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Generation Z will free Palestine

This time it is different – the Palestinian struggle for equality and freedom has reached a new and radical stage. In the face of Israel’s most recent assault on their rights and lives in occupied East Jerusalem and Gaza, the Palestinians not only demonstrated unprecedented courage and unity, but also... read more .  

Andrew Yang apologizes for pro-Israel tweet

Andrew Yang issued a statement Wednesday in an attempt to defuse the controversy over a pro-Israel tweet he posted in the wake of escalating violence in the country and the Gaza Strip. The tweet outraged many on the left for failing to express any solidarity with the Palestinian people or to recognize the victims of Israeli air strikes.  Read more .

Filmmaker Raoul Peck Explores Colonialism & Origins of White Supremacy

A new four-part documentary series, “Exterminate All the Brutes,” delves deeply into the legacy of European colonialism from the Americas to Africa. It has been described as an unflinching narrative of genocide and exploitation, beginning with the colonizing of Indigenous land that is now called the United States.  Read more .

How Elite Schools and Museums Amassed Black and Native Human Remains Without Consent

Revelations the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton hold the remains of a child killed by Philadelphia police in the 1985 MOVE bombing are the latest development in a conversation about demanding respectful treatment of African American remains in museum collections, especially those of the enslaved. The Penn Museum also apologized last week for holding more than 1,000 stolen skulls of enslaved... read more .

When Paid Applauders Ruled the Paris Opera House

Imagine you are in the Paris Opera House, circa 1831. Take a look at the crowd. They look like regular opera-goers, just like you, but some of them are not as they appear. See that row of men clapping wildly in the front row, and crying “Encore, encore ?” They’re actually employees of the theater, just like the musicians.  Read more .

Altercation: Paid to Lie

It was a big week for lying on Fox as well as on other Murdoch properties. There were hysterics about the entirely imaginary Biden plan to ban hamburgers, lies about what John Kerry told the Iranians about Israeli attacks on Syria, and front-page screaming headlined stories in the Murdoch-owned New York Post about copies of Kamala Harris’s book allegedly being force fed to... read more .

Cicely Tyson: A Shining Titan of Black Excellence

This week, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences celebrated Cicely Tyson during the Oscars' memorial tribute honoring the careers of film icons who had passed away since the last awards ceremony. It is fitting that Tyson died just two days after her memoir Just as I Am was published in January. Perhaps even more fitting, within days the long-awaited story of her life... read more .