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Aretha Franklin Was Tracked By the FBI for 40 Years

Elon Musk’s Paul Pelosi tweet proves he has no business running Twitter

Armed Vigilantes in Arizona Are Just the Tip of the Voter-Intimidation Iceberg

The Death of the American Shopping Mall

Instagram users report outages and wave of account suspensions

Men exonerated in Malcolm X killing to receive $36 million

At least 60 people killed in bridge collapse in India

Brazil’s Lula defeats incumbent Bolsonaro in presidential runoff

GM temporarily halts paid advertising on Twitter

At least 146 in South Korea crushed to death in crowd surge

Penn State Students Maced While Protesting Violent Proud Boys Event

Oil companies rake in huge profits amid consumer squeeze

South Africa’s first new Zulu king in 51 years crowned in Durban

Haitians, Peace Activists Denounce Plan for Another US-Backed Intervention

Brazil's election as Bolsonaro faces Lula, with major world impacts

Rev. Calvin Butts, towering NY religious and political figure, dies at 73

Jerry Lee Lewis, notorious US rock’n’roll star, dies aged 87

Nancy Pelosi’s husband ‘violently assaulted’

FLASHBACK: Elon Musk is a parasite who built his company on government money

Elon Musk completes Twitter purchase

Elon Musk takes control of Twitter, and looks more like Trump everyday

Elon Musk and Tesla faces U.S. criminal probe over self-driving claims

Guns: American as Apple Pie

Russian court upholds Brittney Griner’s nine-year sentence

Kentucky Governor Expands Medicaid to Include Dental, Vision and Hearing

The Many Things Rishi Sunak Doesn't Want You to Know

Adidas cuts ties with Kanye West over antisemitic comments

80,000+ March Against Far-Right Orban Government in Budapest

Rishi Sunak: Young, ultra-rich and UK’s first PM of colour

China’s Xi tightens grip on power, gets unprecedented third term

Hu Jintao forcibly removed from the China Party Congress

Sunshine for breakfast in Doha's Souq Waqif

New York mayor says Biden border policy eased flow of migrants

Rail Companies Reject Union's Demand for Paid Sick Leave

The Kroger Albertsons merger will create nations largest supermarket

US Covid Vaccine Price 10,000% Above Cost

EPA launches civil rights investigation into Mississippi water crisis

At least 50 people killed in Chad protests

Sen. Warren Condemns Fifth Circuit "Lawless and Reckless" Attack on CFPB

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss announces resignation

New Jersey sues five oil companies, trade group over climate change

Right-Wing Swedish Government Shutters Environment Ministry

Haitians Protest Economic Crisis & Gang Violence

Hybrid cars outsell diesel in Europe for the first time

Coffins left hanging in air after second Naples cemetery collapse this year

Anna May Wong: the legacy of a groundbreaking Asian American star

Australia drops recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Democrats Tried to Sell Appalachia Down the Pipeline

Retired US Generals on Saudi Payroll

Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' Found in Over 80% of US Waterways

More Than 600 Perish in Nigeria Floods

Family of George Floyd considers legal action over Kanye West comments

Fiona Hill: ‘Elon Musk Is Transmitting a Message for Putin’

New Film Explores Untold Radical Life of Civil Rights Icon Rosa Parks

US shelters see increase in "pandemic" pet surrenders

Tens of Thousands March in Paris to Protest Cost-of-Living Crisis

Warnock Blasts No-Show Walker: 'He Is Not Ready'

The case of the disappearing crab

Protests and Strikes Spread in France Amid Economic Crisis and Climate Inaction

Bloomberg takes over Pentagon" Defense Innovation Board

Nurse who exposed ‘uterus collector’ still being attacked

Extreme floods lead to deaths and evacuations in Australia

Another Apple Store Successfully Unionizes

UK's new Finance Minister Hunt acknowledges 'mistakes', warns of tax hikes

Xi Jinping is stronger than ever, but China’s future is uncertain

Sweden’s Moderates party strikes minority govt deal with far-right backing

Deadly Indonesia football stampede caused by tear gas

Jan. 6 Panel Votes to Subpoena Trump

“I Don’t Want People to Know That We Lost”: Trump Knew Biden Won, But Kept Pushing Election Lies

White, male juvenile killed 5 in North Carolina

French petrol strike hardens despite govt pressure

Mexico files new lawsuit against US gun dealers

'Malicious and Targeted' Sabotage Halts Rail Traffic in Northern Germany

At least 10 dead, 60 missing after boat capsizes in Nigeria's Anambra state

Fireball engulfs key Crimean bridge for supplying Russian troops

More Veterans Are Dying by Suicide While the VA Sits on Millions Allotted for Prevention

A new class of pandering Black politicians has emerged

US aims to hobble China’s chip industry with sweeping new rules

How a Hostile America Undermined Its Black World War II Veterans

Israeli solders kill two Palestinians during West Bank raid

The Mass Killer in Thailand Fits a Recognizable Behavioral Profile

Loretta Lynn, Country Music Star and Symbol of Rural Resilience, Dies at 90

Loretta Lynn: More than a Great Songwriter

President Biden Issues Pardons for Federal Marijuana Possession

Manchin's Dirty Deal Goes Down—Now What?

Flock Safety: The Matrix Tightens Its Grip

For Black athletes racism from college fans is a familiar story

Becoming roommates with my son to pay the bills

Iranian high schoolers join anti-regime protests as they return to school

Hundreds killed, hurt in stampede at Indonesia football match

Ian will 'financially ruin' homeowners and insurers

19 killed, including four elite Guard members, in Iran attack

San Francisco Airport Workers End Strike After Pay Victory