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Cellphones Cause Brain Tumors

A new blockbuster report, which provides definitive confirmation for the cellphone = brain tumor connection has just been released. The report is entitled ""Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone,. Research for the document, which was both written and endorsed by an international collective of renown doctors and scientist, began in 1999, but it's full publication has been held up for years. The lead author of the paper, Lloyd Morgan, a member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, is quoted by Medical News Today as saying "Exposure to cellphone radiation is the largest human health experiment ever undertaken, without informed consent, and has some 4 billion participants enrolled. Science has shown increased risk of brain tumors from use of cellphones, as well as increased risk of eye cancer , salivary gland tumors, testicular cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and leukemia . The public must be informed.&q

Rightly so...Klein has disowned "Shock" film

Naomi Klein, author of “The Shock Doctrine” has asked that her named be removed from the credits of the new film, who's title bears the same name. Klein's disowning of the film, directed by Michale Winterbottom, is reported to have come as a result of her dissatisfaction with the directors' use of narration, instead of keeping the integrity of the book's storytelling style in tact, which would have resulted in basing the film on first-hand interviews, as opposed to an anonymous narration. From The Guardian UK: Naomi Klein has disowned Michael Winterbottom’s forthcoming screen adaptation of her bestselling book, The Shock Doctrine, by asking to be removed from the credits of the documentary after serious differences arose between her and the British director. The Canadian journalist, activist and author of No Logo had originally been slated to narrate the film and act as a consultant. But it is thought Klein became unhappy with Winterbottom’s take on her critique o

Katrina's Hidden Race War: Four Years Later

A Paradise Built in Hell: Rebecca Solnit on “The Extraordinary Communities that Arise in Disaster” Democracy Now - We speak with author, historian and activist Rebecca Solnit about her latest book that examines Hurricane Katrina and other disasters. A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities that Arise in Disaster chronicles both the crimes of the vigilantes and the powerful during Katrina, as well as the numerous instances of altruism, generosity and courage displayed by the vast majority of people who lived through this catastrophe. *** The Nation - A segment on Anderson Cooper 360 investigates the white vigilante justice that tore through New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. "Katrina's Hidden Race War" , a cover story featured in The Nation , supported by the Investigative Fund at the The Nation Institute, and reported by A.C. Thompson (now a staff reporter at ProPublica), was the first to reveal how white residents of New Orleans shot at African

Bill Moyers says Obama Must Fight, Not Finesse

Common Dreams - PBS's Bill Moyers issued a tough critique of the Democratic Party on Friday night on HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher." Moyers, whose comments focused on the recent health care debate, said that "too many Democrats have had their spines surgically removed." Moyers, a White House press secretary during the Johnson administration who went on to win over 30 Emmys and countless other awards during his subsequent journalism career, has been a frequent critic of the Republican Party over the years, making his critique of the Democratic Party on "Real Time" more exceptional. Read more .

Katrina: How Bush turned a natural disaster into a for-profit massacre

While the Bush response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is most often cited as "inept", such a description inevitably sanctions Bush as patently stupid, though nonetheless innocent. But is that an honest assessment of what happened? Was Bush's action, or inaction rather, a manifestation of weak-thinking? Or, does the truth of how his administration's handling of the affairs in the Gulf Coast, post-Katrina, speak more to a business model that Naomi Klien has aptly entitled " The Shock Doctrine "? Disaster capitalism, as Klein writes in her book, is a form of money-making that relies on the exploitation of suffering and fear, so as to leverage power and ram through unpopular, extremists government policies in a time of unmitigated crisis; crisis which, in large part propagated by those in power who should have been instilling calm and peace, instead of ramping-up the death toll by way of criminal negligence. As we approach yet another anniversary of on

After 54 years of conservattive rule, Japan veers left

From: The Huffington Post TOKYO — Japan's ruling party conceded a crushing defeat Sunday after 54 years of nearly unbroken rule as voters were poised to hand the opposition a landslide victory in nationwide elections, driven by economic anxiety and a powerful desire for change. The left-of-center Democratic Party of Japan was set to win 300 or more of the 480 seats in the lower house of parliament, ousting the Liberal Democrats, who have governed Japan for all but 11 months since 1955, according to exit polls by all major Japanese TV networks. "These results are very severe," Prime Minister Taro Aso said in a news conference at party headquarters, conceding his party was headed for a big loss. "There has been a deep dissatisfaction with our party." Read more . ***Note*** In Japan Liberal Democrat = Moderate Republican (US)

Reading Rainbow...farewell, my old friend!

