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“Courage Is Contagious”: Zooey Zephyr & Justin Jones on the GOP’s Silencing of State Lawmakers

Harry Belafonte Never Stopped Fighting for Justice, and Neither Should We

Five dead in Texas shooting, armed suspect on the loose

‘It’s hell’: vigilantes take to Haiti’s streets in bloody reprisals against gangs

Thousands march against controversial immigration bill in France

Harvard Has Become a Tax Shelter for Billionaires

Man resumes date after leaving to shoot dead ‘scammer’ over $40

An Amazon union just won a $30 an hour contract

Senate investigation into Brett Kavanaugh assault claims contained serious omissions

Abortion ban rejected in South Carolina after GOP women join filibuster

​US Spends More on Military Operations in Somalia Than Nation's Annual Revenue

Cleopatra was light-skinned, Egypt tells Netflix in row over drama

France razes Mayotte slum after attempted migrant expulsion

Fordham Graduate Students Walk Out of Teaching To Demand a Better Contract

Remembering Paul Robeson: ‘I Had No Alternative’

Harry Belafonte on Opposing Iraq War & Calling George W. Bush a “Terrorist”

Disney sues DeSantis over alleged "targeted campaign"

Harry Belafonte, legendary singer, actor and political activist, dies aged 96

Boston has a race and sports problem. But it’s hardly alone among ‘liberal’ cities

Harry Belafonte, singer, actor and tireless activist, dies aged 96

Tiffany, now owned by LVMH, reopens on a Fifth Avenue

Rupert Murdoch fires FOX News mouthpiece Tucker Carson

EPA accused of failing to regulate use of toxic herbicides despite court order

Haiti: at least 12 suspected criminals beaten to death and burned in capital

Elon Musk's "Verified" becomes a Twitter badge of dishonor

Experts Warn Musk's Misleading Celebrity Twitter Blue Checks Are Violation

CNN ousts host Don Lemon, who responds with fiery tweet

Tucker Carlson departs Fox News following network's $787 million settlement

Indigenous communities exposed to toxic leaks from Canada oil industry

Netanyahu Picks Self-Described 'Racist' May Golan as Top Israeli Diplomat in NY

Alabama Gov fires education director over ‘woke’ training book

UK Labour suspends prominent MP over racism letter

Trans woman starring in award-winning documentary fatally shot in Atlanta

Tens of thousands of Israelis rally against judicial reform plan

Ban racist and lethal AI from Europe’s borders

‘Cop City’ activist’s official autopsy reveals more than 50 bullet wounds

Uganda’s president refuses to sign new hardline anti-LGBTQ+ bill

Ban racist and lethal AI from Europe’s borders

Man shoots girl, six, and her parents after ball rolls into his backyard

BuzzFeed shuts down BuzzFeed News

Oklahoma county official resigns after threatening remarks caught on tape

Schumacher family planning legal action over AI ‘interview’ with F1 great

1,500 Book Bans in First Half of School Year: Report

Police block protesters as Macron faces down hostile crowds in rural France

California police department under audit after officers’ racist texts are discovered

SpaceX’s Starship rocket explodes after launch

Two Texas cheerleaders shot in parking lot after almost getting into wrong car

Driver who struck four students, killing one, did so ‘intentionally,’ witnesses say

Iowa teens plead guilty to beating Spanish teacher to death over grade

Florida expands ‘Don’t Say Gay’ education ban to all grades

Fox's historic defamation settlement is just the beginning

When the Fascists Arrive Holding Hands With the Oligarchs

Nearly 120 million people in US exposed to unhealthy levels of soot and smog – report

Severe heatwave engulfs Asia causing deaths and forcing schools to close

White nationalists who carried torches in Charlottesville in 2017 indicted

Dominion, Fox News reach $787m settlement in defamation case

Swedish Radio becomes first big European broadcaster to quit Twitter

Canada's CBC says Twitter 'not serious' after '69% government-funded media' label

