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1 officer killed, multiple deputies & civilians wounded in shooting near Denver

Happy New Year! Cities across the world welcome 2018

Colin Kaepernick says human rights 'cannot be compromised' as he accepts ACLU award

Who Knows What Other Surprises the Fool Has in Store for Us?

A Return to Debtors' Prisons: Jeff Sessions' War on the Poor

Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments

Colin Kaepernick accepts Muhammad Ali Legacy Award

Protests hit Tehran, two demonstrators reported killed in Iran town

The USDA Wants to Kill Key Organic Egg Standards

Renowned Atlanta architect John Portman dies at 93

Atlanta’s King family mourns passing of Isaac Farris Sr.

Erica Garner, Activist and Daughter of Eric Garner, Dies at 27

Will Uterus Transplants Change the Way We Perceive Gender?

Why Is the State of Israel So Afraid of 16-Year-Old Ahed Tamimi?

Concerns Raised About $1 Billion Facial Scan Program with High Error Rate at Nine U.S. Airports (VIDEO)

Trump Dismisses Entire HIV/AIDS Council by FedEx Letter

Rattling the Bars: The Strange Case of Merle Unger

UNICEF: Children suffer at shocking scale in conflicts

Puerto Rico Relief Package Demands More Than Half Measures

America’s Farmworkers Face Poverty, Neglect, and Now Deportation

“Bussed Out”: How Cities Are Giving Thousands of Homeless People One-Way Bus Tickets to Leave Town (VIDEO)

Jones certified U.S. Senate winner despite Moore challenge

Clinton, Blair and Obama Destroyed the Idealism of Politics - Gabriel Byrne on RAI

Will self-driving cars do more harm than good?

Peru's Fujimori asks for forgiveness, thanks Kuczynski for pardon

Why We Can't Ignore Libya, Enslavement and the Damages of US Intervention

Civil Rights Activist Erica Garner in Critical Condition After Suffering Heart Attack

Japan PM Abe urges firms to raise wages by 3 percent or more

Pope Francis Appeals for Peace Amid Conflicts Supported and Inflamed by Trump

Noam Chomsky in Conversation with Amy Goodman on Trump, Nukes, North Korea, Climate Change & Syria (VIDEO)

Let Yemenis Live

Israel to maintain ties with Austria's far-right FPO

No More Silence About the Torture of Animals

Kameron Prescott: Anger as police kill Texas child

China's killer smog rolls in

Bitcoin Is Plunging! Bitcoin Is Plunging!

93 Days Later, Puerto Rico Can’t Get Supplies to Turn on the Power

CDC Bars Words Like “Transgender” & “Science-Based” (VIDEO)

The Truth About Power and Capitalism: A Socialist Response to the Tax Bill

Tax Bill is One of Greatest Transfers of Wealth from Working Class to Rich in History (VIDEO)

'Corporations Are Literally Going Wild,' Says Trump as He Signs Tax Bill Most Americans Hate

Catalan Separatists Defy Obstacles to Win Parliament Majority

UN General Assembly rejects Trump's Jerusalem move

While US Attacks Net Neutrality, UK Makes High-Speed Internet 'Legal Right'

Charlottesville police chief retires after report faults department

US vetoes resolution on Trump's Jerusalem decision

Police Shoot More People Than Previously Known

Puerto Rico Governor Demands Recount of Hurricane Maria Deaths

Amtrak train on new route derails in Washington state

Erik Prince to Partner With Mozambique Hidden-Debt Companies

Power outage strands thousands at Atlanta airport

Veteran Journalist Bill Moyers Announces Site Closure - Retirement

Tributes pour in for late Kenyan scholar Calestous Juma

ISIL weapons traced to US and Saudi Arabia

Mental Health Professionals Warn of Trump’s Increasing Instability (VIDEO)

Europe far right hails Trump, slams EU, Islam, migrants

Pakistan: Quetta church hit in suicide attack

Protests held worldwide against Jerusalem capital move

Millionaire's Viral Video Shows How GOP Plan Is 'Just Big Tax Cut for People Like Me'

Meet the Woman Who's Boosting Arizona's Mom-and-Pop Business Culture

From Net Neutrality to Tax Cuts, Trump's Billionaires are Having a Field Day

U.S. Support “Vital” to Saudi Bombing of Yemen, Targeting Food Supplies as Millions Face Famine (VIDEO)

Canada granting US border agents 'expanded' powers

Net Neutrality Killed as FCC 'Hands Keys to Internet to Handful of Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations'

Virtually No Economist Believes the GOP Tax Bill Will Generate Growth

Education Victory in Philadelphia as Parents, Teachers & Activists Reclaim Control of Schools (VIDEO)

Rwanda report says France 'complicit' in 1994 genocide

USA Today's Editorial Bashes "Uniquely Awful" Trump

Ford Motor Company moving mid-sized production to China

OIC declares East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

Omarosa Manigault Newman Resigns from White House Job

Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore in Alabama senate race

India's deafening silence after Trump's Jerusalem shift

Nearly 60 Female Lawmakers Demand Congressional Investigation into Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Trump