After 26 wonderful years, it seems more likely than not that PBS's legendary children's show, Reading Rainbow, has come to a close. Read more .

Kennedy - Jackson - King

Max Eternity - On this day, in an unforseen aligning of the stars, the world memorializes, commemorates and celebrates the life and legacies of three larger-than-life men; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , commemorating the 46th anniversary of his epic "I Have a Dream" speech, Senator Ted Kennedy , eulogized and memorialized as a political titan of social equanamity and His Highness Michael Jackson , The King of Pop, for whom today marks the 51st anniversary of his birth.

AD Mag Update: Dee Hood

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Lunchtime Lessons from New Orleans

The American Prospect - President Obama's daughters get healthy school lunches. Why don't I? So asked a pigtailed black girl plastered on buses and billboards around Washington, D.C. The White House blasted the political ad, which promoted healthy food options in public schools, as exploitative -- but the little girl's complaint should resonate with an administration that has prioritized healthy eating and food security, from both the East and West Wing of the White House. In 2006, a group of New Orleans elementary school children, freshly returned from displacement after Hurricane Katrina, took up a similar refrain about public school cafeterias as part of a citywide leadership-development program known as Rethink. Their version: "We hate sporks!" Initially used throughout the New Orleans Parish school district as a cost-saving measure, the plastic spoon-fork combination was all that remained after Katrina swallowed dishwashing equipment at school cafeterias --

Predatory lending and the destruction of the black middle class @ Democracy Now!

- click here to watch - - click here to watch -

Obama's Forever War

Truthdig - The Nation magazine’s Robert Dreyfuss has just published a fascinating account of Washington establishment opinion about the war in Afghanistan. The four speakers at a Brookings Institution discussion were Bruce Riedel, adviser to the president (and believer in the catastrophic international consequences of a loss of the war in Afghanistan); Michael O’Hanlon, an adviser to Gen. David Petraeus; Tony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies; and Kim Kagan, head of the Institute for the Study of War. The unanimous gloom expressed by these four speakers, and the apparent absence of any sunlight shining from the attending (and largely professional-political) audience, seems clear confirmation that Barack Obama and his chosen advisers have wasted no time in placing themselves and the country—in a mere five months—into the same desperate situation that it took the combined Johnson and Nixon administrations 15 years to arrive at in the case of Vietnam. Re

Redacted by Paul Bagley

Sheehan Returns to Rebuke Obama

Truthout - "The reason I am here is because ... even though the facade has changed in Washington DC, the policies are still the same," Sheehan told a handful of journalists, against a backdrop of her "Camp Casey" banner. She told US peace activists to wake up and protest Obama's escalation of the war in Afghanistan, and complained that despite the president's anti-war stance, US troops remained in Iraq. "We have to realize, it is not the president who is power, it is not the party that is in power it is the system that stays the same, no matter who is in charge." Read more .

Closing in on the torturers

by Ray McGovern Common Dreams - Do you think the wardens will let George Tenet wear his Presidential Medal of Freedom over the orange coverall? Perhaps he and Donald Rumsfeld will end up doing time together in one of the prisons also slated to host what Rumsfeld called "the worst of the worst" from Guantanamo. That would be poetic justice of a most ironic kind. And if the two former leaders do end up in prison they can count themselves fortunate for having dodged execution for their roles in a slew of capital offenses. Read more .

12-year old sent to US concentration camp (Guantanamo)

Times Online - One of the youngest and most controversial prisoners in Guantánamo, Mr Jawad is now finally a free man after being flown back to Kabul on Monday and reunited with his family and friends. But after seven years in custody - six of them in Guantánamo - he faces a long struggle to pick up the pieces of his lost childhood and teenage years, and to build a future for himself in a country still at war. "This is one of the happiest moments in my life - to be back in Afghanistan after all this time," he told The Times. "I hadn't done anything - they took me for nothing. All I could do was hope that one day I'd be free and back home in Afghanistan with my mother." Read more .

