Architect-Artist Andrew Reach Creates Poster for D.C. March

Andrew Reach @ Equality Across America - As a disabled gay man in a loving relationship for almost three decades, I’m not physically capable of marching. So the way me and my long term partner Bruce Baumwoll want to give back to the movement for our equality is through my art. we’re very passionate about the healing power of art. It’s my lifeline to coping with living in a state of constant pain. We share the art to give people hope and inspiration in their own lives.

I created this poster to read as a recognizable symbol for the struggle to have equal rights and to be able to marry like everybody else. The Male and Female symbols have been combined to create a kind of new hybrid symbol that represents a universal marriage symbol. The pink triangle is our symbol of empowerment in our long struggle for civil rights. The marriage ring is open to allow everyone access inside, representing the universality of marriage and the belief that it is a inalienable right to love and marry someone of the same sex. Read more.


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