Suspend Methane Rule

Employers Steal $15B From Low Wage Workers Each Year

Momentum Is Building Across the South to End Money Bail

Indicted Missouri governor resigns from post with GOP governors group

Death Toll in Eastern Ghouta Tops 300 from Syrian Assault (VIDEO)

Nearly Two Dozen State AGs File Suit to Block FCC's 'Illegal' Net Neutrality Rollback

The Big Pharma Family that Brought Us the Opioid Crisis

National Companies Cut Ties With NRA

Young People Are Leading the Charge on Guns, Climate Change

The "Alt-Right" Is Building a White Nationalist Mass Movement With "Operation Homeland"

Employers Steal $15B From Low Wage Workers Each Year

Federal Government Abdicates Responsibility for Investigating Massive Equifax Data Theft

The "Alt-Right" Is Building a White Nationalist Mass Movement With "Operation Homeland"

Guns Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg When It Comes to US Violence

"Black Panther": Rip Off the Racial Mask

Saudi Arabia's Unholy Alliance with Israel

Ford U.S. chief departs abruptly after behavior probe

Ford exec Raj Nair ousted for ‘inappropriate behavior’

Lawsuits challenge Electoral College system in four U.S. states

Billy Graham: An Old Soldier Fades Away

Robert Reich says Morality & the Common Good Must Be at Center (VIDEO)

Rodrigo Duterte's drug war has killed 20,000

Hundreds dead in 'relentless bombing' of Eastern Ghouta

How Charity Oxfam Allowed Sex Abuse in Ailing Countries Like Haiti (VIDEO)

Syria: 77 civilians killed in regime bombardment

Zimbabwe Land Committee to Downsize, Redistribute Large Farms

Pennsylvania top court releases new U.S. congressional voting map for state

San Juan Mayor Decries “Disaster Capitalism” & Privatization in Puerto Rico (VIDEO)

Lawsuit accuses DC police of collusion with far right

Mexico: 6.0 Magnitude Quake

At White House Lie-In, Teens Call on Congress to 'Protect Kids, Not Guns'

Memories and Monuments: Destruction as a Path to Progress

A New 'Cancer Alley' for Appalachia

Five Months After Maria, San Juan Mayor Decries “Disaster Capitalism” & Privatization in Puerto Rico (VIDEO)

Student survivors of Florida shooting slam Trump over FBI tweets

German Politics Enters Era of Instability

Palestinian teenagers killed in Israeli air raids

Why the Right Wing Is So Interested in Narrowing Down Education into 'Skills'

Ethiopia declares state of emergency after PM quits

ICC Considers Million Statements by Afghans Claiming US War Crimes ViolationsAlleging War Crimes Violations

Aseman Airlines plane crash kills 66 in central Iran

Student survivors of Florida shooting slam Trump over FBI tweets

Five killed in attack on church in Russia's Dagestan

Iran denies 'hegemon' plans, denounces Saudi and Israel

Internet Monopolies Like Facebook and Google Have Become a Public Menace

Brother of Crooked Cop Says He Knows Who Killed Detective Suiter

Students, Teachers Call for Nationwide School Walkouts

The Latest Schoolhouse Slaughter Shows We Have Been Defeated

Cyril Ramaphosa sworn in as South Africa's president

Lost in translation? GM plant shutdown shocks South Korea

Russians charged with 2016 U.S. election tampering to boost Trump

Kept Out: For people of color, banks are shutting the door to homeownership

Funding and high-quality teachers are the keys to educational excellence

Vietnam’s Lessons and the U.S. Culture of Violence

How child sex abuse victims are scared into silence

Leader of Neo-Nazi Militia Says MAGA Hat-Wearing Florida Shooter Trained with Them

Barry Bennell 'sexually abused' Gary Speed, victims say

Jacob Zuma Steps Down as South Africa’s President

Florida School Shooting: 17 Reported Dead

Elizabeth Warren’s striking, bold speech responding to Trump’s “Pocahontas” taunts