Ted Kennedy: The Fighting Liberal

The Nation - Senator Edward Kennedy, who died on August 25 after a battle with brain cancer, was one of the giants of American political life. For five decades, virtually every major piece of legislation to advance civil rights, healthcare and the economic well-being of Americans bore his name and resulted from his tenacious, passionate and effective efforts. His commitment to public service was driven by an exuberant engagement with politics, a deep sense of compassion and a belief that every American is entitled to dignity as well as equal justice under the law. Read more .

In Subway, LA Police Electrocute Man To Death With Taser

CBS News - The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says a man has died after a deputy shocked him three times with an electric stun gun at a San Fernando Valley subway station. Read more .

Ned Lamont Exposes Joe Liberman's Bias on Healthcare

The Huffington Pos t -Nine months after the Democratic leadership voted to allow Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) to retain his chairmanship of a key committee and continue caucusing with the party, the Connecticut Independent continues to rankle progressives. Democrats who expected the Senator to tussle with President Barack Obama on foreign policy matters have watched with a mix of irritation and horror as the two have butted heads on the year's key domestic item instead. "He is playing right into the Republican talking points" on health care, said Ned Lamont, the Connecticut Democrat who defeated Lieberman in the 2006 Democratic Senate primary, but lost to him in the general election after Lieberman ran as an independent. "I don't think Republicans have any interest in a good bill or a bad bill. I just don't think they want Obama to move the agenda forward on health care. And it just so happens that yet again Senator Lieberman is playing into all the

Legendary writer Domininick Dunne, dies at 83

New York Times - Dominick Dunne , the author and journalist who covered the trials of celebrity defendants like Claus von Bülow, O. J. Simpson and William Kennedy Smith , and wrote frequently on the intersection of high crimes and high society, has died. He was 83. His son Griffin Dunne told the Web site of Vanity Fair , where Mr. Dunne was a special correspondent, that he died of bladder cancer at his home in Manhattan. Read more . *** Dominick Dunne's Dangerous Game *** Is He Part of the In-Crowd or Simply Its Chronicler? He's Both, Friends Say, and That Can Get a Bit Dicey June 1, 1988 By MARY ROURKE, Times Staff Writer LA Times - Dominick Dunne's eight-day visit started with dinner at the Regency Club. His pal Paige Rense, who edits Architectural Digest, invited him and a few others--all as rich or as famous as the people Dunne writes about. Another night it was Mortons, watering hole for the stars. By the time he got to the big one, the cocktail party at Chasens to

Study Finds Radiation Risk for Patients

New York Times - At least four million Americans under age 65 are exposed to high doses of radiation each year from medical imaging tests, according to a new study in The New England Journal of Medicine. About 400,000 of those patients receive very high doses, more than the maximum annual exposure allowed for nuclear power plant employees or anyone else who works with radioactive material. Read more .

Erase the Black Face: Microsoft "Sanitizes" its Euro Ad

It seems the anti-Black bias disseminated in the corporate [communications] sphere is virtually never-ending. Take this article featured today @ The Huffington Post bearing the title "Microsoft's Ad In Poland Photoshops Black Man, But Keeps Asian Man, White Woman." Microsoft's U.S. version of the ad: Microsoft's Polish version of the ad: We talk about racism, but it's more complex than that. Yet it's an anti-Black bias, the most pervasive form of Xenophobia, which colors public discourse more than any other ism . It's a cruel, cruel reality. Read the full HuffPost article here.

The Life and Legacy of Ted Kennedy @ Democracy Now!

Edward Kennedy (1932-2009): Veteran Senator Championed Civil Rights, Healthcare, Working Poor in 46-Year Career *** Democracy Now! - Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts died last night in his home in Hyannis Port after a bout with brain cancer. He was seventy-seven years old. Kennedy served in the Senate for forty-six years and was known by some as the “liberal lion” for his steadfast advocacy of progressive causes. In recent years, Kennedy endorsed President Obama’s bid for the White House in what was seen as a key turning point in the presidential campaign. Click here to watch video @ Democracy Now!

