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Moscow & NATO Playing a ‘Dangerous Tit-For-Tat Game’ in the Ukraine

Divest to Decolonize

When you’re grateful, your brain becomes more charitabl

‘Tis the season when the conversation shifts to what you’re thankful for. Gathered with family and friends around a holiday feast, for instance, people may recount some of the biggies – like their health or their children – or smaller things that enhance everyday life – like happening upon a great movie while channel-surfing or enjoying a favorite seasonal food.  Read more .

The rise of hipster colonialism

Last week, Germany's Africa Commissioner Gunter Nooke said that European countries should be allowed to lease land and to build and run cities in Africa as a means of stemming what he views as the unchecked expansion of migration from Africa to Europe. For Nooke, allowing the "free development" of these areas would... read more .

Neoliberalism's Dark Path to Fascism

Neoliberalism as economic theory was always an absurdity. It had as much validity as past ruling ideologies such as the divine right of kings and fascism’s belief in the Übermensch. None of its vaunted promises were even remotely possible. Concentrating wealth in the hands of a global oligarchic elite—eight families now hold as much wealth as 50 percent of the world’s population—while demolishing government controls and regulations always creates massive income inequality and... read more .

Noam Chomsky: Members of Migrant Caravan Are Fleeing from Misery & Horrors Created by the U.S.

What Comes After the Tear Gas?

At the height of his pre-election push to make Americans fear a caravan of Central American migrants making their way through Mexico, President Trump held a press conference during which he suggested it may be necessary to use lethal force against asylum-seekers once they reach the U.S. border. “They want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back,” he said. “I told them to consider it a rifle.  Read more .

I’ve Been in Prison for 24 Years and I Feel Dead

I have thought almost daily, since July 8, 1994, about suicide. Not because I want to die — I just do not want to live like this: imprisoned. The longing and loneliness of being away from family, friends, and from all that is dear to my heart; constantly being denigrated by prison officials; the use of physical force to control my life... read more .

Take a Moment to Thank Your Food

During the holidays, talk is often of feasting. Even as a former chef with decades of experience raising plants and animals, I choose not to get into conversations about dietary choices — vegan, carnivore, and everything in between. I prefer to ask: What fed you today, and were you thankful?  Read more .

Olivia Hooker, one of the last survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, dies at 103

Olivia Hooker called it “The Catastrophe,” the notorious 48 hours of fire and death that leveled “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa. She was 6 at the time of the Tulsa Race Massacre, which erupted on May 31, 1921, when a white lynch mob descended on the courthouse where a black teenager was being held.  Read more .

Wildfire smoke is becoming a nationwide health threat

The impacts of recent forest fires in California reach well beyond the burned areas. Smoke from the Camp Fire created hazardous air quality conditions in San Francisco, more than 170 miles to the southwest – but it didn’t stop there. Cross-country winds carried it across the United States, creating hazy conditions in... read more .

The Doomsday Machine and Nuclear Winter

Facebook Admits Hiring GOP Operatives to Dig Up Dirt on Critics—Including George Soros

On the eve of Thanksgiving, in what many called a classic "news dump," Facebook confirmed reports that it hired a Republican-affiliated opposition research firm to dig up dirt on critics—most notably, billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who is Jewish and often the target of right-wing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.  Read more .

Amazon Gets $3 Billion in NY Tax Breaks While Underfunded Public Transport Enters ‘Death Spiral’

Sears Bankruptcy Engineered to Benefit Executives

Two Weeks Later, the Only Black Republican Woman in Congress Loses Her Seat

The day after the midterm elections, President Donald Trump declared Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah) the loser in her reelection bid against Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. “Mia Love gave me no love and she lost,” Trump said. “Too bad. Sorry about that, Mia.” But Love hadn’t lost—yet. The race was neck-and-neck, and it only got... read more .

ICE Holds Record Number of Immigrants, Including 14,000 Children

Sears Bankruptcy Engineered to Benefit Executives and Stiff Workers

Stacey Abrams: The Exit Interview

Stacey Abrams still had options. As late as Friday morning, her campaign was considering multiple legal paths to challenging the certification of her Republican opponent in the Georgia gubernatorial race, Brian Kemp,. Abrams could have pushed for a new election in Georgia, an unprecedented step. Late Friday afternoon, Abrams gave a speech in which she concluded her historic run, but refused to credit Kemp as the true victor. “Concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true or proper,” she told her supporters. “As a woman of conscience and faith, I cannot concede. But my assessment is that the law currently allows no further viable remedy.”  Read more .

Remembering Stan Lee

I write today to honor a titan who has passed on, who once did me a great kindness when I was a mere college student. Meeting him was the thrill of a lifetime. A saying is attributed to Ali ibn Abi Talib, the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad in the “Path of Eloquence” that “You assert that you are a paltry thing, but within you is enfolded a universe.”  Read more .

Chuck Schumer, Feckless Hack

Senate Democrats have once again selected Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) as their minority leader without so much as a whisper of a debate or contest. This is galling. The man is incompetent, has abysmal politics, and as we were... read more .

