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Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro ready for talks with opposition

Stacey Abrams to give Democratic response to State of the Union

James Ingram, Grammy-Winning & Chart-Topping R&B Singer, Dies at 66

Michelle Alexander Is Right About Israel-Palestine

James Ingram dies at 66, stars react on social media

Jussie Smollett's attack is a stark consequence of society’s struggle with race and sexuality

Jussie Smollett Attack Leaves ‘Empire’ Set Seeking Answers & Time To Process

“The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee”: David Treuer on Retelling Native American History (VIDEO)

US gun sales down 6.1 percent in 2018, extending ‘Trump slump’

Brazil’s Iron Ore Company Vale Responsible for 65 Deaths and 279 Missing

Kamala Harris picks hotbed of anti-Trump movement for campaign launch

Attempted Coup in Venezuela with Abby Martin, Greg Wilpert, Paul Jay

Venezuela targets Guaido with probe, travel ban, asset freeze

Walmart Santa Charged With Murder After Kids Found Buried in His Backyard

Rep. Ro Khanna Speaks Out Against U.S.-Backed Coup in Venezuela (VIDEO)

A White Supremacist Hounded a Black Lawmaker Out of Office

Trump White House stonewalls as Puerto Rico aid runs dry

Iran discovers oil in Abadan region

France, Germany & Spain issue ‘identical’ threats to recognize Venezuela’s self-appointed president

Dan Savage rips into ‘lunatic’ Trump on HBO’s Real Time: ‘He commits 12 impeachable offenses a day’

7 Takeaways From The Longest Shutdown In U.S. History

Afghanistan: America's Shameful War

EU nations give Venezuela's Maduro eight-day ultimatum

Tucker Carlson bashes capitalism, says he might vote for Elizabeth Warren

Oscar-winning French composer Michel Legrand dies at 86

My Message to Davos Elites: Act As If Our House Is on Fire. Because It Is.

King’s Vision Is Still Defiant

Michael Jackson documentary on child sexual abuse shocks Sundance

Millions of Americans Flood Into Mexico for Health Care

What Priyanka Gandhi's entry into politics means for India's elections

The Problem Isn't Robots Taking Our Jobs. It's Oligarchs Taking Our Power

Five dead after mass shooting and hostage situation at SunTrust bank in Florida

Maduro rival Guaido claims Venezuela presidency with U.S. backing

Locked out of House by Pelosi, Trump vows State of Union alternative

Democrats Reportedly Plan to Offer Trump Billions for So-Called 'Smart Wall'

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Decries U.S. & Brazil-Backed Effort to Oust Maduro (VIDEO)

Ocasio-Cortez: “Breathe Fire” in Face of Trump

Rediscovered 1964 MLK Speech on Civil Rights, Segregation & Apartheid South Africa (VIDEO)

North Carolina judge refuses to certify Republican as winner of U.S. House vote

Gay-bashing televangelist caught admitting sexual relations with other men

WhatsApp Tries To Curb Misinformation

Mastercard is fined $650 million by the European Union

Maduro orders ‘total revision’ of Venezuela-US diplomatic ties after Pence calls for regime change

US Taxpayers Have Been Funding Big Business’s Wars for 233 Years

EU fines Mastercard $650 million for breaking antitrust laws

Tales of torture from Israel's prisons

It’s Time to Heed King’s Call for the Abolition of Poverty

Children's lives 'in danger' amid Gaza fuel shortage

The Resurrection of Dr. King

Wall Street nervous as progressive Democrats take over the House finance committee

Count of Paris, pretender to French throne, dies aged 85

Martin Luther King III Says His Dad Would View Trump Shutdown as 'Inhumane" (VIDEO)

Spain's far right hates not only immigrants, but also women

How Native American tribes are bringing back the bison from brink of extinction

Angela Davis Speaks Out on Palestine, BDS & More After Civil Rights Award Is Revoked (VIDEO)

World's oldest man Masazo Nonaka dies aged 113 at his home in Japan

Kamala Harris Officially Enters the 2020 Race on MLK Day

Trump marks MLK day with two-minute memorial visit

Students in Trump hats mock Native American; school apologizes

VW’s chairman says even small electric cars aren’t going to be cheap

Since Decriminalization, 96% of People Arrested for Weed in Baltimore Are Black

Maxine Waters delivers fiery opening argument for the immediate impeachment of Donald Trump

In Berlin 35,000 call for eco-sustainable harvests during Green Week

McJesus in Palestine: Using bad art to whitewash Israel's crimes

The Groveland Four: Florida Pardons Men Falsely Accused in Jim Crow-Era Rape Case in 1949 (VIDEO)

Judge Acquits Cops in Laquan McDonald Cover-Up Trial

Women's marches take place across the U.S.