Allison Kilkenney: Remembering Ted Kennedy

"Healthcare reform is the cause of my life" Allison Kilkenney -Ted Kennedy knew the importance of healthcare reform. While I frequently doubted some of his means (closed-door negotiations, invitations to insurance companies to be part of the “solution,” etc.,) I never doubted that he did want some kind of reform that would eventually lead to every American receiving affordable healthcare. In 1973, when Kennedy was first fighting in the Senate for universal coverage, he learned that his 12-year-old son,Teddy, had bone cancer. His son (along with some other children) underwent experimental treatment at Children's Hospital Boston. When the trial was deemed a success and terminated, only families with insurance coverage could continue to receive the treatments. Kennedy described witnessing uninsured families beg the doctors for mercy. Read more . Another excellent eulogy of Kennedy can found here at the Common Dreams website.

Remembering Ted Kennedy: 1932 - 2009

Newsday - Edward M. Kennedy, the iconic “liberal lion” of the U.S. Senate and reigning patriarch of a legendary family political dynasty, whose advocacy of social issues left an indelible stamp on a half-century of American politics, died of brain cancer Tuesday night at his Cape Cod, Mass., home. He was 77. Read more . The Kennedy Brothers (from left) John, Robert, Ted *** "For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die" ***

Obese People Have 'Severe Brain Degeneration'

Live Science - A new study finds obese people have 8 percent less brain tissue than normal-weight individuals. Their brains look 16 years older than the brains of lean individuals, researchers said today. Those classified as overweight have 4 percent less brain tissue and their brains appear to have aged prematurely by 8 years. The results, based on brain scans of 94 people in their 70s, represent "severe brain degeneration ," said Paul Thompson, senior author of the study and a UCLA professor of neurology. "The brains of obese people looked 16 years older than the brains of those who were lean, and in overweight people looked 8 years older," Thompson said. Read more.

A green--economic solution to all of life's ills...the 3-day weekend

"Closing state offices on Fridays has cut energy use by 13 percent in Utah" Ben Jervey @ Good - Workers of the world, unite in giving Utah a round of applause. The Beehive State has made Thursday the new Friday, and by proving the benefits of this condensed calendar, Utah has brought us all closer to the dream of a shortened workweek. A year ago, Republican Governor Jon Hunstman announced the Working 4 Utah initiative, essentially putting 17,000 of the state’s 24,000 executive branch employees on a 10 hour a day, four day a week schedule. The goal for the cash-strapped state was energy savings. Now that a full year has passed (we checked in on the program back in April), a clearer picture of the benefits is coming into focus. Learning from the lessons of Utah, here are five reasons the “TGIT” (Thank Goodness It’s Thursday) four-day, 40-hour workweek just might make sense: Read more .

We Need To Know What Was Done In Our Name

Truthdig - President Obama has made clear that “he thinks that we should be looking forward, not backward,” as spokesman Bill Burton said Monday. Obama has taken admirable steps toward assuring the nation and the world that the worst abuses—waterboarding, indefinite detention, Abu Ghraib—will not happen again. I’m under no illusion that George W. Bush or Dick Cheney is actually going to be prosecuted by the Justice Department. But I want to know—and I believe the nation needs to know—the full, unvarnished truth of what they and others did in our name. It’s probable that painful scrutiny and lasting disgrace will be the only sanctions that Bush and Cheney ever face. But history demands at least that much. Read more .

This Isn't Reform, It's Robbery

Chris Hedges for Truthdig - Capitalists, as my friend Father Michael Doyle says, should never be allowed near a health care system. They hold sick children hostage as they force parents to bankrupt themselves in the desperate scramble to pay for medical care. The sick do not have a choice. Medical care is not a consumable good. Read more .

Will Holder's Gitmo inquiry turn out to be White House whitewash, covering Bush's crimes?

Today, after the announcement by President Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder that a special prosecutor had been appointed to investigate crimes committed at Guantanamo Bay's Camp X-Ray, U.S. House Judiciary chair John Conyers (D-MI), and subcommittee chair Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) released a joint statement applauding the appointment while also calling for a 'broad mandate' to prosecute not just 'frontline personal'. The statements appear to indicate that Conyers and Nadler are encouraging Holder to seek prosecutions not just against low-lying personnel, but also against the 'policymakers and lawyers' who created the "conditions where such absues were all but inevitable to occur." Nadler also said that "Seeking out only the low-level actors in a conspiracy to torture detainees will bring neither justice nor restored standing to our nation." Nonetheless it has been revealed by that 9 Republican lawmakers signed a letter

Study Shows Massive Rise In ADHD Drug Abuse Among Teens

The Huffington Post - Kids taking ADHD drugs to get high or increase alertness may not realize that misuse of the drugs can cause serious, sometimes life-threatening symptoms, including agitation, rapid heartbeat, extremely high blood pressure. "They say, 'It's FDA approved, how dangerous could it be?'" said Steve Pasierb, head of The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, based in New York. Read more .

