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Democrats Elect 'Big Money' Centrist Hakeem Jeffries Over Barbara Lee for Caucus Chair

How Salvation Army’s red kettles became a Christmas tradition

Senate Advances War Powers Resolution to End US Complicity in Saudi Assault on Yemen

Moscow & NATO Playing a ‘Dangerous Tit-For-Tat Game’ in the Ukraine

Divest to Decolonize

Julian Assange sends his cat away to safety with family members

Black Pete is 'Dutch racism in full display'

When you’re grateful, your brain becomes more charitabl

The rise of hipster colonialism

U.S. Prisons Have a Mental Health Crisis (VIDEO)

'No to the murderer': More protests in Tunisia against MBS visit

Soros foundation to close in Turkey after attack by Erdogan

Neoliberalism's Dark Path to Fascism

Noam Chomsky: Members of Migrant Caravan Are Fleeing from Misery & Horrors Created by the U.S.

What Comes After the Tear Gas?

Italian film director Bernardo Bertolucci dies aged 77

Iran's Rouhani calls Israel a 'cancerous tumor', in rare outburst

Beyond the Bake Sale: Corporate Tax Cuts Leave Public Schools Desperate

More Proud Boys charged for Manhattan riot — including secret unnamed indictments

I’ve Been in Prison for 24 Years and I Feel Dead

France agrees to return 26 African artworks claimed by Benin

Take a Moment to Thank Your Food

Olivia Hooker, one of the last survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, dies at 103

French postal workers help lonely older people

Wildfire smoke is becoming a nationwide health threat

The Doomsday Machine and Nuclear Winter

Facebook policy chief admits hiring PR firm to attack George Soros

Last survivor of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot — and the first black woman to join the Coast Guard — dies at 103

Noam Chomsky scorches ‘criminally insane’ Trump administration

Solid State Flight: Ionic Wind Plane Flies 60 Meters With No Moving Parts

30,000 casualties take toll on Afghan forces

Gerry Adams given permission to appeal against 1970s convictions

'We Are Not Robots': Amazon Workers Across Europe Walk Out on Black Friday

Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists

EU says transparent, credible investigation into Khashoggi killing not completed yet

Dolce & Gabbana dumped by Chinese online retailers over racist ads & posts

Students Outraged at Confederate Banner at Miami-Dade Charter School

Facebook Admits Hiring GOP Operatives to Dig Up Dirt on Critics—Including George Soros

Atlanta cops arrest man for crazed anti-Semitic rant on airplane

Don't Trash Thanksgiving. Decolonize It

Stunning Investigation Exposes Israel’s Secretive Assassination Program (VIDEO)

Amazon Gets $3 Billion in NY Tax Breaks While Underfunded Public Transport Enters ‘Death Spiral’

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes ‘reluctantly’ quits after news that FBI considers them ‘extremists’

South Korea closes biggest dog slaughterhouse complex

Sears Bankruptcy Engineered to Benefit Executives

HUD’s Inspection System Fails Low-Income Tenants Nationwide

Central Americans with disabilities seek compassion at US border

Mohammed bin Salman and a murderous web of lies

Two Weeks Later, the Only Black Republican Woman in Congress Loses Her Seat

Libya uses tear gas, rubber bullets to force migrants off ship

Oregon Officials Call for Changes of Laws on Criminally Insane

ICE Holds Record Number of Immigrants, Including 14,000 Children

Jar wars: the Italian plot to weaken Nutella

Sears Bankruptcy Engineered to Benefit Executives and Stiff Workers

How the Incas governed, thrived and fell without alphabetic writing

Inside the White Supremacist Movement That Fueled Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting (VIDEO)

U.S. judge strikes down Mississippi ban on abortions after 15 weeks

Farmer Turns Over 100 Turkeys to Animal Rights Group

Thousands evacuated as Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupts

Five people shot in Downtown Denver — one pronounced dead

Stacey Abrams: The Exit Interview

Prisoners Are Being Paid $1 an Hour to Battle the Deadly Fires of California

‘Insane’ California Air Topped World Health Standard by 60 Times

The US Contributes to the Death of Every Child in Yemen': Sen. Chris Murphy

French protesters rail against Macron's fuel taxes with road blocks

India building city from scratch to challenge Singapore & Hong Kong financial hubs

Remembering Stan Lee

C.I.A. Concludes That Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Khashoggi Killed

Chuck Schumer, Feckless Hack

Shanghai ‘earthscraper’: World’s 1st underground hotel opens in China inside abandoned quarry

Stacey Abrams admits defeat in hard-fought Georgia governor race

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Consider Making Their Own Agenda Impossible to Pass

