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Bill Moyers on a Democracy in Shambles: "Money First, People Second... If At All"

Tax Wall Street to Heal America

UNESCO approves Palestinian membership bid

Turned Off by Obama, Young Enviros Look to EPA for Salvation

US Double Standard: Gaddafi Bad, Karimov Good

Former Chief Gitmo Prosecutor: 'Torture Should be Prosecuted'

Google Refuses to Remove Police-Brutality Videos

In Colorado, a Power Struggle Towards Moving to Municipally Owned Energy

Gandhi’s Wings: Occupy Wall Street and the Redistribution of Anxiety

Thirty Years of Unleashed Greed

Occupy Oakland Regroups in Frank Ogawa Plaza

Tear gas used on Occupy protesters in Oakland

Obama and the Occupy Movement

Egyptian Youth Activists: We are Happy to See Occupy Wall Street Movement Stand Up for Justice

Iraq War Vet Hospitalized with Fractured Skull After Being Shot by Police at Occupy Oakland Protest

Liberals Get 'Déjà Vu', say Dems Have Bungled in Debt Talks

Top Romney Adviser Tied to Christian Militia that Committed Atrocities in Lebanon’s Civil War

Gay Troops Sue Over Defense of Marriage Act

Drug War Profiteers: Book Exposes How Wachovia Bank Laundered Millions for Mexican Cartels

Yemeni Women Set Veils Ablaze in Protest at Saleh Crackdown

Argentina's President Fernandez wins landslide poll

Challenging the Old Boys Network in the Vatican

Dozens Arrested at Occupy Oakland as Police Raid Encampment, Tear Down Tents

Oakland Police Use Rubber Bullets, Flash Grenades and Smoke Bombs to Evict Occupy Oakland

SPECIAL REPORT: Out-of-State Corporate Money Floods Ohio Battle Over Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill

CIA Kidnapped, Tortured "the Wrong Guy," Says Former Agency Operative Glenn Carle

NPR's gelatinous spine

Immunity and Impunity in Elite America

Bodies of 53 'Executed' Gaddafi Loyalists Discovered

FBI Finally Votes to Expand Definition of Rape

Without Credit Card Donations, WikiLeaks Facing Funding Crisis

The Abandoned Class

Justice for Casey Sheehan and Hundreds of Thousands of Others

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Fraudulent Defense Contractors Paid $1 Trillion

A Slap On The Wrist: Citigroup Settles for $285 Million; No Wall Street Executive Jailed Yet

Muammar Gaddafi Killed in Libya as Interim Government Seizes Last Regime Stronghold

OWS ‘Angry Mob’ Suddenly Respectable

Biggest Challenge for Occupy Wall Street Will Be to Prevent Police Infiltrators From Provoking Violence

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Bank of America Slapped With a Subpoena, and More (VIDEO)

SF Bay: Berkeley earthquake felt over large area

Obama’s Free-Trade Victory Signals Economic Ignorance

Greek Union Warns of Austerity "Death Spiral"

Teenagers Killed in Yemen Attack

Former Financial Regulator William Black: Occupy Wall Street a Counter to White-Collar Fraud

Noam Chomsky on Israel-Palestine Prisoner Exchange, U.S. Assassination Campaign in Yemen

Freed U.S. Hikers Speak at Occupy Oakland, Express Support for California Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Under Obama US Troop Deaths in Afghan War Twice That Under Bush

US Government Supports Protesters Abroad and Jails Them at Home

Gulf Oil Spill: It Can All Happen Again

Danny Glover, Cornel West Speak Out at Occupy Protests as MLK Memorial is Dedicated in D.C.

Global Day of Rage: Hundreds of Thousands March Against Inequity, Big Banks, as Occupy Movement Grows

Kenya sends in troops to Somalia

US Officials Peddle False Intel to Support Terror Plot Claims

Torture in California sanctioned by state

Forgiving Student Loans: A Stimulus Measure to Revitalize the Middle Class

Occupy Wallstreet: A movement too big to fail

Across the World, the Indignant Rise Up Against Corporate Greed and Cuts

The Other Occupation: How Wall Street Occupies Washington

If a Republican Were President ...

Occupy San Francisco Protesters Shut Down Wells Fargo Building

Bloodbath in Cairo: An Eyewitness Account by Democracy Now!’s Sharif Abdel Kouddous

The Public Option in Banking

Egyptians Chant "Muslims Christians Are One" as Military Viciously Attacks Protest

Squattersville For Recession Refugees: Welcome to Slab City

John Carlos, 1968 Olympic U.S. Medalist, on the Revolutionary Sports Moment that Changed the World

Does Locking Young Offenders up Longer, Make us Safer?

Countrywide Loan Underwriter Found Herself in "Dangerous Territory"

Guantanamo: A Cold Sore on the Face of America

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Trio of Women for Championing Gender Equality, Peace-Building

US Got Secret Order to Snoop on WikiLeaks

Happy 71st John! Imagine Peace Tower lights up

New Zealand Oil Spill: Conservationists Warn of Wildlife 'Tragedy'

Rev. Jesse Jackson Honors the Late Civil Rights Stalwarts Fred Shuttlesworth and Derrick Bell

The Billionaires Who Would Pick Our President

"American Autumn" Opens in Beauty

The "Getting" of Assange and the Smearing of a Revolution

Naomi Klein: Protesters Are Seeking Change in the Streets Because It Won’t Come From the Ballot Box

Decrying Debt and Budget Cuts, Students Stage Walk-Out to Join Growing Occupy Wall Street Movement

Protesters Storm Wall Street Barricade

Execution by President Obama's secret WH committee

Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc. dies at the age of 56

Race, Youth and Criminal Justice System in Baltimore

Reporters Win Landmark Settlement Over 2008 RNC Arrests

Protests Against Wall Street Spread Across US

Secret Docs Show Foreclosure Watchdog Doesn’t Bark or Bite

Green Group says TransCanada, State Dept. Emails Show 'Pro-Pipeline Bias'

Legendary Comedian Dick Gregory On Hunger Strike To Protest Capital Punishment, Death of Troy Davis

Mourners Call For Abolishing Death Penalty at Funeral for Troy Davis in Georgia

700 Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge as Occupy Wall Street Enters Third Week, Protests Grows Nationwide