Representative Waters throws down the gauntlet on healthcare

LA Times - U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles) said she would refuse to vote for a healthcare reform package that did not include a provision for creating a government-run medical insurance plan that would compete with private insurers -- a statement that drew loud cheers Saturday at a town hall meeting at Los Angeles Southwest College. The statement appeared to illustrate hardening lines in the battle over healthcare reform in Congress. Waters voiced dismay with comments made by White House officials last week that have been widely perceived as backing down from the so-called public option. "President Obama has been trying to reach across the aisle" to win a compromise with Republicans, Waters said. "It is not going to happen." Then Waters made a public appeal to Obama. "The people of this country elected you and gave you a Democratic majority in the House and the Senate. . . . Yes, we know that you are a nice man, that you want to work with the opposite s

Ridge's Revelations Vindicate "Unserious" Terror Alert Skeptics

Jason Linkins @ The Huffington Post - Yesterday's revelation from former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge that he was pressured to raise the terror alert level to assist President George W. Bush win re-election in 2004 was widely greeted by Bush critics as the confirmation of longstanding suspicions. And everyone who contended that the silly Terror Color Chart could have not possibly served any other purpose than a political one should take a victory lap, right? Atlantic's Marc Ambinder didn't seem to think so (at least not at first), telling his readers: Journalists, including myself, were very skeptical when anti-Bush liberals insisted that what Ridge now says is true, was true. We were wrong. Read more .

Progressives want more from Obama

Bob Herbert @ The NY Times - It’s still early, but people are starting to lose faith in the president. I hear almost daily from men and women who voted enthusiastically for Mr. Obama but are feeling disappointed. They feel that the banks made out like bandits in the bailouts, and that the health care initiative could become a boondoggle. Their biggest worry is that Mr. Obama is soft, that he is unwilling or incapable of fighting hard enough to counter the forces responsible for the sorry state the country is in. More and more the president is being seen by his own supporters as someone who would like to please everybody, who is naïve about the prospects for bipartisanship, who believes that his strongest supporters will stay with him because they have nowhere else to go, and who will retreat whenever the Republicans and the corporate crowd come after him. Read more .

Universal Healthcare and the Anti-Black Bias

The De-Facto Segregation of Health Care Adam Serwer | August 21, 2009 Opponents of health care reform haven't shied away from invoking race. Why are advocates afraid to point out that people of color suffer the worst inequities of the current system? The American Prospect - Last week, over 8,000 people lined up to be treated by medical volunteers at the Forum stadium in Inglewood, California. It was a rare moment of visibility for the hidden faces of the health-care debate -- the 46 million Americans without health insurance, who have largely been obscured by the rage and fear expressed at town hall meetings and rallies. The majority are nonwhite and live in segregated neighborhoods without access to quality health care. It was the first time the organization, Remote Area Medical, had arranged this kind of an event in an urban area, the teeming crowds a reminder of the ongoing health-care crisis plaguing people of color. "This need has existed in this country for decades and

NY Congressman Says Obama Violating Law By Not Investigating Bush

The Huffington Post - New York Congressman Jerry Nadler, a senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, told the Huffington Post that he believed that President Obama would be breaking the law if he decided to oppose launching investigation into the authorization of torture. "If they follow the law they have no choice," Nadler said in an interview this past weekend. The logic, for Nadler, is straightforward. As a signatory of the convention against torture, and as a result of the anti-torture act of 1996, the United States government is obligated to investigate accusations of torture when they occur in its jurisdiction. Read more .

Sanitized Oppression: Has the cellblock has replaced the auction block?

Chris Hedges on Healthcare, War and Racism. Click here to listen.

Has Obama lost the trust of progressives?

