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BREAKING: SWAT teams surround Kentucky school after student shot

UK jets launch first attacks against ISIS in Iraq

Wildlife populations decline by over 50% since 1970

Terrorism Serves the State

Remembering Jacob George, Afghan War Vet Turned Peace Activist Who Took Own Life

Los Angeles Hotel Workers Win Big Minimum Wage Victory

'Umbrella Revolutionaries' Sweep Riot Police From Hong Kong Streets

How the U.S. Concocted a Terror Threat to Justify Syria Strikes, and the Corporate Media Went Along

Ferguson Unrest Continues as Police Accused of Incitement & Michael Brown’s Killer Remains Free

Anti-Apartheid Protesters Thwart Israeli Cargo Ship Again

Ron Paul: Obama’s bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria 'immoral and illegal'

Cradle to Grave: Student Debt Now Bankrupting Seniors

"We Deserve To Do More Than Just Survive": Marshall Islands Poet’s Plea to the U.N. Climate Summit

Ferguson Police Chief Sparks Fresh Round Of Protests

‘Don’t apologize, resign!’ Family of killed teen wants justice amid renewed Ferguson unrest

More Ferguson Protesters Arrested as Police Chief Offers 'Unacceptable' Apology

Police officer shot in Ferguson, suspect at large

6 Weeks Later: Ferguson police chief apologizes to Michael Brown’s parents

Mississippi Sued Over 'Hellish' Conditions in For-Profit Prison

Eric Holder’s Complex Legacy: Voting Rights Advocate, Enemy of Press Freedom, Friend of Wall Street

World Must Hold Israel to Account for "War of Genocide"

US continues illegal war assault against Syria

War, Whistleblowing and Independent Journalism

Civilian Deaths Mount as US Bombing of Syria Expands

Chelsea Manning Sues Defense Department Over Denial of Medical Care

Earthquake shakes Anchorage, Alaska, measuring 6.2 magnitude

Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign

Without a Truce in Syrian Civil War, U.S.-Led Bombing Threaten More Chaos for World’s Worst Crisis

Yelp, Facebook, Google Are Latest Tech Companies to Drop ALEC

Edward Snowden Awarded 'Alternative Nobel' for Revealing Vast Surveillance

Are Head Injuries the Bridge Between the NFL Playing Field and Domestic Violence?

Flood Wall Street: 100 Arrested at Sit-In Targeting Financial Giants’ Role in Global Warming

It's Not the Carbon; It's the Capitalism!

Fifty Activists and a Polar Bear Halt UK Coal Train

The Joys of Abolishing Debt

How Rich Old White Men Are Taking Lunch Money Away From Inner-City Black Kids

Voices from the People’s Climate March: Indigenous Groups Lead Historic 400,000-Strong NYC Protest

Heirs of Billionaire Oil Tycoon John D. Rockefeller Join Growing Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement

Bernie Sanders at People’s Climate March: To Stop Global Warming, Get Dirty Money Out of Politics

400,000 Converge on Manhattan to Demand Climate Change Action

A Global Call for Climate Action

"Don't Warehouse Me in a Nursing Home"

Fairness and Justice? Post-9/11 Muslim Charity Prosecution

The Yes Men Protest Canadian Bank's Tar Sands Investment

Philadelphia Decriminalizes Marijuana

Pregnant and Poor? Eating Healthy Just Got Harder

Hamas = ISIS? Anti-Islamic ad campaign to run on NYC buses

60,000 Syrian Kurds flee to Turkey within 24 hours amid ISIS advance

Top News Editors Slam White House for Secrecy, Intimidation

California adopts new olive oil standards

France joins US in illegal Iraq bombings

Thoughts on Scotland's independence struggle

Airline Workers Win Big In Union Vote - In The South!

A People’s Climate Movement: Indigenous, Labor, Faith Groups Prepare for Historic March

In Spain, Italy and Belgium battle lines drawn for independence after Scottish vote

Audi gets first permit to test self-driving cars on California roads

Naomi Klein on Capitalism and Climate Change

United Nations Vaccine Deaths: Up to 50 children in Syria killed by innoculations

Jennifer LeBarre leads the way in Oakland’s school lunch progress

Occupy abolishes $4 million in other people's student loan debt

FBI Targets Minority Communities in Mortgage Fraud Investigations

Big Brother 3.0: FBI Launches Facial Recognition Program

In Vermont, a milestone in green-energy efforts

An NFL Wife Tells Her Story: Intimidated Spouses Followed "Code of Silence" Around Domestic Abuse

A Survivor’s Burden: Columbia Student Carries Mattress on Campus Until Alleged Rapist is Expelled

Obama Declares Perpetual War

Growing Ebola Epidemic Requires Unprecedented Global Mobilization

Who Pays the Pro-War Pundits? Conflicts of Interest Exposed for TV Guests Backing Military Action