At Least 66 Killed from Pipeline Explosion in Central Mexico

At least two victims shot by active shooter at Catholic Church in Texas

Macron asks every French citizen to answer 20 big questions

Who's Afraid of AOC?

McJesus in Palestine: Using bad art to whitewash Israel's crimes

Ugandan entrepreneur makes bicycles from bamboo

Steve King Stands for Everything MLK Fought Against

Theresa May’s Brexit deal goes down in ‘biggest defeat’ of British PM in history

90 Groups Urge Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Not to Collude With Big Brother

Why Gillette’s toxic masculinity ad is annoying both sexists and feminists

The hidden feminist message of Marie Kondo’s tidying movement

LA Teachers Strike Is About Charter Schools and High Stakes Testing

France shocked by Congo poll outcome, requests clarity

Here are 18 reasons Trump could be a Russian asset

Three killed and dozens injured in an explosion at a bakery in Paris

The Zionist fallacy of 'Jewish supremacy'

Tulsi Gabbard says she will run for U.S. president in 2020

William Arkin on Homeland Security’s Creeping Fascism (VIDEO)

Merkel visits Greece in show of 'EU solidarity' amid protests

Macron’s popularity jumps as Yellow Jacket measures kick in

Murder of Russian journalists in Africa linked to secretive mercenary group they were investigating, reports claim

Wisconsin lawsuit challenges Republican moves to curb incoming Democrat

Trump Admin. Backtracks on Promise to Withdraw Troops from Syria

Legislators Reintroduce Bill to Save People from Losing Homes Over Water Bills

Workers Ran Their Own Strike and Beat Marriott

Rep. Rashida Tlaib: I Won’t Apologize for My Comments About Trump (VIDEO)

Corporate Media Condemned for Handing Trump Megaphone to Spout Racist 'Stream of Lies'

New York City launches $100 million universal health insurance program

Rotating black holes may serve as gentle portals for hyperspace travel

Maine governor signs order to begin Medicaid expansion

AMLO Goes Full Throttle Against Neoliberalism

Elizabeth Warren Launches Exploratory Committee for President

Durham NC Becomes First City to Ban Training By Israeli Police

Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Bid Leaves Questions to Be Answered

Will the New Congress End U.S. Allegiance to Saudi Arabia and the War in Yemen?

Ari Berman: Dems Introduce Sweeping Voting Rights Bill to Combat Rampant Voter Suppression (VIDEO)

Doctors Strike in Zimbabwe as Government Imposes Austerity to Attract More Chinese Investment

American Democracy Seems Rigged Because It Is

Do We Really Need Billionaires?

Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Bid Leaves Questions to Be Answered

Dr. Cornel West on the Global Shift Right

Senator Warren slams former Senator Lieberman for ZTE lobbying gig

Georgia superintendent fired for screaming racial slurs threatened to kill employees

What Can Humanity Learn From The Great Law of Peace?

New US Congress makes history with record number of women

Veteran NBC Reporter Rips Pro-War Posture of Corporate Media in Scathing Resignation Letter

'Captain' Daryl Dragon dies with Tennille at his side

Looking Backward (2018) and Forward (2019)

Historic Moment for Equality in India as Millions Link Arms to Form 400-Mile "Women's Wall"

Senator Warren expresses strong support for Green New Deal

American Indians hardest hit by government shutdown

Filthy parks, closed museums, as US government shutdown grinds on

‘She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding’ says Nancy Pelosi’s daughter

Federal Employees’ Union Sues Trump Administration as 420,000 Work Without Pay During Shutdown (VIDEO)

US and Israel formally quit UNESCO

Noam Chomsky on Brazil’s New Far-Right President Jair Bolsonaro