Celebration as Last German Nuclear Plants Power Down

New Jerseyans Block Construction of Fracked Gas Compressor

An easy solution to abortion access worldwide

Morgan Freeman says the terms ‘Black History Month’ and ‘African American’ are insults

New York man charged with murder for opening fire on a car of young people

Photographer admits prize-winning Sony World image was AI-generated

Shooting at Alabama birthday party kills 4

Green Groups Blast G7 'Addiction to Fossil Fuels' After Statement From Climate Ministers

Israel’s military night raids into Palestinian homes

Kremlin critic Vladimir Kara-Murza jailed for 25 years for treason

Ethiopia recruits 500,000 women for domestic work in Saudi Arabia

A Path to Peace in Yemen

Man found dead eaten by bed bugs in Atlanta jail, lawyer says

Community college enrollment plunges nearly 40 percent in a decade

Anheuser-Busch CEO offers flat apology following Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney backlash

French court approves Macron’s unpopular plan to raise pension age

US supreme court temporarily blocks ruling limiting abortion pill access

Billionaires profited greatly from Covid

Cash App founder murdered in San Francisco

18,000 cows are dead after dairy farm explosion in Texas

India surpasses China as world’s most populous country

Gov. DeSantis Signs Six-Week Abortion Ban in Florida

Yemen’s Houthis, Saudi Arabia exchange hundreds of war prisoners

Airlines, repair shops in North America rely on used, generic parts

Germany aims to ‘set the record straight’ on China after Macron’s Taiwan comments

Capitol Police officer who sought to protect Jan. 6 rioter sentenced to home incarceration

Major Plastics Fire Triggers Toxic Fears in Indiana

Clarence Thomas Proves Why Supreme Court Needs Binding Code of Ethics and Term Limits

Over 500 Creative Agencies Pledge Not to Work for Fossil Fuel Industry

PBS leaving Twitter after NPR departure

Federal appeals court partially blocks Texas abortion pill ruling

Celebrating Daniel Ellsberg and a Courage Unconfined to the Past

Man with schizophrenia was left naked in jail cell for weeks before death, video shows

Twitter’s ex-CEO sues company after legal turmoil

Tennessee GOP Tried to Stem Tide of Progress—Instead, They Unleashed a Tsunami

India town mourns burning of historic library at Muslim school

NYC sues Republican Jim Jordan over interference in Trump indictment

Harvard to rename school after top Republican donor following $300m gift

Expelled TN Rep. Justin Jones Reinstated After Unanimous Nashville Council Vote

The leak of highly sensitive US documents presents a "very serious" risk to US national security

Israeli army kills Palestinian, settlers march to illegal outpost

At least four people killed, eight injured in Louisville shooting

Majority of LGBTQ+ People in the US Struggle to Afford Basic Necessities

Children Cried, Racism Thrived, Democracy Died – 10 Terrible Days in Tennessee

Will the US-Backed War in Yemen Ever End?

Eight missing after buildings collapse in Marseille, France

Los Angeles school workers approve labor deal after last month’s strike

Two migrants dead, 20 missing in Mediterranean after boat sinks

China sends dozens of warplanes towards Taiwan as US urges restraint amid military drills

Former attorney general says Trump is doing himself no favors by attacking judge

Trump leaves Florida home to face criminal charges in New York

Finland to join Nato on Tuesday as Russia sounds border warning

Majority-Black town fights to stop land being seized for gravel quarry rail link

Parisians vote to ban e-scooter rentals from French capital

Fake bomb threats used to harass China critics

Indicted: Trump Faces Criminal Charges in NY; Three Other Investigations Continue

Ryuichi Sakamoto, Japanese pop pioneer and Oscar-winning composer, dies aged 71

French minister sparks controversy by appearing – clothed – on the cover of Playboy

‘Bees are sentient’: inside the stunning brains of nature’s hardest workers