Glenn Greenwald @ Salon - Paul Krugman has an excellent column today arguing that progressives have backlashed so intensely over the prospect of Obama's dropping the public option because -- for reasons extending far beyond specific health care issues -- they no longer trust the President. Citing Obama's steadfast continuation of Bush/Cheney Terrorism policies, the administration's extreme coziness with crisis-causing banks, and the endless retreats on health care, Krugman says that "a backlash in the progressive base . . . has been building for months" and that "progressives are now in revolt. Mr. Obama took their trust for granted, and in the process lost it ." Krugman contends that while "the fight over the public option involves real policy substance," it is at least as much "a proxy for broader questions about the president’s priorities and overall approach." That's the argument I made the other day about why the health

Fading Credibility: Obama's Healthcare Impass Takes Its Toll

Paul Krugman @ The New York Times - According to news reports, the Obama administration — which seemed, over the weekend, to be backing away from the “public option” for health insurance — is shocked and surprised at the furious reaction from progressives. Well, I’m shocked and surprised at their shock and surprise. A backlash in the progressive base — which pushed President Obama over the top in the Democratic primary and played a major role in his general election victory — has been building for months. The fight over the public option involves real policy substance, but it’s also a proxy for broader questions about the president’s priorities and overall approach. Read more .

Tom Ridge: I Was Pressured To Raise Terror Alert To Help Bush Win in 2004

The Huffington Post - In a new book, former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge reveals new details on politicization under President Bush, reports US News & World Report's Paul Bedard . Among other things, Ridge admits that he was pressured to raise the terror alert to help Bush win re-election in 2004. Read more . *** John Nichols @ The Nation - Ridge's upcoming book, The Test of Our Times: America Under Siege... And How We Can Be Safe Again , accuses the Bush-Cheney White House of pushing the homeland security chief to "raise the national security alert just before the 2004 election." According to the former Pennsylvania governor's publisher, the book will reveal that Ridge was, for political reasons, "pressured to connect homeland security to the international ‘war on terror.'" The alleged manipulations of terror alerts around the time of the 2002 and 2004 elections represent the ugliest and most troubling of the alleged assaults

CIA Hired Blackwater for Secret Assassination Program

View @ Democracy Now!

Spike Lee Celebrates Michael Jackson

Watch CBS Videos Online Watch CBS Videos Online

What we eat can heal or kill

Los Angeles Times - Fish oil, rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and derived from oily fish such as tuna, salmon and mackerel -- is already recommended by the American Heart Assn. to help prevent cardiovascular disease. It has been shown to reduce blood triglyceride levels and slightly lower blood pressure, lowering the risk for heart attacks and strokes. Perhaps a complete diet overhaul -- difficult though that may be -- would be a better strategy. The Mediterranean diet, named for the region in which it originated, has many anti-inflammatory features. It includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, whole grains, alcohol, and healthful fats like olive and canola oil. It has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels and reduce the risk of blood clots. Studies have shown that diets high in fish, olive oil and cooked vegetables reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. A Mediterranean diet or elements of it seems linked to reduced risk for a number of chronic

Should Water Be Legislated as a Human Right?

by Thalif Deen Common Dreams - The growing commercialisation of water - and the widespread influence of the bottling industry worldwide - is triggering a rising demand for the legal classification of one of the basic necessities of life as a human right. "We definitely need a covenant or [an international] treaty on the right to water so as to establish once and for all that no one on earth must be denied water because of inability to pay," says Maude Barlow, a senior adviser to the President of the U.N. General Assembly, on water issues. Read more .

Lisa Tuttle @ Art Digital Magazine

Lisa Tuttle's intuitive approach to grasping the very essence of the most culturally relevant, complex social discourse is absolutely uncanny. I met Tuttle a few years back and recognized right away, that she was no ordinary artist. Perhaps on the surface, one might mistake her as being just another cautiously reserved, old-school Southern belle. But just because she knows how to mind her manners, does not mean she is incapable of confronting head on the most explosive of slippery slopes. View more @ AD Mag .

How American Health Care Killed My Father

by David Goldhill The Atlantic - After the needless death of his father, the author, a business executive, began a personal exploration of a health-care industry that for years has delivered poor service and irregular quality at astonishingly high cost. It is a system, he argues, that is not worth preserving in anything like its current form. And the health-care reform now being contemplated will not fix it. Here’s a radical solution to an agonizing problem. Read more .

