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As the drug war turns 50, the US is still public enemy number one

Fifty years ago, on June 17, 1971, United States President Richard Nixon convened a press conference with a grave message for his fellow citizens: “America’s public enemy number one, in the United States, is drug abuse”. To vanquish the enemy, he declared, it was “necessary to wage a new, all-out offensive”, which would be... read more .

Car plows into protesters in Minneapolis

One woman is dead and three others are injured after a man drove his vehicle into a group of protesters late Sunday night in Minneapolis.  The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) says the incident happened just before midnight at the intersection of Lake Street and Girard Avenue. Demonstrators were... read more .  

Remembering the Human Be-In

On January 14, 1967, more than 20,000 hippies and participants in the counterculture gathered in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park to do little more than simply “be” together. The event cemented San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district as a center more.

Generation Z will free Palestine

This time it is different – the Palestinian struggle for equality and freedom has reached a new and radical stage. In the face of Israel’s most recent assault on their rights and lives in occupied East Jerusalem and Gaza, the Palestinians not only demonstrated unprecedented courage and unity, but also... read more .  

Andrew Yang apologizes for pro-Israel tweet

Andrew Yang issued a statement Wednesday in an attempt to defuse the controversy over a pro-Israel tweet he posted in the wake of escalating violence in the country and the Gaza Strip. The tweet outraged many on the left for failing to express any solidarity with the Palestinian people or to recognize the victims of Israeli air strikes.  Read more .