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Syria: Putin rubbishes chemical attack claims

King’s dream still just a dream after 50 years

Before suicide, raped Montana teen loved outdoors, poetry

Seamus Heaney, Irish Poet of Soil and Strife, Dies at 74

Firefighting felons: Hundreds of inmates battling the Yosemite blaze

What Awaits Chelsea Manning as the Military's First Openly Trans Woman?

Breast-feeding gets boost with airport lactation station

Selective ‘obscenity’: US checkered record on chemical weapons

NFL Reaches Settlement with Former Players Who Suffer from Brain Injuries

Growing Charter School Chain Suspends Special Needs Kids in Bid to Raise Test Scores

Why I'm on Strike Today: I Can't Support Myself on $7.85 at Burger King

Anthony Monteiro: Obama administration has nothing to do with MLK's legacy

NFL agrees to compensate retired players with concussion-related brain injuries

David Cameron loses Commons vote on Syria action

Fast-food workers continue fight against low wages as thousands take part in nationwide walk-out

Iran foreign ministry appoints first-ever spokeswoman

Air pollution cause of 200,000 premature US deaths

Syrian Lawmakers Warn Britain Over Military Strike

Scot Nakagawa: Civil Rights Are for Everyone

Even if Assad Used Chemical Weapons, The West Has No Mandate to Act as a Global Policeman

How the FBI Secretly Denies Muslim Immigrants Their Citizenship

Victory for Activists, Entergy to Close Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant; Will More Follow?

Greg Palast: MLK's 'Dream' drowned in Hurricane Katrina

As Fukushima Raises Severity Level, Nuclear Expert Warn of "Worse" Radioactive Leaks

In Syria, the Other Target Is Iran

‘Largest hack’ in Chinese history has Beijing stumped

Arab League Rejects Attack Against Syria

Hypocrisy and Legacy of Death as US Claims Moral Authority in Syria

Family Sues Miami Beach in Taser Death by the Police

Should Obama be Welcomed at 50th Anniversary of March on Washington?

Syrian Electronic Army takes down New York Times website

San Francisco Community College Targeted by "Rogue" Accreditation Commission

George Zimmerman to ask for $200,000 from Florida for court costs

Cornel West Says Civil Rights Leaders Have Failed The Movement

‘Violent chaos’: Libya in deep crisis 2 years since rebels took over

World Press Slams UK Threats Over Snowden Docs

California Battling Wildfire the Size of Chicago

200 days of Guantanamo hunger strike

Hysteria around chemical attack suits those who want military intervention in Syria

President Obama should not be welcomed at the 50th Anniversary March on Washington

Exclusive Glenn Greenwald Interview: "I Won't Be Kept Out of My Country for Doing Journalism!"

International Law Required Manning to Be a Whistleblower

Defying Russian Govt & Oil Giants, Greenpeace Enters Arctic Waters

Three Illusory "Investigations" of the NSA Spying Are Unable to Succeed

Press freedom: an open letter to David Cameron from Nordic editors

Bayard Rustin: the gay black pacifist at the heart of the March on Washington

San Francisco's Green Power Plan Still Stalled by Corporate Interests a Decade Later

'Privacy rights don’t exist in US anymore'

Mountain Grown: Appalachia's New Local Food Economy

"Empowering, So Brave": Trans Activists Praise Chelsea Manning, Raise Fears over Prison Conditions

UK government now leaking documents about itself

Calif. Prisoner on 47-Day Hunger Strike Speaks Out

Materials implicating Syrian govt in chemical attack prepared before incident – Russia

New Documents Show Financial Ties Between NSA and Major Internet Companies

Advocate of Government Surveillance Promoted to Review NSA Oversight

Manning heads to notorious Fort Leavenworth prison to serve sentence

Those Not-So-Good Old Days

Nuclear World Threat: As Fukushima Crisis Spirals, Expert Warns 'It's Much Worse' Than Claimed

‘You Failed to Break the Spirit of Bradley Manning’: An Open Letter to President Obama

Amazon Received $600 Million CIA Computer Cloud Contract: Surveillance Shopping?

Bradley Manning: "Sometimes You Have to Pay a Heavy Price to Live in a Free Society"

"He Wanted To Help America": Manning Attorney in First Extended Interview After 35-Year Sentence

Western Despotism in the name of fighting terrorism

How Europe Can Learn From Latin America's Independence

San Francisco files suit to keep Community College (CCSF) open

Edward Snowden leaks reveal UK’s secret Middle-East web surveillance base

'I am Chelsea Manning,' says jailed soldier formerly known as Bradley

Manning refused to plead guilty in exchange for lesser sentence

'Sending a message': what the US and UK are attempting to do

Global Progressive Community Reacts to Manning Sentence

NSA gathered thousands of Americans’ e-mails before court struck down program

Bradley Manning Sentenced 35 Years: An unfair trial – Obama declared Manning's guilt in advance

'Sometimes You Have to Pay a Heavy Price to Live in a Free Society'

Using Massive Surveillance to Suppress Domestic Dissent: When We Become the Hunted

50 Years Later, the Untold History of the March on Washington & MLK’s Most Famous Speech

Lawrence Stroll pays record US$27.5 million for rare Ferrari at U.S. auction

Greenwald partner sues Home Office as UK defends 'Miranda op'

