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World War I veteran is first Tulsa Race Massacre victim identified from mass graves

Trump confirms he was shot in ear at Pennsylvania campaign rally

Legendary sex therapist Dr Ruth dead at age 96

Richard Simmons, celebrated fitness instructor, dies aged 76

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson says D'Vontaye Mitchell death was preventable

Over 70 killed in Israeli strikes on al-Mawasi ‘safe zone’ in south Gaza

Idaho Law Criminalizes Librarians Who Allow LGBTQ Books to Stay on Their Shelves

Finland passes law to block asylum seekers crossing from Russia

Israel’s leading paper says its own army deliberately killed Israelis on October 7. But in the U.S. media: silence

Houston swelters in punishing heat as 800,000 without power after Beryl

Women ‘don’t need’ Harrison Butker after controversial speech, says Serena Williams

Hackers stole call and text message records on ‘nearly all’ AT&T customers

California Victory Against Big Oil Shows What's Possible When We Fight

Several children killed after school collapse in Nigeria

European leaders defend Biden NATO summit gaffes, media says he's done

How Clarence Thomas has provided a list of legal targets to ultra-right groups

Biden administration to award nearly $1.1 billion to Stellantis, GM for EV production

Poll: 67% of Americans say Biden should bow out of presidential race

‘More than 186,000 dead’ in Gaza: How credible are the estimates published on The Lancet?

Why are US states, school districts banning smartphones in schools?

Dem Rep. Hillary Scholten calls for Biden to exit presidential race

Ocasio-Cortez seeks US House impeachment of Supreme Court's Thomas, Alito

Biden allies Pelosi, Clooney raise fresh doubts about his reelection chance

Has famine arrived in Gaza? UN experts say it has

UN Experts Say 'Targeted Starvation Campaign' by Israel Has Led to Famine Across Gaza

Dozens killed in Gaza as Israel strikes fourth school in four days

Bernie Gets It Wrong on Biden

Counting the dead in Gaza: difficult but essential

The Palestine-Israel nightmare won’t end until we accept these basic truths

US heatwave tied to four Oregon deaths as temperature records are shattered

France's National Rally to lead new right-wing group at EU parliament

France’s leftist New Popular Front wins a shock victory – but now the hard part begins

French election shock puts Macron in new quandary

The Chicana butch lesbian who defied the LAPD – and won: ‘I couldn’t be someone else’

Sen. Graham thinks Biden will "be replaced" as Democratic nominee

Outrage after Biden administration reinstates ‘barbaric’ Trump-era hunting rules

It’s Time to Get Used to the Idea of President Kamala Harris

How Israel destroyed Gaza's ability to feed itself

Hamilton wins British Grand Prix to end three-year drought

No Amount of Greenwashing Can Make Gas Clean

"He's toast": Biden's ABC interview flops with Hill Democrats

New UK leader Starmer declares Rwanda deportation plan 'dead and buried'

Kansas Supreme Court Affirms Abortion Rights, Strikes Down Restrictions

Five journalists killed as Israel steps up bombardment across Gaza

World leaders congratulate Iran’s Pezeshkian on presidential election win

Four killed and three wounded in shooting at Kentucky party

Vatican excommunicates its former ambassador to US

Racism and xenophobia on the rise as French voters gear up for crucial election

Egypt: major company to invest $21bn in north coast development

Fast-moving wildfire erupts near Yosemite amid blistering heatwave

Pro-Palestine candidates, including Corbyn, secure wins in UK election

New Film Investigates Civilian Killings in Gaza and U.S. Backing of Israeli Assault

'I am running and I'm going to win again,' US President Biden says ahead of high-stakes interview

Parents and Children Are Fighting Back—And Winning for LGBTQ+ Rights

World leaders congratulatef UK's new PM Starmer after stunning election win

Kamala Harris: insiders rally behind VP to replace Biden if he bows out

Portugal plans to reintroduce tax breaks for foreign residents

Israel has approved ‘largest West Bank land grab in 30 years’, watchdog says

The Supreme Court Has Made It Official: US Presidents Are Now Monarchs

Saks owner to buy luxury retailer Neiman Marcus in $2.65-billion deal

Ravaged by civil war, how a national park was restored in Mozambique

Oxfam Condemns Israel for Pushing Gazans Into a 'Death Trap'

French political figure Roland Dumas, who served in François Mitterrand’s government, dies at 101

US Supreme Court delays Trump's hush money sentencing to September

Ralph Nader to New York Judge: Prison Time for Trump 'More Imperative Than Ever'

‘Please send help’: Caribbean reels from Hurricane Beryl devastation

Belgian Princess Condemns Her Family’s Brutal Colonial History in Congo & Calls for Reparations

Delete your dating apps and find romance offline

Phone Hacking, Stolen Info: New Washington Post Publisher’s Ties to Murdoch Papers Raise Alarm

The Congolese Fight for Their Own Wealth

Japan’s lonely deaths epidemic

Gaza is “the world’s largest orphanage above ground and a graveyard for children below”

