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Obama Doubles Down on Dirty Energy, Continues to Call Nukes ‘Clean,’ Ignores Clean Air Act

How to waste money and lives: the American prison system

The Sorrows of Haiti

Radioactive rainwater recorded eastern US

“This is Economic Treason”: 500,000 March in London Protesting Public Spending Cuts and Corporate Tax Dodgers

"Stop These Massacres": Ex-Afghan Parliamentarian Malalai Joya Calls for End to U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan

San Diego Dolphin Deaths Linked To Navy Training

Germany's Merkel Suffers Election Blow Over Nuclear Policy

Japan: Level of iodine-131 in seawater off chart

London Marchers Protest Massive Spending Cuts in Britain

BP Oil Disaster: Obama Administration Tightens Lid on Dolphin Death Probe

Press Release: Japan Radioactive Iodine Releases May Exceed Three Mile Island by 100,000 Times

Top Bush-era GITMO and Abu Ghraib psychologist is WH's newest appointment

Bradley Manning Treatment Reveals Continued Government Complicity in Torture

Germany Nuclear Power Protest Draws 200,000

Farmers Sue USDA Over Monsanto Alfalfa - Again

100th Anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

White House Avoids Oval Office Address On Libya For Fear That Someone Might Think There's Some Sort Of 'War' Underway

Bob Herbert is leaving the NY Times

AOL ♥ HuffPo. The loser? Journalism

Buried Provision In House GOP Bill Would Cut Off Food Stamps To Entire Families If One Member Strikes

Radiation: Nothing to See Here?

Elizabeth Taylor Dead: Actress Dies At 79

“The No-Fly Zone Has Always Been a Recipe for Disaster”: Jeremy Scahill Says Libyan Strategy Has No Endgame

Jeremy Scahill: As Mass Uprising Threatens the Saleh Regime, a Look at the Covert U.S. War in Yemen

Why Families Need Health Care Reform Now More Than Ever

Fresh Oil Continues to Wash Ashore in the Bayou

Do the Unemployed Face More Discrimination Than African-Americans?

Democracy and Hypocrisy in Libya

Democracy Now! Exclusive Interview with Jean-Bertrand Aristide: If Haiti’s Military is Restored, “We are Headed Back to Misery”

Aristide Returns: A new dawn in Haiti?

How Bad Could Japan's Nuclear Crisis Get?

First it was Saddam. Then Gaddafi. Now there's a vacancy for the West's favourite crackpot tyrant

Obama's Aggression: Libya and the familiar patterns of war

The "Degrading Treatment" of Bradley Manning

Obama's New War: US Launches 112 Tomahawk Missiles into Libya

Debt, Austerity and How to Fight Back

The Last Iceberg: Nature Sculpts Itself, Then Dies

Japan and the global crisis of nuclear disaster

Daniel Ellsberg on Bradley Manning’s Solitary Confinement: "The Conditions Clearly Violate the Constitution"

Defying U.S., Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide Returns Home

Danny Glover in South Africa: "I’m Here to Accompany My Friend, President Aristide, Back to Haiti"

Radiation from Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant reaches California; experts: no health risk

The war on WikiLeaks: A John Pilger investigation and interview with Julian Assange

John Pilger | Breaking Australia's Silence: WikiLeaks and Freedom

Groupon Is Said to Be Discussing IPO Valuation of as Much as $25 Billion

Japan nuclear disaster troubles few near growing Georgia plant

Is Your Water at Risk from Fracking?

Torturing Bradley Manning

CNN: Tokyo mass exodus in light of nuclear meltdown threat

Exclusive: AT&T To Impose Caps, Overages Notices To Go Out This Week, Capping Begins May 2

Net Neutrality FAIL: AT&T to Limit Internet Access and Charge Overage Fees

The Tsunami of Lies about Nuclear Power

Ohio governor unveils plan to plug $8B budget hole

Don't Sleep Through Assault on Workers

TechCrunch Interview: Senator Al Franken Talks Net Neutrality

WH forces P.J. Crowley to resign for condemning abuse of Manning

Obama Gets Pushed Out of His Comfort Zone -- and Pushes Back

Saito, Japan Town, Completely Vanishes After Tsunami

Japan Facing Biggest Catastrophe Since Dawn of Nuclear Age

Worker Uprising: Up to 185,000 Protest in Madison as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Signs Union-Busting Bill

This Shameful Abuse of Bradley Manning

Undaunted! More Than 100,000 Wisconsinites Rally "To Take Our State Back!"