Why Eliot Spitzer Is Wall Street's Worst Nightmare

Citing Privacy Worries, Tech And Legal Site Groklaw Shuts Down

‘There’s our target’: Christopher Lane gunned down by three ‘bored’ teens

Miranda's Lawyers Threaten UK over 'Flagrant Misuse' of Authority

10 Arrested Protesting Chicago Community Center and Library's Demolition

The Guardian: Downing St. involved in 'Snowden materials' destruction order

How Corporate America Used the Great Recession to Turn Good Jobs Into Bad Ones

UK ordered Guardian to destroy hard drives in effort to stop Snowden revelations

How Low Can You Get: The Minimum Wage Scam

How Billionaire "Philanthropy" Is Fueling Inequality and Helping to Destroy the Country

US soldier behind Afghanistan massacre laughs at murder charges

Matt Taibbi: U.S. Student Loan Bubble Saddles a Generation With Debt and Threatens the Economy

UK Media Crackdown: Greenwald’s Partner Detained, Guardian Forced to Destroy Snowden Files

Small debts enough for UK lenders to force borrowers to sell property

Judge gives green light to torture and deny human rights in California's prisons

David Miranda, schedule 7 and the danger that all reporters now face

Radiation levels in Fukushima bay highest since measurements began - reports

San Francisco jail inmates 56% black

White House knew Glenn Greenwald's partner David Miranda would be detained

Obama Administration: 'We Want to Make an Example Out of Bradley Manning'

Obama Administration had advance knowledge of David Miranda's UK detention

WikiLeaks posts 400 gigabytes of encrypted ‘insurance’ data online

UK freedoms, farewell! Detention of Miranda reveals vindictiveness of wounded police state

New Zealand PM walks out of press conference amid spy bill grilling

Amidst Egypt’s Bloodshed, "We Are Trying Keep the Discourse of the Revolution Alive"

Charles Koch: The Scariest Man in America?

Feminist organizations denounce Spitzer due to their close ties to Wall Street

Some 57,000 fewer children will go to Head Start preschool program

Hackers use virus to create fake ‘likes’ and followers on social media sites

Why an Iraqi Single Mom Is Suing George W. Bush for War Crimes

Moral Monday Marches on With Dr. King in Mind

Dozens of California prisoners hospitalized after 40 days of hunger strike

Time magazine senior correspondent says he "can't wait" for government to assassinate Assange

Editor of the Progressive Arrested Covering Solidarity Singers’ Protest of Wisconsin Gov. Walker

Companion to Glenn Greenwald arrested and held by UK police for 9 hours without warrant

SF fire chief bans helmet cameras in wake of crash

Crocodile-Tear Time for America’s Free Press

NSA Revelations of Privacy Breaches 'the Tip of the Iceberg'

NSA to open new $60mln facility in N. Carolina university

Remembering Pioneering NYC Political Strategist Bill Lynch

Germany to become first European state to allow ‘third gender’ birth certificates

In Nebraska, Lakota Women Lead Fight Against the "Liquid Genocide" of Liquor and Beer

'Jaw-Dropping' Record of Violations Reveals Perils of NSA Self-Policing

Day of Rage in Cairo: Anti-Coup Groups Hold Massive Protest Marches to Condemn Deadly Crackdown

Manning Sentencing Defense Plays Up Psychological Stress, Fails To Use Whistleblower Defense

Fannie Mae Hires Banker It Sued for “materially misleading statements”

Did an 8-Year-Old Spy for America? U.S. Drone Killed Yemeni Man After Boy Planted Tracking Chip

Silent Circle encrypted Internet service shutting down after Lavabit

Google: Gmail users ‘have no legitimate expectation of privacy’

Australian Navy locates bombs dumped by US onto Great Barrier Reef

Why Is the Tea Party Teaming up With the Sierra Club?

The Nobel Peace Prize Needs Bradley Manning More Than Manning Needs It

US Government Threatens California City Trying to Save Homeowners From Foreclosure

Detroit Residents on Bankruptcy - We Have No Democracy!

Ripping Off Young America: The College-Loan Scandal

Swiss unveil sex drive-in

Intolerance inverted: Is rodeo clown satire now banned under Obama?

Cops will hand-out Doritos at Washington's first post-legalization Hempfest

French revolutionary rule keeps Paris bakers baking

Hot Century Ahead: Study Finds Onslaught of Heat Waves Now Inevitable

Revealed: Public transit price-rigging scam in Brazil

Massacre in Cairo: Egypt on Brink After Worst Violence Since 2011 Revolution

Facebook lowers personal morale

America’s Upside-Down Morality

'That '70s Show' actress Lisa Robin Kelly dies

In Texas, police add surveillance cameras to officers’ uniform

At Bradley Manning trail full decay of US government exposed

Eric Holder's Reforms to Minimum Drug Sentencing Don't Address Structural Racism

Facing 90 Years, Bradley Manning Expresses Regret for "Unintended Consequences" of Leaking Docs

Obama Administration exaggerated Justice Department's mortgage fraud crackdown before election

Corporate Greed Is Making Us Sick

Revealed: Carcinogens in Lac-Mégantic Waters 400,000 Times Govt Limit