Haiti gang violence displaced more than 300,000 children this year, UN says

Rudy Giuliani disbarred in New York for lying about 2020 election

SCOTUS Overturns 4 Decades of Federal Regulatory Control, Hands Power to Courts

Bernie Sanders: Right-Wing Supreme Court 'Out of Control' and Must Be Stopped

Campaign Collects 730,000+ Signatures for Ohio Amendment to End Rigged Maps

Angered by Georgia’s ‘foreign agent’ law, young protesters try new tactic

AOC Vows to File Articles of Impeachment After Supreme Court Trump Ruling

Jewish Council of Australia backs anti-Israel war students

Detroit changes rules for police use of facial recognition after wrongful arrest of Black man

Tax hike protests in Kenya killed at least 39 people

Greece introduces ‘growth-oriented’ six-day working week

Sotomayor says immunity ruling makes a president ‘king above the law’

Giant pandas arrive safely from China at the San Diego Zoo

Libya fully reopens major Ras Ijdir border crossing with Tunisia

Far Right in France “On the Doorstep of Power” as National Rally Surges in Snap Election

Le Pen’s far-right party wins first round as Macron’s snap elections gamble backfires

The Supreme Court Just Turned Trump Into the First American King

US supreme court rules Trump has ‘absolute immunity’ for official acts

Video shows US police officer fatally shooting 13-year-old on ground

Thank You, President Biden. Now Do the Right Thing.

Brazil floods show how German migration silenced Black and Indigenous stories

Joe Biden Is Now Democracy's Greatest Liability

Biden comes out swinging in first speech after presidential debate with Trump

Advocates Slam NY Gov for Halting Plan to Reduce Emissions, Fund Mass Transit

Biden pardons veterans convicted under military's ban on gay sex

Marilyn Monroe’s former home saved from demolition, designated as a monument

Belgium police disperse pro-Palestine protest

Record labels sue two AI startups for copyright infringement

Kenya's Ruto says finance bill to be withdrawn after anti-tax protest deaths

Auma Obama, Sister of Pres. Obama, on Kenyan Police Attacks on Youth-Led Tax Protests

AIPAC Spending Helps George Latimer Defeat Jamaal Bowman

'Julian Assange Is Free': WikiLeaks Founder Strikes Plea Deal With US

At least five killed, parliament set ablaze in Kenya tax protests

Civil rights groups file lawsuit over Louisiana Ten Commandments law

Over 20,000 children buried, trapped, detained, lost amid Gaza war

How America’s “Most Powerful Lobby” Is Stifling Efforts to Reform Oil Well Cleanup in State After State

Could therapy horses be the solution to Britain’s prison crisis?

Inflation, recession force Argentines to eat less beef

"Wouldn’t wish it on anyone": MLB icon Reggie Jackson details racism he faced

Waving flags, tens of thousands rally against Israeli govt

Top US State Department official for Israel-Palestine affairs resigns

Study Helps Explain How Wolf Removal Can 'Unravel' Key Ecological Systems

Zionist lobby group labelled 'propaganda' and 'misinformation' source by Wikipedia

Seine remains too polluted to host swimming events at Paris Olympics

‘Groundbreaking’: How children in Hawaii won landmark climate case

Jamaal Bowman, a critic of Israel’s war on Gaza, faces AIPAC-backed rival George Latimer in New York primary

Armenia Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

Study Helps Explain How Wolf Removal Can 'Unravel' Key Ecological Systems

FBI raids home of Oakland’s first-term mayor Sheng Thao

‘Florida loves prison labor’: working for free in the Sunshine state

Burkina Faso Junta Again Suspends TV News Broadcasts

Industry doesn’t need carbon capture when they’ve captured the government

South Korea fires warning shots after North Korean troops cross border

Elected officials in sweltering US states prioritizing fossil fuel cash over people

Rep. Ramirez Slams AIPAC-Led Campaign Against Jamaal Bowman in NY Primary

The exponential growth of solar power will change the world

Research Shows 10,000+ Killed or Harmed in Growing Global Attacks on Education

China and Russia have chilling plans for the Arctic

Tropical Storm Alberto threatens Texas and Mexico with flooding rains

Outgoing Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte wins race to head Nato

Searing heat wave drives record temperatures across eastern U.S.

Zionist lobby group labelled 'propaganda' and 'misinformation' source by Wikipedia

67% of water, sanitation infrastructure destroyed in Gaza since 7 October

Kenya police use tear gas, water cannon as hundreds protest over tax hikes

Iran condemns Canada listing of Revolutionary Guards as terrorist group

After Netanyahu Video, Sanders Says US Should Halt 'All Offensive Military Aid'

Georgia becomes first state to require election law training for police

Juneteenth Was Not Freely Given—It Was Won

'Stronger Than Ever': Amazon Labor Union Cements Alliance With Teamsters

New Zealand to provide another $5M to World Food Program, UNICEF for Gaza

Ohio EV Plant Workers Hail Historic Contract Victory

French actress and 60s icon Anouk Aimee dies at 92

Holocaust Scholar Loses Univ. of Minnesota Job Offer for Saying Israel Is Committing Genocide

Israeli Politician Quotes Hitler to Argue for Resettlement of Gaza

Maryland governor issues pardons for 175,000 cannabis-related convictions