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Pentagon Claim That War Crimes Must Be "Intentional" Called "Flatly Wrong"

Cousteau to SeaWorld: Captive Orcas ‘Need to Be Released’

New York University Graduate Workers Vote "Yes" on BDS Campaign Against Israeli Apartheid

Northern Arizona U. Students Launch Sit-In as Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Sweeps Country

After 36-Day Student Occupation, University of California at Davis Chancellor Is Put on Leave

Members of Congress Call for End to Mass Voter Suppression and Fraud

Former Greek Finance Minister: Massive IMF Bailouts are "Ponzi Austerity" Scheme

How Capitalism and Racism Support Each Other

Deeply Embedded Racism: Washington, DC, Allowed Slavery Until 1862

Family of Samuel Harrell, Killed by "Beat Up Squad" in NY Prison, Holds Hunger Strike for Justice

Tamir Rice Family Gets $6M Settlement for Police Killing of 12-Year-Old

Why Bernie Sanders' Critique of Israel Matters

Secret Court Takes Another Bite Out of the Fourth Amendment

Cleveland ordered to pay $6mn to family of Tamir Rice, 12yo fatally shot by police

'Illegal, Immoral, A Slap in the Face': Experts Blast Mexico over Missing Students

Arrests, violence at Stone Mountain as counter-protesters clash

How Much of the Electoral Process Is Illusory?

"He Refused to Live in a Binary": The World Mourns Death of Gender-Bending Music Legend Prince

Colorado's First Black Woman Pot Entrepreneur on Edibles, Incarceration & the Industry's Whiteness

Flint Is About How We Treat the Poor

With Obama En Route, 90,000 March Against TTIP in Germany

Anti-Racist Protesters Outnumbered White Supremacists 10 to 1 at a Racist Rally in Georgia

Solar plane reaches California after flight across Pacific

Landmark Ruling Will Finally Allow Victims to Hold CIA 'Torturers to Account'

Virginia governor restores felon voting rights

US suicide rate hits 30-year high, female rate spikes while males are majority

Mexican president proposes pot decriminalization

The revolutionary genius behind Prince's iconic aesthetic

Pop icon Prince dies aged 57

Michigan Officials Charged in Flint Water Poisoning, but Gov. Snyder Has Not Even Been Questioned

Russian military removes all mines & bombs in historic Palmyra

‘We still don’t know what really happened on 9/11’ – survivor William Rodriguez

Harriet Tubman and the Monetization of Black History

Coral Bleaching Has All But Destroyed Great Barrier Reef, Study Confirms

New York Primary: Chaos at Polling Sites, Broken Scanners & Whole Blocks Purged from Voter Rolls

Three Face Criminal Charges in Flint Water Crisis

Hundreds Drown Trying to Reach Europe in 2016's Deadliest Migrant-Related Disaster Yet

Clinton and Trump Declared Primary Winners in New York

Closed New York Primary Helps Democratic Party Maintain Status Quo

“A Very Dangerous Thing for Democracy”

Emergency Lawsuit Highlights Voter Frustration with New York Primary Process

Will the Mormon Church Take Over The Salt Lake Tribune, Silencing an Independent Voice?

Millions of New Yorkers Disenfranchised from Primaries Thanks to State's Restrictive Voting Law

Ecuador quake toll rises to 350; rebuilding to cost billions

Is the Seafood You Eat Caught by Slaves?

The Unbearable Whiteness of Brunch: Fighting Gentrification in Chicago

It’s Time for Coastal Cities to Wake Up

"No Racism in New York": 1,000 People Rally Against GOP Front-Runner Donald Trump in Manhattan

How the EPA Allowed Oil and Gas Companies to Contaminate Our Drinking Water

‘Considerable damage’ in Ecuador following deadly 7.8 quake

CIA Funding Companies that Specialize in Social Media Spying

CIA Begins Investing in Skin Care Products That Collect DNA

Earthquake in Japan kills 2

154 people stuck on train in underwater tunnel to DC

Bernie Sanders wins Time reader poll of 100 most influential people

It's Time to Get Cops Out of Schools

New report commissioned by Mayor Rahm Emanuel says Chicago police have no "no regard" for African-Americans

Hillary Clinton Defends Her Role in Honduras Coup

40,000 Verizon Workers Strike Against Corporate 'Race to the Bottom'

More arrests at US Capitol as Democracy Spring meets Black Lives Matter

Death by Gentrification: Alex Nieto Killed by Hail of Police Bullets in a Changing San Francisco

Over 400 Arrested at U.S. Capitol Protesting Corruption & Money in Politics

Arrests made as hundreds of elderly Americans protest at 2nd ‘Democracy Spring’ sit-in

Fury at GOP after Cruz handed ‘voterless victory’ in Colorado

Puerto Rico Moves to Suspend Payments on $72B Public Debt

The Pentagon's Military Waste Machine Is Running Full Speed Ahead

Inside Erik Prince’s Treacherous Drive to Build a Private Air Force

Bernie and the Big Banks

Bernie Wins in Wyoming - Will He Win in New York ?

ALEC “Right to Work” Law Tossed Out in Wisconsin

Bernie Sanders Wins Wyoming, Continuing Streak of Victories

Leaked report confirms United Nations responsible for cholera epidemic in Haiti

Panama Papers: Has the media censored the story?

Five migrants drown off Greek island of Samos after boat capsizes

Japanese Yen Hits 17-Month High Against US Dollar

Two killed in apparent murder-suicide at Texas air base

America's War for the Greater Middle East Cannot Be Won

TransCanada Admits Keystone Spill Bigger than First Claimed

​Real Democracy vs. the Pretense of Democracy​

Attempted Coup in Brazil Seeks to Reverse Election Results

Publisher McGraw-Hill Discontinues Textbook With Map of Palestine

Israelis Trained U.S. to Use "Palestinian Chair" Torture Device

A Torturer's Confession: Former Abu Ghraib Interrogator Speaks Out

Bernie Sanders Adds to His Momentum With a Big Wisconsin Win

The Panama Papers Problem

Six Year Anniversary of WikiLeaks Collateral Murder

Stop Voter Suppression

Mississippi governor signs law allowing businesses to refuse service to gay people

Iceland PM resigns after protests over Panama Papers revelations

Panama Papers: World Leaders from Iceland to Argentina Exposed in Massive Tax Evasion Scheme

Panama Papers' Reporters Explain How the Biggest Leak in Data Journalism's History Materialized

SCOTUS Rules Against Walmart, Wells Fargo in Class-Action Suits

North America's Largest Coal-Fired Power Plant Will Soon Be a Solar Farm

How the US Chamber of Commerce misrepresents the buinesses it speaks for

Joe Medicine Crow, a war chief, historian and the last link to the Battle of Little Big Horn, dies at 102

Last Crow War Chief and Living Link to Battle of Little Bighorn, Dies at 102

The Panama Papers: 'Biggest Leak in History' Exposes Global Web of Corruption

Panama Papers: Revelations show sheer scale of UK links to off-shore tax havens

New Black Panthers in armed showdown with anti-Muslim militia in Texas

Cherelle Baldwin on Being Found Not Guilty for Defending Herself Against Abusive Ex

Largest Pay Raise for American Workers in History? NY & CA Approve $15 Minimum Wage Hike

Turkey builds first migrant centers, as Germany braces for new arrivals under EU-Ankara deal

Why The Major Media Marginalize Bernie