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As Grim Details Emerge, Guatemalan Victims Seek Justice for U.S. Medical Experiments in 1940s

Vermont Radio Station Provides Crucial Details for Flooded Residents amidst Historic Devastation

Barack’s Betrayals Offer Lessons We Can’t Deny

The Election March of the Trolls

Lybia No Model

Katrina Victims Still Seek Justice

Army Ranger Widow Confronts Rumsfeld Over His Lies That Convinced Her Husband to Join the Military

Vermonters Build a Direct Action Anti-Nuke Movement They Hope Will Go National

Ex-Bush Official Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: "I Am Willing To Testify" If Dick Cheney Is Put On Trial

Ten Reasons to Move Cheney’s Book to the Crime Section

President Obama's Job Creation Mirage

"We Are Still Under Siege": Vermont Gov. Shumlin on Catastrophic Flooding & Climate Change

Shored Up: Debate over Development on Barrier Islands Intensifies After Hurricane

Henry Giroux on Democracy Unsettled: From Critical Pedagogy to the War on Youth

No Way to Honor Dr. King

Activists Plan Oct 6th Occupation in DC

“Poverty Is the Problem”: Efforts to Cut Education Funding, Expand Standardized Testing Assailed

Leaked cable: John McCain pushed to arm Qadhafi

Disney Factory Faces Probe into Sweatshop Suicide Claims

New WikiLeaks Cables Show US Diplomats Promote Genetically Engineered Crops Worldwide

Cesium in Incinerator Dust Across East Japan

Dying for a Glass of Clean Water in California’s San Joaquin Valley

Martin Luther King's Vision of Justice

Recession Has Lit the Fuse on Explosive Student Debt

(VIDEO) Shooting and Crying: Israeli Soldiers After Their Service

Global Land Grab

Government's Kill

Army reservist told he's barred from reenlistment after granting interview to

Obama's New Bank Dea Provides Amnesty for the Indefensible

Wave of Illegal, Senseless and Violent Evictions Swells in Port au Prince

"Terrorists for the FBI:" How the FBI Uses Informants to Surveil and Entrap Americans

With CIA Help, New York Police Secretly Monitored Mosques, Muslim Communities Post-9/11

Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal

States' foreclosure talks with big mortgage servicers stall

Firms Dash for Profit in Post-War Libya Carve-Up

The One Billion Dollar Question: Who Are the Libyan Rebels?

China's love affair with the car shuns green vehicles

Dark Horizon for Verizon

How an Ecocide Law Could Prevent Another Nigerian Oil Disaster

Pioneering Internet Archivists Brewster Kahle and Rick Prelinger on Preservation in the Digital Age

As Fighting Continues in Tripoli, A Look at Role of the U.S., NATO and Oil Firms in Libya Uprising

Earthquake in Virginia rattles Baltimore and the East Coast

East Coast earthquake causes shutdown of Virginia nuclear plant

What the east coast earthquake means for US nuclear plants

5.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes East Coast

Covering Up Wall Street Crimes: Matt Taibbi Exposes How SEC Shredded Thousands of InvestigationsCovering Up Wall Street Crimes: Matt Taibbi Exposes How SEC Shredded Thousands of InvestigationsCovering Up Wall Street Crimes: Matt Taibbi Exposes How SEC Shredded Thousands of Investigations

One Year Ago: WikiLeaks, the 'Afghan War Logs'—and the Debate That Did Not Follow

Strongman Obama: Attorney General of N.Y. Is Said to Face Pressure on Bank Foreclosure Deal

Over 160 Arrested in Ongoing Civil Disobedience Against Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline

As Fighting Continues in Tripoli, A Look at Role of the U.S., NATO and Oil Firms in Libya Uprising

Judge Orders Dismissal of Charges Against Strauss-Kahn

Japan's Fukushima Nuclear No-Go Areas to Last 'Decades'

Katrina Pain Index 2011: Race, Gender, Poverty

Austerity Politics Descends on US States

Going Backwards: FCC Kills Off Fairness Doctrine

Book Review: "The Mouse That Roared": How Disney Instills Greed and Consumerism - Starting at Three Months

The New Green Revolution: How Twenty-First-Century Science Can Feed the World

West Memphis Three Freed from Jail 18 Years After Being Convicted amid "Wave of Satanic Hysteria"

Bill McKibben Jailed After White House Tar Sands Pipeline Protest

Protesters' Social Media Use Has Govts Plotting Stifling Powers

Colorado's Medical Pot Business Is For-Profit, Regulated - and Thriving

Damn It or Fear It, the Forbidden Truth Is There's an Insurrection in Britain

The Pain in Spain

The Get Lost Generation

US Park Police Seek to Intimidate Oil Pipeline Protesters

In Argentina: One Poor Woman Who Feeds Thousands

Verizon Workers Plan to End Strike, Agreeing to Revive Talks Toward a Contract

One in Four California Families Can't Afford Food for Their Kids

Major Backlash at Right-Wing Ohio Governor Has Him Scrambling for "Compromise" With Progressives

How Washington Could Create Jobs Right Now

Censorship's Deadly Crossroads: Cell phones, mental health and homelessness in San Francisco

Juan Gonzalez: Verizon Workers’ Strike "Most Important Labor Battle Going on Today"

Goldman Sachs VP Changed Name, Now a Top Congressional Staffer

Want Jobs? Rebuild the Dream

More Evidence of Water Torture "Depravity" in Rumsfeld's Military

BART and the New Era of Censorship

Europe's Quiet Revolution

Picking the bones of the US public economy

Obama to Press for New Jobs Package - and Even Deeper Budget Cuts

Juan Gonzalez: Verizon Workers’ Strike "Most Important Labor Battle Going on Today"

San Francisco Bay Area’s BART Pulls a Mubarak

Did Tenet Hide Key Info on 9/11?