Month-Long Student Strike Paralyzes Colombia’s Public Universities

Julian Assange has been charged, prosecutors reveal inadvertently in court filing

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been charged under seal, prosecutors inadvertently revealed in a recently unsealed court filing — a development that could significantly advance the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election and have major implications for those who publish government secrets.  Read mor e.

Toxic herbicide found in many Texans' drinking water

Nearly 500 water utilities across the state tested positive for atrazine — a weed killer — which can lead to harmful health effects, according to a new report. The Environmental Working Group also found that utilities are testing water during times when the herbicide isn't being used as much — and that they may be lowballing the results.  Read more .

George W. Bush Accepts Prestigious Liberty Award With Bloody Hands

ike a ghastly echo that is old enough to vote, the news is once again thrumming with stories of an election recount in Broward County. Eighteen years ago, a similar recount was disrupted by one of the most indefensible Supreme Court decisions ever made, and the world began its inexorable slide toward the abyss that now confronts us. Read more .

Open Society Denounces Facebook's Dirty Tricks as 'Dangerous' Threat to Democracy

The president of Open Society Foundations, the family of charitable groups run by billionaire philanthropist George Soros, has sent a sharply-worded letter to Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg to demand answers about the "frankly astonishing" revelations contained in a New York Times report published late Wednesday which says the top executive was personally behind a secret effort to smear Soros and his foundations... read more .

Beto O’Rourke’s Lasting Legacy

Beto O’Rourke may have lost his race for Senate, but he’s managed to change the political landscape of Texas — and maybe beyond — in just one campaign. He proved that Texas is more than the gun-slinging, oil-rich, old-fashioned state conservatives are trying so hard to cling on to. It’s a state full of... read more .

How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town

These days, walking through parts of Manhattan feels like occupying two worlds at the same time. In a theoretical universe, you are standing in the nation’s capital of business, commerce, and culture. In the physical universe, the stores are closed, the lights are off, and the windows are plastered with for-lease signs. Long stretches of famous thoroughfares—like Bleecker Street in the West Village and Fifth Avenue in the East 40s—are filled with vacant storefronts.  Read more .

General Admits Intimidating Court into Imprisoning Lula da Silva

Pentagon Fails Audit

The Pentagon has failed what is being called its first-ever comprehensive audit, a senior official said Thursday, finding U.S. Defense Department accounting discrepancies that could take years to resolve.  Read more .

Time for Medicare for All

In the midterm elections, most Democrats who were elected or reelected to the House supported Medicare for All. As Trump and Republicans in Congress try to undermine the Affordable Care Act and raise the costs of health care, the American people continue to push back.  Read more .

Empire Files: Mass Shootings & White Nationalism Share Roots

Save Us, Al Gore

It’s almost impossible not to be thinking of Gore this week, with the words “Florida” and “recount” so prominent in the news, and it’s hard not to credit him with virtues absent in Trump and increasingly rare in politics these days.  Read more .

The Real Florida Recount Fraud

Given the size of Rick Scott’s lead in the race for a United States Senate seat from Florida and Ron DeSantis’s lead in the race to be the state’s governor, most election experts agree there’s little chance that even the most exquisitely careful recount would deny these two Republicans victory.  Read more .

Youth Climate Activists Arrested in Pelosi's Office Demanding Democrats Embrace 'Green New Deal'

Youth climate activists with the Sunrise Movement and Justice Democrats were arrested on Capitol Hill Monday for staging a sit-in at the Washington, D.C. office of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)—who is expected to serve as the next speaker of the House—to demand that congressional Democrats back a "Green New Deal."  Read more .

Paradise Lost

As the deadliest wild-fires ever to hit California continue to rage, an estimated 31 people are known to have died, with over 200 still missing. Some 250,000 have been forced to flee their homes. Over 100,000 acres of land has been burnt, including luxury homes in Malibu.  Read more .

Crucifying Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London has been transformed into a little shop of horrors. He has been largely cut off from communicating with the outside world for the last seven months. His Ecuadorian citizenship, granted to him as an asylum seeker, is in the process of being revoked. His health is failing. He is being denied medical care. His efforts for legal redress have been... read more .

Outrage over Amazon's corporate bribery

After a year-long race-to-the-bottom competition to determine which city and state lawmakers would most subserviently grovel at its feet and offer the most generous taxpayer-funded gifts, Amazon on Monday reportedly chose Queens, New York and the Northern Virginia suburb of Crystal City as the split locations for its second headquarters, sparking anger among those who believe the online retailer will drive up already soaring housing prices and worsen unsustainable inequality.  Read more .

Stan Lee dies at 95

Stan Lee, the former editor-in-chief, publisher, and chairman of Marvel Comics, died this morning in Los Angeles at age 95. Lee was best known for co-creating much of Marvel’s pantheon of... read more .

French President Macron Praises Nazi-Collaborating Leader, Whitewashing World War I Bloodbath

WTF White Women?

2016 was bad. 2018 was worse. While fifty-two percent of white women voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence in 2016, in 2018, seventy-six percent of white women voted for Brian Kemp.  Read more. White women rained all over that new day dawning. Did they vote on the issues? Statistically, there aren’t enough anti-choice, anti-healthcare, anti-minimum wage, gun-mad voters out there to blame just conservative women. So white women are either stupid or spoiled. I say spoiled.  Read more .