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Jim Crow Redux: Vote Fraud '08

Republican party officials in the State of Michigan have formally adopted a 'vote caging ' strategy targeted to disenfranchise American citizens who's homes have been recently foreclosed. This political strategy is the equivalent of the poll tax, a now defunct Jim Crow law that was banned decades ago. That reason being that Jim Crow laws were unconstitutional in that they were designed to specifically target Black Americans for unlawful arrest, voter disenfranchisement and other forms of harassment. The dynamics of these laws was fully exposed when much national attention was devoted to the 1950's & 1960's civil rights movement, where among other things, Black Americans, with the support of progressive Whites and others, demanded equal access to education (see Brown vs. Board ). Now it's been over 40 years since the removing these draconian laws from the books. However, in the striking down of formal Jim Crow laws, this issue, institutional discriminati

Make Us Believe: Poetry

we dont want to believe that we are ordinary that our country is like germany, russia or china we don't want to believe that hitler now lives in america that in george w. bush, we have an evil dictator occupying our presidential palace but it's true, it's all true we are just like iraq, france, egypt or haiti we are just another place, just another face floating on this globe, swirling round the sun drifting out in space but,we don't want to know that no, we don't want to know that we have a long history of killing our best and brightest that our news programs are programed to make us believe to make us believe to make us believe we cant bear to see that our religion is based on popularity and finance and that celebrity is all we know this is our truth, this is our faith and we have blind faith because we fail to see that we don't know the difference between leadership and foolishness we have blurred the lines, and it reels our minds it swells our hearts it make