The ‘Blue Wave’ Was Also a ‘Muslim Wave’

Month-Long Student Strike Paralyzes Colombia’s Public Universities

The ‘Pelosi Problem’ Runs Deep

Saudis shield crown prince as death penalty sought over Khashoggi murder

Julian Assange has been charged, prosecutors reveal inadvertently in court filing

Pelosi’s fate up in the air as band of Democrats push for new speaker

Trump-appointed judge forces White House to reinstate press pass of CNN’s Jim Acosta

Toxic herbicide found in many Texans' drinking water

George W. Bush Accepts Prestigious Liberty Award With Bloody Hands

Fox News files amicus brief on behalf of CNN’s Acosta — and calls out ‘antagonistic’ Trump

Amazon HQ2 Won’t Improve Quality of Life for New York and Virginia Residents

Remembering Jemel Roberson, 26-Year-Old Chicago Security Guard Slain by Police (VIDEO)

Sears Is Not a Failure

Open Society Denounces Facebook's Dirty Tricks as 'Dangerous' Threat to Democracy

'Africa's fastest train' steams ahead in Morocco

Beto O’Rourke’s Lasting Legacy

How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town

California wildfires: 'If this town recovers, it will take years'

The $6 Trillion Price Tag of Endless US War

Amazon’s HQ2 Spectacle Isn’t Just Shameful—It Should Be Illegal

Federal judge says US election system is “the laughing stock of the world.”

General Admits Intimidating Court into Imprisoning Lula da Silva

7 resignations and counting: May’s government ‘falling apart before our eyes’ over Brexit deal

Pentagon Fails Audit

Democrat Jared Golden Is “Apparent Winner” of Maine Congressional Seat

Texas education board moves to reinsert Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller into curriculum

Thais outraged by child boxer's death in ring

White women wear hoodies to prove policy targets black people

Firefighters battle blazes on two fronts in California, 50 dead

Veterans Resist: Deploying Art to Oppose Militarism

Time for Medicare for All

Secret CIA Document Shows Plan to Test Drugs on Prisoners

Empire Files: Mass Shootings & White Nationalism Share Roots

Save Us, Al Gore

The Real Florida Recount Fraud

Hillary Clinton: Stacey Abrams would've already won ‘if she'd had a fair election'

US judge delays certification of Georgia election results

Amazon Is Everything That's Wrong With America

Physicians Work to Bring Back the Anti-Nuclear Movement

Youth Climate Activists Arrested in Pelosi's Office Demanding Democrats Embrace 'Green New Deal'

CNN sues President Trump and top White House aides for barring Jim Acosta

Paradise Lost

Crucifying Julian Assange

Outrage over Amazon's corporate bribery

Why does the language of journalism fail indigenous people?

Why is India 'Hinduizing' cities' Muslim names?

Stan Lee dies at 95

French President Macron Praises Nazi-Collaborating Leader, Whitewashing World War I Bloodbath

100 years of women's suffrage in Germany: A long road ahead

'Profoundly dismayed': Amnesty strips Suu Kyi of top honour

Black security guard stops shooter in a bar — then gets gunned down by cop

Italy hosts international Libya summit to end crisis

Angela Merkel and the future of the EU

From shell-shock to PTSD, a century of invisible war traum

Republican concedes in Arizona — Dems pick up Jeff Flake’s senate seat

Comic book genius Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, dies at 95

Here’s Why the Georgia Governor’s Race Is Far From Over

Israel kills seven Palestinians in covert Gaza raid

Macron Delivers Rebuke to Nationalism as Trump Looks On

World's first AI news anchor unveiled in China

Are anti-gay witch hunts really protecting 'African values'?

Arizona Senate race no longer ‘too close to call’ as Democrat Kyrsten Sinema expands lead to more than 30,000 votes

WATCH thousands of far-right marchers light a SEA OF FLARES in Poland as police look on

Sam Donaldson unloads on Trump’s ‘small base’: They don’t run this country — ‘and they never will’

George W. Bush Started an Immoral War. Now He's Getting the Liberty Medal

WTF White Women?

Gillum retracts concession in Florida governor's race

Florida orders vote recount in Senate, governor races

Pro-Putin GOP congressman Dana Rohrabacher officially loses his seat

Georgia Voter Purge Victim: “This Was a Strategy From Kemp”

Rouhani says new U.S. sanctions have no effect on Iran economy

The Senate Is an Institutional Barrier to Democracy

US Navy Ignored Sinking Ship as Migrants Drowned and Screamed for Help

For Georgia and Florida, Midterm Election Counts Continue

Half Million Killed by America's Global War on Terror 'Just Scratches the Surface' of Human Destruction