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Swedish Dads Get 3 Months Paternity Leave

FIFA’s Upheaval, from Corruption Arrests to Rising Death Toll in Qatar

U.N. Accused of Giving Immunity to Peacekeepers Who Commit Sexual Abuse

Internet Access for the All through the FCC Lifeline program

Capitalism Could Kill All Life on Earth

Gentrification and the Death of Black Communities

India's heat wave kills over 1,400 people

Pentagon admits the US and West created ISIL

Apartheid Israel

Julian Assange: The Untold Story of the Grounding of Evo Morales’ Plane During Edward Snowden Manhunt

Nebraska abolishes death penalty

In England political party donations skyrocket 100% in 10 years, figures reveal

Lessons From an Indian Tribe on How to Manage the Food-Forest Nexus

War Leaves Two-Thirds of Yemen without Water Access: Oxfam

Obama Administration Sabotages Nuclear Nonproliferation Conference

Hold Bankers Accountable for Their Crimes

Chelsea Manning: Releasing the 'War Diaries' Have Been a Rollercoaster

Julian Assange on Europe’s Secret Plan for Military Force on Refugee Boats from Libya

As Julian Assange Faces Swedish Legal Setback, New Details Come to Light on U.S. Case Against Him

Israel's Plan for Palestine is Destruction and Non-Development

Lies, Not Mistakes, Led to Invasion of Iraq

NYU as a Model for Predatory Higher Education

Sanders to billionaires: 'You can't have it all'

137 Shots, No Convictions: Cleveland Cop Acquitted in Killing of Unarmed African-American Pair

West pulled out $3.5trn from BRICS to thwart group – Russian Security Council

World stands up against Monsanto: Over 400 cities protest GMOs

Monsanto Kills: Collapsed GMO cotton crops drive farmers to suicide

California takes action to mitigate drought

John Nash, mathematician who inspired 'A Beautiful Mind,' killed in car crash

'This is Straight Murder': Protests Sweep City Following Cleveland Acquittal

The World’s First Solar Road Is Producing More Energy Than Expected

No indictment for White police officer who killed 2 unarmed Blacks in Cleveland

Five Big Banks Plead Guilty to Rigging Currency Markets and No One Goes to Jail

Oil kills every living thing it covers

Food Waste Reduction: French government forces supermarkets to donate to charity

Ireland legalizes same-sex marriage in historic vote

Dolphin deaths passes 1300 from 2010 Deep Water Horizon oil spill

Senator Bernie Sanders' Plan to Tax 1% and Fund Higher Education

Julian Assange May be Exiled in the Ecuadorian Embassy But Wikileaks Continue

False Inprisonment Lawsuit: Innocent Ohio man sues Cleveland cops after 40yrs in jail

Civil War Rages On for Black America

State of Emergency in California as Santa Barbara Cleans Up from Another Major Oil Spill

Six police officers indicted in Freddie Gray wrongful death case

Over 1,400 suspects investigated in UK historical sex abuse inquiry

Matt Taibbi: World’s Largest Banks Admit to Massive Global Financial Crimes, But Escape Jail (Again)

Young Black Boys Committing Suicide at Rates Higher Than Ever

Notorious Repeat Offender Behind Oil Spill 'Nightmare' in California

$6.4 Trillion Today: What the US Really Owes Black America

Banks to pay $5.7 billion in fines over rate rigging, but no prison time for executives

​Busted pipeline leaks 21,000 gallons of oil off California coast

‘Iraq war vet Brown’s death in jail was murder’: US Army veteran

The Real "Looting": From Slavery to Policing and Beyond

Ruptured Pipeline Along California Coast Dumps Crude Oil into Pacific Ocean

Sgt. James Brown, 26, Survived Two Tours in Iraq Only to Die Begging for His Life in Texas Jail

Illinois Judge Calls Police Killing of Rekia Boyd "Beyond Reckless" But Acquits Cop on Technicality

LA City Council approves minimum rage increase to $15 by 2020

"By Any Means Necessary": Remembering Malcolm X on His 90th Birthday

Graduating Class of 2015 Most Debt Burdened in History

Ralph Nader on Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Bid & His Unanswered Letters to the White House

Fossil fuel companies receive $5.3 trillion a year in funding from governments worldwide

'You Shell Not Pass!': Seattle Activists Blockade Oil Giant Over Arctic Drilling

Yoko Ono and the Myth That Deserves to Die

9 killed in rival biker gang shootout in Waco,Texas

B.B. King On Life, Plantation Living And His 'Droopy-Drawers' Sound

The Phony ‘Bad Intel’ Defense on Iraq

Trey Anastasio Pays Tribute to 'Incredible' B.B. King

Israel continues to criminalise marking Nakba Day

Texas Soldier Dies After Telling Jail Guards He Couldn’t Breathe 20 Times

B. B. King, Defining Bluesman for Generations, Dies at 89

University of Washington Divests from Coal

Go home or go to jail: Israel pressures African migrants to leave

Migration Is an Act of Desperation, Not a Crime

Facebook Feudalism

Why Did Mexican Police Make 43 Student Teachers Disappear?

Five Years After BP Disaster, New Drilling OK’d by Spill Site

Calls for Justice Continue After Cop Avoids Charges in Killing of Tony Robinson

Vatican officially recognizes Palestine, while Israel fumes

Amtrak Train Crash Press Conference, Mayor Michael Nutter

Amtrack railway crash blamed on lack of funding, crumbling infrastructure

Global Internet Activists Give Thumbs Down to Facebook’s

When a Philadelphia Police Attack Killed 11 & Burned a Neighborhood

Fast-Track TPP hits a big bump in the road

‘West still treats Africa as former vassals’ – South Africa’s Zuma to RT

CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Speaks Out Upon Sentencing to 3.5 Years in Prison

Wisconsin police officer who fatally shot unarmed teen will not be charged – District Attorney

Noam Chomsky: The Crimes of Others

E.U. Seeks U.N. Backing for Military Action to Stop Wave of Migrants Fleeing Horrific Abuse in Libya

Russia, China agree to integrate Eurasian Union

Omar Khadr, Child Prisoner Who Claimed Torture at Gitmo, Freed on Bail in Canada During U.S. Appeal

Mothers of dead police brutality victims march in DC

Court Rules NSA Bulk Spying Illegal: New Vindication for Snowden, and Uncertainty for PATRIOT Act

Baltimore ‘broken windows’ teen freed on $500k bail

NSA Phone Surveillance Illegal, Federal Court Rules

Robert Jay Lifton on the Death Penalty, the Holocaust & Armenian Genocide

Chelsea Manning says Citizens Should Have the Right to Criticize Government without Fear

NYC Mayor de Blasio Calls for Sweeping New Tenant Protections

Crude oil ‘bomb train’ derails in North Dakota, explosion forces town evacuation

Canada's 'Most Conservative' Province Elects an NDP Majority

Why Iran Must Remain a US Enemy

Emails Show American Psychological Association Secretly Worked with Bush Admin to Enable Torture

New Investigation Unravels Mexican Govt. Account of How 43 Students Disappeared

Texas cartoon exhibition defaming the Prophet Muhammad results in fatal confrontation

Ethiopians March Against Police Brutality in Tel Aviv

Guatemalan Campesinos Embrace Ancestral Farming Practices to Prevent Migration

Will Indictment Lead to Systemic Change in Baltimore?

"Black Spring" has Begun

Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby to Press Charges Agains Six Baltimore Cops in Freddie Gray Case

Thousands still missing after Nepal earthquake

Freddie Gray Investigation: Six Cops Charged in His Death