Health Gut Bacteria: Fecal transplants found to heal a variety of digestive disorders (audio link)

Why is the United States torturing Pvt. Manning?

Pay Teachers More

Will Workers Stand with Obama Again in 2012?

Assault on Collective Bargaining Illegal, Says International Labor Rights Group

Nearly Identical Anti-Labor Bills Appear In Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, Other States

Japan Frantic to Avert Multiple Nuclear Meltdowns

PJ Crowley resigns over Bradley Manning remarks

Forced Out: P.J. Crowley Resigns As State Department Spokesman

Atlantis, Lost City Swamped By Tsunami, May Be Found

In protest, Wisconson firefighters are moving money from bank that supports Gov. Walker

China cracks down on conterfiet good production

Tractors Roll Into Madison, As Wisconsin Readies for the Biggest Protest Yet

How the So-Called Guardians of Free Speech Are Silencing the Messenger

Rachel Maddow: Mainstream media fails on Wisconsin uprising against the abolition of union rights

Gov. Rick Scott Revives Law Originally Intended To Disenfranchise Blacks

Obama's Gulag: State Dept. Spokesman Crowley Slams Pentagon on Treatment of Bradley Manning

Radiation leaks from Japan's quake-hit nuclear plant (Video Link)

Earthquake Aftershock: Japan's nuclear plant explosion raises fears of meltdown

We Women Must Declare a Nonviolent Revolution

In Defense of NPR

Japan Earthquake: Tsunami aftershocks (VIDEO)

8.9 Earthquake Strikes Japan: Tsunami warning issued for entire West Coast

Wis. lawmakers pass bill to curb union rights

The Day After: Death Penalty Opponents, Advocates Weigh in on Repeal

Radioactive Material Found in Tokyo Water

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signs death penalty repeal

From "Morning in America" to the Nightmare on Main Street

Investigation: Interpol and Julian Assange's Red Notice

Noimi Klein @ Democracy Now!

Filapinas Choose Choice

Subway Passes McDonald's To Become The World's Largest Restaurant Chain

Rachel Maddow: Naomi Klein: GOP Strategy for Disaster Capitalism

America's secret plan to arm Libya's rebels

“Women’s Rights are Workers’ Rights:” Kavita Ramdas on History of International Women’s Day and Challenges Women Face 100 Years Later

As Public Broadcasting and Community Media Face Potentially Massive Cuts at Home, Hillary Clinton Calls for Increased Funding for U.S. Propaganda Over

Degrees and Dollars

Under Obama, Better to Commit a War Crime Than Expose One

Reflections On The 100th Anniversary Of International Women's Day

The Republican Attack on Women’s Health Goes Global

The Military Industrialist Complex from Eisenhour to Obama

The Opaque White House: Despite openness pledge, President Obama pursues leakers

Vietnam enters a new age of urban sustainability

Michael Moore: "America is not Broke"

The Bush Obama Oligarcy Cracks: Wisconsin and the End of the New Gilded Age

Two Sides of Libya's Conflict

Julian Assange: At the Forefront of Twenty-First Century Journalism

Pvt Manning: Is Army Aping Mafia?

Matt Damon Calls Out President Obama, Education Policy

Why the Jewish Right Is Terrified by J Street's Conference

Michael Hastings: Army Deploys Psychological Operations on U.S. Senators in Afghanistan

Michael Moore: 'Corporations Have Taken Over Our Country"

Jordan Protesters Hold Strong

The Fight to Keep Hidden the Horrors of Natural Gas

Daniel Ellsberg: "Bradley Manning Is Acting in the Interest of the United States"

Facebook To Share Users' Home Addresses, Phone Numbers With External Sites