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Azmat Khan on How U.S. Hid Thousands of Civilian Deaths in Middle East Air War

U.S. air power has been central in the country’s wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, with officials promising that drones and other sophisticated weapons allow the U.S. military to carry out precision airstrikes that spare civilians caught in war zones. But a groundbreaking investigation by The New York Times reveals the U.S. military’s air wars have been plagued by bad intelligence, imprecise targeting and a lack of accountability for thousands of civilian deaths, many of them children. The two-part series by reporter Azmat Khan is based on a trove of... read more .

The Ivy League’s Legitimacy Crisis

As a year of labor militancy comes to a close, the largest active strike in the United States is taking place in New York City, not on the factory floor, but outside the university. Nearly 3,000 graduate workers at Columbia University have been on the picket lines since... read more .

“An Outrage”: House Passes Largest Military Budget in Generations

President Biden may soon approve the largest military spending bill since World War II, which ramps up spending to counter China and Russia. Separately, the Senate voted down a bipartisan bid by Senators Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul and Mike Lee to halt $650 million in U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia amid the devastating... read more .

The 'agricultural mafia' taking over Brazil's Amazon rainforest

Encouraged by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and local authorities who want to see the development of agribusiness, an "agricultural mafia" is taking over the Amazon rainforest. In the Brazilian state of Rondonia, organised groups set up camps for small farmers – sometimes the size of a city – within national forest parks that are supposed to be protected by law, or on land... read more .

Barbados Breaks From Colonial Rule as Calls Grow For Reparations

Barbados has become the world’s newest republic breaking ties with Queen Elizabeth 55 years after it became an independent nation, saying it was time for Barbados to break from its colonial past. The move comes as calls grow for the United Kingdom to pay reparations for enacting a regime of slavery in Barbados. While it was an occasion for celebration, it was also “55 years overdue” and should have happened... read more .