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Paul Reubens, actor best known for playing Pee-wee Herman, dies aged 70

Huge wildfire explodes in southern California and spreads into Nevada

Florida universities hit by brain drain as academics flee draconian state policies

‘Denying our humanity’: how Santa Monica decimated a thriving Black community

Houston school district to turn libraries into disciplinary centers

The Teamsters Union Force UPS to Share Profits with Workers

Japan says North Korea threat more serious than 'ever before'

Amazon, Alphabet Workers Protest Companies' Complicity in Israeli Apartheid

Irish singer Sinead O'Connor has died at 56

NYC to Pay $13M to Those Attacked by Police in 2020 Black Lives Matter Protests

Sinéad O’Connor was found unresponsive in London flat

Ghana's parliament votes to outlaw the death penalty

Witness claims police said ‘Is he one of us?’ as they restrained Malcolm X killer

New witness at scene of Malcolm X assassination says he wasn't interviewed

Still no sign of Qin Gang as China says foreign minister has been replaced

Russia is trying to 'fund its war machine at the expense of Africa'

Oppenheimer Movie Ignores the First Victims of the Nuclear Age

First lady Jill Biden marks US reentry into UNESCO at Paris ceremony

Eight dead after fuel truck explosion in southwest Nigeria

Nazi concentration camps on Channel Island finally to be officially investigated

Kamala Harris slams Florida's new Black history standards

Texas A&M president resigns over hiring controversy around Black editor

Fulton county prosecutors prepare racketeering charges in Trump inquiry

Hollywood strikes upend fall TV

Car thefts skyrocket in cities across the U.S.

Vegan diet massively cuts environmental damage

Phoenix breaks heat record with 19th day of temperatures at 110F or higher

Texas trooper says they were told to push children into Rio Grande

Las Vegas police issue search warrant in long-unsolved killing of Tupac Shakur

From Khrushchev’s KGB to Putin: the deep roots of Russian influence in Africa

EU finalizes migrant deal with Tunisia

4 dead in Atlanta-area shooting, suspect at large

Bias in AI is real. But it doesn’t have to exist.

California replaces textbooks canceled by far-right board

‘Hell on earth’: Phoenix’s extreme heatwave tests the limits of survival

Why are Hollywood actors and writers on strike?

Biden administration announces $39 billion in student loan forgiveness

EU-Japan summit ends post-Fukushima food curbs

Hollywood shuts down as actors join writers on strike

Southern Europe swelters under 'Cerberus' heat wave

Over-the-counter birth control is a post-Roe "game-changer"

Republicans Look to Give Themselves a Pay Raise After Securing Benefit Cuts for the Poor

Progressives plan boycott of Israeli president’s speech to Congress

Hollywood actors poised to strike, join writers on picket lines

Iowa Abortion Providers Sue Over 'Appalling' New Six-Week Ban

Mexico: IEDs kill four police officers and two civilians in ‘brutal’ cartel ambush

Lawyers with supreme court business paid Clarence Thomas aide via Venmo

CBC Members Urge Senate Judiciary Chairman to Uphold Longstanding “Blue Slip” Policy for Federal Judicial Nominees

G7 countries pledge long-term support for Ukraine

US colleges and universities are ‘selling access’ to supreme court justices

Americans' trust in college education less than 40%

Vermont’s Capital on Edge as Nearby Dam Is ONE FOOT Away From Bursting

Nuclear bomb fallout chosen to define start of Anthropocene

US colleges and universities are ‘selling access’ to supreme court justices

Vermont communities evacuated from historic flooding

Paris to charge SUV drivers higher parking fees to tackle ‘auto-besity’

Spain rescues 86 people from boat near Canary Islands

Judge rejects reparations for Tulsa race massacre in ‘sad miscarriage of justice’

Pope Francis names 21 new cardinals

Mark Rutte hands in resignation as Dutch government collapses over asylum row

Marches against police violence kick off in France as Paris memorial rally banned

Biden to nominate Elliott Abrams, who lied over Iran-Contra, to key panel

Germany, Austria issue warning to elderly as heatwave rolls across Europe

Rudy Giuliani should be disbarred over 2020 election, DC panel recommends

ttorneys for Youth Climate Plaintiffs Blast Biden DOJ

El Paso Walmart shooter sentenced to 90 consecutive life terms

Wolverines are the ‘embodiment of wilderness’. Can they make a comeback?