Ed Lee, San Francisco Mayor, Dies at 65

'Beaten' Palestinian boy in viral photo to face charges

Anti-Nuclear Coalition Accepts Nobel Peace Prize As Calls for Disarmament Grow

Mike Pence is “Orchestra Master” of Assault on Women’s Rights Under Trump (VIDEO)

Billionaire Branson branded ‘a grasping capitalist’ for suing cash-strapped NHS

Web Pioneers Demand FCC Cancel Net Neutrality Vote

Palestinians reject "This is Bahrain" delegataion

Privatize the Wars, Franchise in China: Erik Prince Is On the Move

Putin orders beginning of withdrawal from Syria

France to Award Research Grants for US Climate Scientists

Black Leaders Boycott Trump Photo Op at Civil Rights Museum (VIDEO)

Women demand probe into alleged Trump sexual assaults

Explosion rocks New York commuter hub, suspect in custody

Sales of Military Weapons Soared Globally in 2016

Protesters Greet Trump At Mississippi Museum As Leaders Honor Civil Rights Figures

Hariri's Unresignation is Saudi's Latest Failure

Far Higher Than Official Count, Puerto Rico Death Toll Likely In Thousands

Iraqi PM Abadi declares 'end of war against' ISIL

Rare snow for the southern US

Pipelines Leak—Or They Explode

120 Jewish Studies Scholars Condemn Trump's Jerusalem Declaration

Wildfires are Leveling LA Neighborhoods, Is There More to Come?

Macron backs Kuwaiti efforts to end blockade of Qatar

Hamas: US decision on Jerusalem is a war declaration

‘Sugar daddy' dating website advertises in Switzerland after outrage in France & Belgium

Jerusalem is the ‘eternal capital of the state of Palestine’ – Palestine leader Abbas

Citing Trump's 'Racially Hostile' Record, Critics Say He Shouldn't Attend Civil Rights Museum's Grand Opening

Trump's 'Criminal' Jerusalem Move Could Backfire

'Good to go': Top Trump aide gave inaugural day ok to nuclear plan

Daniel Ellsberg Warns of Nuclear Winter & Global Starvation (VIDEO)

Russia banned from Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

What a US embassy in Jerusalem means to Palestinians

School Privatization Is Educational Apartheid by Another Name

Native American Tribes Join to File Lawsuit Against Trump Attack on Bears Ears National Monument (VIDEO)

Why Redneck Revolt Says Deal With Racism First, Then Economics

Homelessness: One of Capitalism's Many Inevitable Products

US Senate Quietly Passes Alaska Oil-Drilling Bill

It’s Time To Change More Than Trump

Argentine Government Bars Major NGO Representatives from WTO Meeting

Rep. Keith Ellison: GOP Tax Bill Would Reorder Society & Create “Hereditary Aristocracy” for Rich (VIDEO)

Leaders in the Arab Spring era: Where are they now?

Yemen: Ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh killed

CVS Health to acquire Aetna for $69 billion in year's largest acquisition

Clinton mega-donor Saban thanks Kushner for ‘collusion’ on Israel’s behalf

Thousands rally in Hanover against anti-Islam AfD party

Yemen's fate was sealed six years ago

GOP Quietly Moves to Open Arctic Refuge to Oil & Gas Drilling While Earth Undergoes 6th Extinction (VIDEO)

'Slavery is an outrageous reality in Libya'

Disappointment as Mnangagwa names new cabinet

Help the Women of Walmart Today

Wired device ‘filled with nails’ defused at Christmas market in Potsdam, Germany

In Guilty Plea, Flynn Admits Trump Transition Team Directed Him to Contact Russian Officials

Protests Erupt as Honduras Presidential Election Results Reversed

Indictment Links Drugs Planted by Dirty Cop to Slain Baltimore Detective

Bitcoin loses over a fifth of its value in less than 24 hours

Joseph Stiglitz says Trump Tax Plan to Worsen Inequality, Expand Loopholes (VIDEO)

Saudi women scholars call out prince's reform agenda

Africa solidarity is a 'pillar of Palestinian struggle'

Heather McGhee on Matt Lauer, Trump, Sexual Assault, Patriarchy and the Tax Code (VIDEO)

Trump's Latest Deal? Selling Out West Virginia to China

US government has Black Lives Matter under full-time surveillance according to documents

Pope Francis arrives in Myanmar amid Rohingya crisis

Mosque Attack Comes As Egypt Faces “Wave of Oppression” on Political Freedoms (VIDEO)

Saudi Arabia's Role in 9/11

Trump-Loving, NFL-Protest-Hating Police-Union Chief Who Supported Tamir Rice Killer Ousted by Black Cops

The Curious Case of the Black Male Escort Found Dead Inside a Wealthy Democratic Donor’s Home

Democrats Urged to Return Money From Donor Involved In Death of Black Male Escort

Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt

Why we are suing the Norwegian government

The death of the Russian far right

Overthrowing Assad and the Neoconservative Agenda in Syria

Rep. Conyers steps down from committee while lawmakers probe harassment claims