Sacrificing the Vulnerable, From Gaza to America

The People of Sweden "'Turn Their Backs' on Austerity

Contractors Ready to Cash In On ISIS War

"Zombie" Homes Haunt Florida Neighborhoods

'We share the same prosecutor': Snowden, Assange & Dotcom team up

Migrant Group: 500 Feared Dead After Boat Rammed

Crews battle out-of-control wildfire as Southern California bakes

A complete timeline of the Atlanta Hawks' racist front-office controversy

A Moment of Restorative Justice

Public School Police Receive War-Grade Vehicle from Department of Defense

'War is madness’: Pope Francis says WWIII is happening already

The World Made A Much More Dangerous Place by the U.S. Since 9/11

Remains of 3 infants found in Blackstone home, woman arrested

Obama's "declaration of war" against ISIS called "imperial hubris" more extreme than Bush

US extends Russia sanctions, targets biggest lender Sberbank & gas giant Gazprom

Boston University Faculty Launch Largest Divestment Effort to Date

Say ‘No’ to War and Media Propaganda

The Gentrification of Birmingham, Alabama

CodePink’s Medea Benjamin says Obama Plan to Bomb Syria and Expand Iraq Attacks is "Insanity"

New Video of Michael Brown Shooting Shows Immediate Witness Reaction

John Perkins: How Greece Has Fallen Victim to "Economic Hit Men"

Charities refuse money related to Reddit's profit from hacked celebrity nudes

What Would Dr. King Do? As U.S. Moves to Bomb Syria, Tavis Smiley on MLK’s Antiwar Legacy

Jonathan Novick's new short film on dwrarfism goes viral on Youtube

Germany wants more independence from US

Ozone layer showing 'signs of recovery', UN says

Federal Reserve Data Shows Growing Wealth Gap Based on Race

Former World Leaders Call for End to Failed War on Drugs

Online Protest Warns Users of What’s to Come if Net Neutrality Rules Redrawn

Former Obama press secretary Jay Carney joins CNN

Remembering Hiroshima in an Age of Neoliberal Barbarism

Internet Slowdown Day: Leading web companies fight for ‘net neutrality’

Federal Reserves says Super Rich are Getting Richer and Everyone Else Stagnates or Suffers

Ferguson Poet Asks Police to Think

Climate Change Activists Vindicated: Massachuttes Prosecutor Drops Charges Against Coal Blockaders

Research Shows Frightening Correlation Between Fracking and Rates of Illness

Kindergarten Teacher Refuses to Administer Standardized Test

Continued bad race relations in Ferguson as public meeting erupts in anger and accusations

Home Depot Confirms Credit-Card Data Hack

Profiting From America's Misery

Ecuador to Adopt Digital Currency

Liar in a Tan Suit

By Failing to Reduce Carbon Emissions, US Leads Way in Destroying Climate

CIA torture far exceeded waterboarding, brought suspects 'to the point of death'

Better Oversight and Less Drilling Needed to Protect the Gulf

NY Bank's Alleged Redlining Has Roots in Government Practice

Israel's Video Justifying Destruction of a Gaza Hospital Was From 2009

Africa’s Future is Lit by the Sun

The Price of Blackness: From Ferguson to Bed-Stuy

Guantanamo Bay: An Untold History of Torture and Resistance

EXPOSED: US plan to spy on foreign businesses for profit

Bush-Era Memos Show 'Virtually Unlimited' Presidential Power

What's in the Ground Must Stay in the Ground

New York Times Runs Ad Equating ISIS and Hamas

LA Times reporter worked with CIA in editing favorable government stories

Ukraine Ceasefire Takes Hold, but an Expanding NATO on Russia’s Borders Raises Threat of Nuclear War

Elizabeth Warren shows her true colors as Israeli pawn and warhawk.

Hundreds Arrested as Growing Fast-Food Workers’ Movement Strikes for Living Wage, Unionization

After 41 Years in Solitary, 'Angola Three' Prisoner Renews Fight for Justice

Same-sex marriage bans in Indiana, Wisconsin unconstitutional

Joan Rivers, a Comedic Stiletto, Is Dead at 81

San Francisco: Three hospitalized, including firefighter in five-alarm fire

Former governor of Virginia Robert McDonnell found guilty of corruption charges

Coroner says man fatally shot himself in the chest while handcuffed behind his back

Get Ready for the ‘Internet Slowdown’

Fast food workers take to streets to demand $15 minimum wage

Nine Years After Katrina, Coastal Restoration Plans Remain Distant Dream for New Orleans

The Ferguson Uprising through a Historical Lens

Who’s Telling the ‘Big Lie’ on Ukraine?

Missing Russian journalist Andrey Stenin confirmed dead in Ukraine

White House says, as US troop numbers in Iraq rise above 1,000

DNA Exonerates Two Men Facing Death Penalty In North Carolina

If Only American Kids Could Eat School Lunches Like They Do in France

As Jury Takes Up Blackwater Massacre in Nisoor Square, a Grieving Iraqi Father Recalls Son’s Death

Dallas Cowboys Sign Michael Sam, Save NFL From Stupidity

Joan Rivers remains on life support

Hong Kong "Occupy Central" Protests Call for Political Freedom After China Rejects Open Elections

Art After War

Second American journalist beheaded by ISIS

Jim Crow Taxation and the Wholesale Incarceration of Black Communities

David Cay Johnston: Taking from the Many to Give to the Few