The Department of Labor Buried Evidence Showing It's Set to Steal Billions in Workers' Wages

The Deadly Rule of the Oligarchs

'54 Palestinians die' as Israel refuses medical permits

Corporate Looting: Sub-Saharan Africa Loses $100B A Year

FBI Ignores Violent Neo-Nazi Hate Group, While Surveilling Antifascists and Black Activists

New Study Shows Free School Lunches Boost Earnings

UK judge upholds arrest warrant for Julian Assange

Yes, Deniers, Millions of Americans are Among the Poorest People in the World

Remembering the Extraordinary Life of Pakistani Human Rights Lawyer & Activist Asma Jahangir (VIDEO)

Pakistani human rights lawyer Asma Jahangir dies

Massive Rally in Iran Celebrates 1979 Islamic Revolution

Will Canada's NDP Finally Call for Sanctions on Israel?

Lawrence Wilkerson: We Lied About Iraq; It’s Happening Again with Iran (VIDEO)

Former US Ambassador Confirms the Obama Administration Spent at least $12 Billion On Overthrowing Syrian Government

African victims of racist attacks in Italy

Russian minister: 71 die in plane crash near Moscow

Kim Jong Un invites South Korean president for summit

Two Ohio police officers shot dead responding to 911 call

Mary Lou McDonald takes over as Sinn Fein leader

Israeli jet shot down after bombing Iranian site in Syria

Uber and Lyft, Driving Drivers Into Poverty and Despair

Olympics Begin with Unified Korean Team Marching Together as Trump Continues to Threaten N. Korea (VIDEO)

Black Lives Matter activist Muhiyidin d'Baha dies after being shot in New Orleans

Unregulated Financial Markets Created a Stock Bubble

Democrats Can't Run and Win on the Fact That Trump's an Idiot

Meet the dogs of Chernobyl – the abandoned pets that formed their own canine community

Brazil's biggest newspaper pulls content from Facebook after algorithm change

Trump's Palestine deal is a real estate transaction

Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando were lovers, Pryor's widow confirms

Omarosa Breaks Down in Tears Describing Trump’s White House

Inequality and Despair Driving US Life Expectancy Down

Lyndon B. Johnson: The “Great Society” Civil Rights President

Kansas Teacher Scores Big Win for Israel Boycott, and Free Speech

Northrop Grumman wins $429 million U.S. defense contract: Pentagon

Chicago's Democratic Mayor Pushes Trump's Education Agenda

NYC Taxi Driver Kills Himself at City Hall After Condemning Uber & Politicians for Financial Ruin (VIDEO)

French racism, anxiety and love for postcolonialism

Ram Truck Drives Over MLK's Legacy

Dr. King and The Ram

Backlash in DC after Trump orders major military parade

Israel Pays a Bounty of $5,000 and Arms for Each African Asylum Seeker Expelled

Poland's New Holocaust Denial Law Erases History

Slavery Is Mistaught and Misunderstood in U.S. High Schools

The Reality Oprah Helped Us Create: Disempowering People From Changing an Unjust Society

Amtrak blames freight train firm for deadly South Carolina crash

Israel issues deportation notices to African migrants

Facebook removes alt-right anti-Black Panther film page

Ninety feared dead after shipwreck off Libya coast

Italian man held after driving through city shooting at black people

Ramsey Orta Imprisoned in Solitary Confinement for Filming Eric Garner’s Murder

Ten Million Acres of New National Parks Created in Chile

New patent suggest Amazon to introduce electronic employee leash

Venezuela slams U.S. comments on military ouster of Maduro

South Africa unions demand answers after miners trapped

Girl, 12, arrested in shooting that wounds five at Los Angeles school

Hong Kong bans domestic sale of ivory

Gaza faces 'unprecedented' humanitarian crisis