Beyond the "Official History" of the Bin Laden raid

How Austerity Is Ushering in a Global Recession

The Explosive Truth Behind Fukushima's Meltdown

Human Rights Watch: Abuses by All Sides Fueling Crisis in Somalia

Ex-Evangelical Denounces Michele Bachmann & Calls Christian Reconstructionist Politics "Anti-American"

Texas Ranks Dead Last in Total Job Creation, Accounting for Labor Force Growth

Bay Area Rapid Transit Accused of Censorship for Blocking Wireless Services to Foil Protests

Disguised Member of Hacktivist Group "Anonymous" Defends Retaliatory Action Against BART

Israel creates apartheid on steriods

FDR went to Wisconsin - Obama's in hiding

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

Warren Buffett’s Call: A Tax Policy for the Common Good

What Almost $8 Trillion in National Security Spending Bought You

Egypt Deploys Soldiers to North Sinai

Canada's Hawkish Foreign Policy at Odds with Popular Priorities

Japan's NGOs, Academics Call for Abolition of Nuclear Plants

Nouriel Roubini: Karl Marx was right

Are You Angry Enough to End a War?

Nuclear radition in Japan taints food supply

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Warren Buffett Asks a Billionaire-Friendly Congress to Stop Coddling the Rich, and More

Investigation Finds U.S. Drones Strike Pakistan Every Four Days, Killing 775 Civilians Since 2004

Warren Buffett: Tax Me and My Mega-Rich Friends

Illegal Foreclosure Epidemic

Oprah and the philanthropy that chokes

President Obama Joins the Cult of Economics Deniers

J14 Protests: Oblivious to Palestinian Bid for Statehood

The richest 1% of US Americans earn nearly a quarter of the country's income and control an astonishing 40% of its wealth

Obama broke law not prosecuting Bush & Cheney

Downsizing Sprawlopolis: Flabby City, Fit City

The Fed’s Bombshell: Our Economy’s Dead Until Congress Creates Jobs

If US is Serious About Debt, There's a Single-Payer Solution

Famine Devastates Somalia in the Shadow of US Domination

US, Gabon: The Only Countries Still Conducting Research on Chimpanzees

From Jesus’ socialism to capitalistic Christianity

Special Ops: The New Face of War

Media is Growing More White. What’s the FCC Doing About It?

Can We Have Healthcare For All?: Yes, it's called Medicare

Palestinians to Seek UN Statehood Vote Next Month: Foreign Minister

New Film 'The Help' Whitewashes the Civil Rights Struggle into a Heartstring-tugging Hallmark Card

Ghana schoolboy launches his own Somalia famine fundraiser

BART cuts riders' cell phone service citing public safety

ColorLines Magazine Brings Something Positive to Social Justice Journalism

Outrage Erupts After Energy Committee Evaluating Dangerous Gas Drilling Practice Is Stacked With 'Experts' on Industry Payroll

It's Time for Hardball, Says Progressive Congresswoman Donna Edwards

Could Unspent Stimulus Money Be Used to Fend Off a New Recession?

The Fight for Equality in Israel's J14 Movement

Was S&P Downgrade a Preemptive Strike Against Prosecution?

Target comes under fire around the world

Democrats consider primary challenge to Obama in 2012

Economic Crisis or Nonviolent Opportunity? Gandhi’s Answer to Financial Collapse

Haiti: WikiLeaks Cables Expose How U.S. Blocked Aristide’s Return After 2004 Coup

U.S. Navy Vet Sues Donald Rumsfeld for Torture in Iraq, Court Allows Case to Move Forward

The Partisanship Canard

United Snakes of America: Obama, the Republicans and the Media

Why Did Obama Choose Oil Money Over Struggling Polar Bears Facing Extinction?

Police and Thieves: Making Sense of the English Riots

Equal and Opposite Lunacy

"NATO Must Probe Allegations it Killed Libyan Civilians"

US Relies on Contractors in Somalia Conflict

Verizon Workers Strike over "Full-Scale Attack" on Wages, Benefits at Telecom Giant

Over 1,000 Arrested in U.K. as Anger over Inequality, Racism Boils Over into "Insurrection"

Large Corporations Are Getting Tax Cuts to Send Jobs Overseas and Pocket Bigger Profits: It's That Simple

CNN poll: Majority want taxes on the rich, no major changes to social insurance programs

Obama's legal duty to create jobs now

EXCLUSIVE: New Documents Claim Intelligence on Bin Laden, al-Qaeda Targets Withheld From Congress' 9/11 Probe

Former Counterterrorism Czar Accuses Tenet, Other CIA Officials of Cover-Up

Tavis Smiley: Obama Is First President In My Career Not To Invite Me To The White House