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New York City police scrap 'creepy' robot dogs

Iman says her first experience of racism was pay gap when she moved to US

Dozens killed in stampede at Israeli religious festival

Grief and anger in Chad over deadly protest crackdown

Hundreds report abnormal menstruation after being teargassed during Portland protests

Rev. William Barber says “A Warrant Is Not a License to Kill”

Tesla Makes More Money Trading Bitcoin Than Selling Cars

Rudy Giuliani’s Upper East Side apartment raided by FBI

Family of Black Man Shot and Killed by Delaware Police Sues the Force

GOP Criminalizes Dissent with Anti-Riot Laws

Why are Middle East states selling off oil assets?

Biden to raise minimum wage to $15 for federal contractors

Andrew Brown Jr ‘executed’ by ‘kill shot’ to his head

Human Rights Watch: Israel committing 'apartheid' crimes against Palestinians

Drought-hit California moves to halt Nestlé from taking millions of gallons of water

Census data leaves Latinos wondering: Were we counted?

France and Germany back US on 21% minimum corporate tax proposal

France and Germany back US on 21% minimum corporate tax proposal

US eases prescription requirements for opioid treatment

Russian Court Suspends Alexei Navalny's Anti-Kremlin Network

“Open Season”: New Laws Give Immunity to Drivers Who Hit Protesters

Navalny's wife Yulia says her imprisoned husband "has already won"

Death toll from clashes in Ethiopia’s Amhara may be 200

COVID-19: Israel finds possible link between vaccine, myocarditis cases

New vaccine side effect? In Israel, six people develop herpes zoster

How Biden fulfilled a promise to Armenians that Obama wouldn’t

4chan founder Chris Poole leaves Google

Maher mocks Caitlyn Jenner over California governor bid

Portland police killed a homeless man. Now the city faces tough questions

Biden set to declare atrocities committed against Armenia were genocide

US President Joe Biden officially recognises ‘Armenian genocide’

US President Joe Biden officially recognises ‘Armenian genocide’

What Is CRISPR Technology?

CDC reviewing Oregon woman's death after Johnson & Johnson vaccination

Ron Johnson questions 'big push' to vaccinate 'everybody'

Havana syndrome: 'directed' radio frequency likely cause of illness

Russian police arrest over 1,000 protesters supporting Navalny

Pentagon accusses Russia of microwave directed energy attacks

Big Pharma's 'Appalling' $26 Billion in Shareholder Payouts

‘Ocean in crisis’: Global plan to protect world’s seas

Laschet wins battle to lead Merkel's party into German election

The high cost of India’s cheap garment exports

NBA praises Chauvin guilty verdict, vows to push for 'meaningful change'

‘Unprovoked escalation’: US slams Russian plan to block Black Sea

Chadian President Idriss Deby dies on frontline, rebels vow to keep fighting

Derek Chauvin found guilty of murdering George Floyd

Presidents Biden And Carter Lead Tributes To Walter Mondale

Dutch soccer fans chant anti-Semitic slogan before Ajax match

Miguel Díaz-Canel is named Cuba’s next Communist Party chief, replacing Raúl Castro

Two people killed in fiery Tesla crash with no one driving

Australia to hold inquiry into military suicides

Mark Zuckerberg, the modern Bond villain, is now coming for your children

Three people killed in Wisconsin tavern

‘No food in the fridge’: A gruelling Ramadan in Lebanon

Jailed Putin critic Alexei Navalny could die at any minute, doctors warn

Three dead in Austin shooting

What do NFTs mean for art? And for the Earth?