Fear for Obama's Safety Grows as Hate Groups Thrive

Experts who track hate groups across the U.S. are growing increasingly concerned over violent rhetoric targeted at President Obama , especially as the debate over health care intensifies and a pattern of threats emerges. The Secret Service is investigating a Maryland man who held a sign reading "Death to Obama" and "Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids" outside a town hall meeting this week. And in New Hampshire, another man stood across the street from a Presidential town hall with his gun on full display. Read more .

Rove "Driving Force" Behind US Attorney Firings

Truthout - Political adviser Karl Rove and other officials inside George W. Bush's White House pushed for the firing of a key federal prosecutor because he wasn't cooperating with Republican plans for indicting Democrats and their allies before the 2006 election, according to internal documents and depositions. The evidence was released Tuesday and turned over to a special prosecutor by House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers. It contradicts claims by Rove and other senior Bush administration officials that the White House played only a minimal role in the firing of David Iglesias and eight other US attorneys who were deemed by a Justice Department official as not "loyal Bushies." Read more . On this same issue, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! provides a compelling video interview of one of the former attorneys who was fired; David Iglesias.

Remembering Gibson Guitar legend, Les Paul Gibson (age 94)

Les Paul Gibson - Image courtesy of Wikipedia The Huffington Post - Les Paul, who invented the solid-body electric guitar later wielded by a legion of rock 'n' roll greats, died Thursday of complications from pneumonia. He was 94. According to Gibson Guitar, Paul died at White Plains Hospital. His family and friends were by his side. As an inventor, Paul also helped bring about the rise of rock 'n' roll with multitrack recording, which enables artists to record different instruments at different times, sing harmony with themselves, and then carefully balance the tracks in the finished recording. The use of electric guitar gained popularity in the mid-to-late 1940s, and then exploded with the advent of rock in the mid-'50s. "Suddenly, it was recognized that power was a very important part of music," Paul once said. "To have the dynamics, to have the way of expressing yourself beyond the normal limits of an unamplified instrument, was in

Demanding Obama show his papers, as if he is a runaway slave

Max Eternity - I have many criticisms of President Obama, even though I voted for him. But let me be clear, I voted for him not because I though he was going to save us from all the doom and gloom, but because I thought he had the most integrity of all the candidates that were (by June '08) left standing. Every president, and indeed every citizen, should be held accountable. However, the anti-black, hateful, vicious, character assisination that we are all witnessing right now...the slanderous, unsubstantiated attacks on Obama, go way, way, way beyond the pale. "Demanding the Black President show his papers, as if he were a runaway slave" is part of a quote I came across today on The Huffington Post, which was written in response to the following video: In the video, a peaceful, unidentified black woman attempts to unfurl a poster she had of Rosa Parks, whereupon a very aggressive white man dashes out of nowhere and rips the poster apart. Then instead of security grab

America is changing—but are its art museums?

"Most major institutions are still run by white people, are supported by them, and tailor their exhibitions to suit them" "Night Cafe in Arles" by Paul Gauguin The Art Newspaper - Nobody seems to have any meaningful statistics. But you do not have to look at major US art museums for long to realize that most of the senior management is white, unlike staff at comparable levels in corporations, universities and government offices. When is this going to change? Those leading efforts to diversify museums say the economic reality of who pays to support institutions has not evolved sufficiently to require any lasting push for change. But American demographics are shifting swiftly. US minority groups will become the majority in a few decades. And art museums will have to diversify to survive. Read more .

Hate, Racism & Murder...HILARIOUS!!!

Max Eternity - Today in the Marietta Daily Journal newspaper, the carton seen below, along with an editorial that appears to have been channeled straight from the mind of our increasing psychotic, political has-been, Sarah Palin, comes one of the most hate-filled, racist, ignorant illustrations I have ever seen. The Marietta Daily Journal, local newspaper to Newt Gingrich, is one of America's oldest daily papers, in publication since 1866; which makes one wonder how far back the hate really goes. Is this who we really are as a nation--the true face of America? If Obama were white, would such a cartoon have ever seen the light of day; published by the mainstream press? I don't think so!