U.S. to send widely banned cluster munitions to Ukraine

Palestinians killed in Nablus in latest Israeli raid

Seoul backs Fukushima water plan; China imposes Japan food ban

Philadelphians Reject Far Right “Moms for Liberty”

Kenyan police use tear gas to stop protests over tax hikes

Climate Groups Took Millions From Billionaire Oil and Gas Investors

Campaigners Rip Shell CEO's 'Cynical Case' Against Ditching Fossil Fuels

Why French Streets Are on Fire Again

UAE Pledges $15 Million to Help Rebuild Jenin Refugee Camp

Palestinian homes used as Israeli bases in Jenin

Report paves way for EU to renew glyphosate use

Black Activist Angela Davis' Name Removed From French School

'Storm Poly tore down trees and upended vehicles in the Amsterdam region'

The rise and fall of baseball’s Negro Leagues

Yusef Salaam, wrongfully convicted member of Central Park Five, wins New York City Council primary

'Catastrophic': Israeli Forces Unleash Humanitarian Disaster in Jenin

China cancels visit from EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell

Report from Jenin Refugee Camp on Israel’s Largest West Bank Attack in 20 Years

Japan may start controversial Fukushima water release next month

Ohio governor asks Biden to declare disaster over train derailment

Federal judge halts new Florida law he calls ‘latest assault’ on voting

Philadelphia mass shooting leaves 5 dead, police say

Pressley, Ocasio-Cortez call for changes to the Supreme Court

Palestinians in Jenin camp: From Nakba to Israel’s latest assault

Riots in France: Misinformation spread to discredit protesters, French immigration policies

On Eve of July 4th, Bishop William Barber Unveils 'Moral Declaration for America'

Israel launches massive deadly attack on West Bank city of Jenin

Supreme court’s student loan decision ‘usurps Congress’s authority’

UBS goes on hiring spree for wealth managers catering to rich Americans

Israeli troops and drones hit Jenin in major West Bank operation

Head of school linked to Amy Coney Barrett’s faith group abruptly resigns

Hong Kong police offer bounty for information on activists who fled abroad

The housing community that will require ‘patriots’ to fly the US flag

Vietnam bans 'Barbie' movie over controversial South China Sea map

Charles Barkley rewriting his will after Trump SCOTUS affirmative action ruling

Swedish govt condemns 'Islamophobic' burning of Koran outside Stockholm mosque

Israeli military drops bombs in Syria again

Thousands rally across Australia in support of Indigenous reform

Europe's Euclid telescope lifts off in search of the universe's 'dark' mysteries

'Pinkwashing': Just Stop Oil Blocks London Pride Parade in Sponsorship Protest

Baltimore shooting: two dead and dozens injured

Greek Leaders Betrayed the Working Class

Israel to buy new fleet of F-35 fighter jets financed by US aid

Stop Cop City Week of Action Showed Movement’s Strength Amid Rampant Repression

What's Wrong With the Liberal Corporate Media

the scientists who have turned humid air into renewable power

Dutch teenage driver Dilano van ’t Hoff killed in Spa-Francorchamps crash

Russia may be preparing to trigger nuclear plant explosion in Ukraine

‘It’s infuriating’: queer New Yorkers react to supreme court’s LGBTQ+ ruling

‘We are seen as less human’: inside Marseille’s districts abandoned by the police

Dutch King formally apologises for Netherlands' historic role in slavery

Crystal meth: Germany grapples with scourge of highly addictive drug

More than 1,300 arrested in France as riots rage for fourth day