NASA selects SpaceX as its sole provider for a lunar lander

When the CIA Was Everywhere—Except on Screen

Protests break out across US over police shooting of Daunte Wright

Prosecutor placed on leave following comments about Adam Toledo

Canadian police refuse provincial order to make random stops amid Covid-19 surge

Ontario gives police sweeping powers as Covid crisis spirals out of control

First GMO mosquitoes to be released in the Florida Keys

French Court Rules Killer of Jewish Woman Cannot Stand Trial

'This Is Crazy': Jamaal Bowman Excoriates NYPD DigiDog Robotic K-9

Protesters shot dead by police at Bangladesh power plant

Undisclosed Ingredients in Roundup Lethal to Bumblebees

Raul Castro to step down as head of Cuba’s Communist party

Coinbase Is a $100 Billion Crypto Cult

Indianapolis: At least eight dead in shooting at FedEx site

Turkey bans crypto payments and Bitcoin feels the pain

Brazil high court confirms annulment of Lula graft convictions

U.S. Imposes Stiff Sanctions on Russia, Blaming It for Major Hacking Operation

Bodycam footage of officer fatally shooting 13-year-old released

Bangladesh protest over COVID curbs turns violent, three shot

Investigators find officer wounded in Tennessee not shot by student’s gun

Fauci, Jim Jordan spar over pandemic restrictions

George Floyd's girlfriend was Daunte Wright's teacher

Economic Pressure on GA Grows as Will Smith Pulls Film Production Out of State

Fauci fatigue sets in as top doc sows doubt in vaccine effectiveness

Police chief, officer resign two days after Black motorist killed

COVID’s financial toll: 38 million Americans are now worse off

Japan says to release contaminated Fukushima water into sea

US police officer accused of assaulting Black Army officer fired

China extends crackdown on Jack Ma's empire with enforced revamp of Ant Group

Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General Turned Fierce Critic of U.S. Militarism, Dies at Age 93

Protests after Minneapolis police shoot 20-year-old Daunte Wright

HSBC bans customers from buying bitcoin-backer MicroStrategy shares

Deal reached to allow Georgia battery plant completion

Maryland becomes first state to repeal police Bill of Rights, overriding Hogan veto

Iran calls blackout at Natanz atomic site ‘nuclear terrorism’

BBC pulls Prince Philip online form after complaints hit peak

Brazil evangelicals protest Covid curbs on church services

James Clyburn steps up for voting rights, slams Manchin's Jimi Crow mentality

Caribbean island Saint Vincent covered in thick ash after volcanic eruption

English shops and pub gardens reopen in 'major step' to freedom

The Cost of Light Pollution

More than 100 diners fined for lockdown breach in France

China fines Alibaba record $2.75 billion for anti-monopoly violations

State Department announces new guidance on talks with Taiwan

3M files lawsuit over fake N95 masks

Rat poison found in bodies of 80% of American eagles

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, dies aged 99

Emails reveal Amazon scheme to use USPS for anti-union efforts

Greek journalist shot dead outside his Athens home

Rapper, actor DMX, five-time Billboard chart topper, dead at 50

Nearly 500 People Became Billionaires During The Pandemic Year

Merkel urges Putin to pull troops back from Ukraine border

Facebook does not plan to notify half-billion users affected by data leak

Auschwitz survivor Zilli Schmidt: Fearing new Nazis today

Israel to tell ICC it does not recognise court’s authority

New York to Offer Unemployed Migrants Up to $15,600 in Pandemic Relief

“Vaccine Passports”: ACLU Warns of Privacy Nightmare That Could Create “Two-Tiered Society”

Alexei Navalny 'seriously ill' on prison sick ward, says lawyer

Gbagbo ‘free to return’ to Ivory Coast, says President Ouattara

China sends more jets; Taiwan says it will fight to the end if there's war

U.S. to restore more than $200 million in aid to Palestinians

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issues order prohibiting 'vaccine passports'

Corporate America tears down Biden's infrastructure plan

Atlanta mayor issues order to expand ballot access

U.S. Navy corpsman killed at Maryland base after wounding two with rifle

Your 'smart home' is watching – and possibly sharing your data with the police

New York doormen fired for failing to help assaulted Asian American woman

U.S. must invest heavily to stay No. 1 economy: White House economist

Air France gets European Union approval for €4 billion in aid

New York plans to erect Empire State Building-sized Penn 15 skyscraper

Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Why?

Covid Aussies lodge UN petition against government for ‘right to return home’

San Francisco set to reverse purge of 44 'injustice-linked' school names

California governor plans to fully reopen state by June 15

The Young Jewish Women Who Fought the Nazis

Sisi says Egypt, Sudan reject Ethiopian Nile dam 'fait accompli'

ACLU says it shares user data with Facebook, a frequent target of criticism

Putin signs law enabling him to stay in power until 2036

LG to stop making smartphones after years of losses

'Winds are shifting': US lawmakers criticise Israel in two rare letters

The United States Must Pay the United Nations What It Owes

‘Kill the bill’: More than 100 arrests at London protest

US lifts Trump sanctions on International Criminal Court officials

US museums plans to sell artworks to raise cash

Biden Plans to Repeal Trump-Era Sanctions on ICC

Florida emergency as phosphate plant pond leak threatens radioactive flood

A river in Canada gets "legal person" status

Forgetting Nature: A short film by Peter Kahn and Ross Harrison

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis bans coronavirus "vaccine passports"

MLB moving All-Star Game, draft out of Georgia following outcry over voting law

Tax the Rich. Here's How