In a troubled US economy, some flee America to work in China

New York Times - Even those with limited or no knowledge of Chinese are heeding the call. They are lured by China’s surging economy, the lower cost of living and a chance to bypass some of the dues-paying that is common to first jobs in the United States. “I’ve seen a surge of young people coming to work in China over the last few years,” said Jack Perkowski, founder of Asimco Technologies, one of the largest automotive parts companies in China. “When I came over to China in 1994, that was the first wave of Americans coming to China,” he said. “These young people are part of this big second wave.” Read more .

US admits it was deeply involved in recent Iran coup attempt - In an interview today on CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria , Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that while the US didn’t want to come out too publicly in favor of the protesters in the wake of Iran’s disputed June elections, the State Department was “doing a lot” behind the scenes to support the opposition. The exact extent to which the US has funded, and continues to fund, Iran’s opposition will likely never be known, but in the midst of the June rallies the Obama Administration did move to provide millions of dollars in grants to dissident factions , suggesting Clinton’s concern to keep the action “behind the scenes” was far from universal. Secretary Clinton said it was a difficult situation because there was concern that US backing might lead Iran’s leaders “to use us to unify the country against the protesters.” Still, she insists the State Department “were doing a lot to really empower the protesters” including pressing Twitter to delay a scheduled service outage .

Homeless woman leaves $100,000 gift to university

The Huffington Post - Hebrew University has received a surprise donation of more than $100,000 from an unexpected benefactor – a woman who survived the Nazi Holocaust and appeared to be destitute, a university official said Sunday. Upon her death two years ago, a homeless Holocaust survivor living on the streets of New York City willed the gift to the university. The Jewish woman lived out of a shopping cart in Manhattan and had no known relatives, said Yefet Ozery, Hebrew University's director of development and public relations. "She lived as a very poor woman. And when she died at the age of 92, it was discovered she had accumulated close to $300,000," Ozery said. Read more .

Krishna's Gone

the light is gone. my beloved Krishna has returned; not to me, but to his heavenly home. who knew the universe and the stars could retreat at such a rapid pace. who paused to think that brilliance could ever come to an end. and how does it reason to mourn the loss of someone you've felt all your life; being someone you never knew--never met--never touched. this is the magic and wonder of a legend; marvelous splendor, leaving a lasting impression in the blink of an eye, for all of eternity. ________________________________________________________ Krishna's Gone A poem by Max Eternity Dedicated to Michael Jackson 07-08-09 The star of Michael Jackson on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood

What happened to post-racial America?

Politico - Glenn Beck, a popular commentator for Fox News, said: “This president, I think, has exposed himself as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture, I don’t know what it is. I’m not saying that he doesn’t like white people. I’m saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist.” So much for post-racial America. But how did things turn around so fast? They didn’t. They may never have turned in the first place. Largely overlooked in the understandably good feelings generated by the election of our first black president was the simple fact that white America did not vote for him. Most white Americans voted for John McCain. In fact, Barack Obama lost the white vote in 2008 by a landslide. While Obama won the overall vote by 53 percent to 46 percent, he lost among white voters by 55 percent to 43 percent. Read more .

"We're Living in a Food Carnival"

“The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite” Amy Goodman interviews Dr. David Kessler on Democracy Now! A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the direct medical costs of obesity total about $147 billion a year. That amounts to nine percent of all US medical costs. It’s also over $50 billion more than the annual spending on cancer. In the midst of this national focus on obesity, today we’ll speak to David Kessler, who has spent the last seven years trying to understand how the food industry has changed American eating habits, made certain foods difficult to resist, and helped create the country’s number one public health issue. Watch video below or click here to learn more.

Elitism, Obama, White Supremacy and the Ass-Kissing Courtiers

So Much for the Promised Land by Chris Hedges Truthdig - Courtiers come in different colors in America but their function is the same. They are hedonists of power...invited into the inner circles of the elite, including the White House and Harvard University, as long as they faithfully serve the system. They are offered comfort and privilege, but they pay with their souls. The most prominent faces of color, such as Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, mask an insidious new racism that, in essence, tells blacks they have enough, that progress has been made and that it is up to them to take advantage of what society offers them. And black politicians and intellectuals, including Obama and Gates, are the delivery systems for the message. We blame the victims, those for whom jobs and opportunities do not exist, while we orchestrate the largest transfer of wealth upward in American history. We sustain with taxpayer dollars a power elite and oligarchy that is responsible for dismantl