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In Memory of Marielle Franco

Charlottesville: Neo-Nazi gets life in prison for 2017 car attack

Reparations Are One Step in a Long Fight to End Racial Capitalism

Canceling All College Debt Will Make Us Smarter and Richer

German Bank Closes Account of Jewish Voices for Peace Over BDS Support

Justice Department sues Omarosa Manigault Newman over financial disclosures

Right-Wing Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Partisan Gerrymandering

Elizabeth Warren Calls for Federal Law to Affirm Abortion Rights at Democratic Debate

Venezuela government blocks assassination 'coup' plot

Patriot Prayer Is Building a Violent Far-Right Movement in Portland

Joe Biden Didn’t Just Praise Segregationists. He Also Spent Years Fighting Busing (VIDEO)

The Insulin Racket

The US: The bully who cried wolf

America Was Never Great. Behind the Flag Is a Harrowing History.

Sanders and Omar’s Plan Would Wipe Out Every Outstanding Student Loan

Walmart Got a $2.2 Billion Tax Cut. Now It’s Laying Off Workers

The death of India's left

Merkel says neo-Nazis must be tackled ‘without taboos’

Billions Stolen From Black Families by Predatory Lending

Iran Shoots Down American 'Spy' Drone

Victims of forced sterilisation in Japan seek justice

Congressional Hearing on Slavery Reparations Draws Huge Crowd

Joe Biden says there's 'not a racist bone in my body' while others disagree

The bastardization of Ethiopia’s modernity

Police Held Family at Gunpoint After 4-Year-Old Took Doll (VIDEO)

It’s Juneteenth, and a White Nationalist Is President

French President Sarkozy to stand trial for corruption, influence-peddling

Ethiopia Finally Has Its Internet Back

Mohamed Morsi: An Egyptian tragedy

Ethiopia’s first app-based taxi service is expanding into West Africa

'Credible evidence' links MBS to Khashoggi's murder

Navy Contaminates Local Groundwater and Sewer System in Maryland

Will Trump go to jail?

Extradition Process a ‘Very Long Uphill Road’ for Julian Assange

Gloria Vanderbilt, builder of fashion empire, dies at 95

Artist, Heiress And Designer Gloria Vanderbilt Dies At 95

Chicago Police Killing of Laquan McDonald Documented in New Film (VIDEO)

The Coming Show Trial of Julian Assange

The debate over cultural appropriation and fashion intensifies.

'Two million' march against Hong Kong extradition bill

Internet blackouts are on the rise around the world.

U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid

Illinois farmers give up on planting after floods, throw party instead

Hong Kong leader apologizes as protesters press demands for her to quit

U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid

U.S. farmers experimenting with hemp as China trade war drags on

Hong Kong’s leader suspends China extradition bill following mass protests

Millions of Brazilians Join General Strike and Protests Against President’s Austerity Reforms

The F.B.I attack on civil rights continues with ongoing COINTELPRO surveilance

Warren Overtakes Progressive Rival Sanders in Trio of Recent Polls

Owner of Japanese Oil Tanker Says 'Flying Object' Likely Caused Explosions

Maryland school calls cops on young black student for playing with ‘toy money’

Hilma af Klint: Painting the Beyond

Corporations Are Poisoning People in Puerto Rico With Coal Ash

Five years on, still no justice for Iraq's Camp Speicher victims

Frantz Fanon and the CIA Man

Guggenheim Employees Complain of Low Pay and Long Hours in a Bid to Unionize

Jury Refuses to Convict Scott Warren for Showing Kindness to Immigrants

Underpaid Adjunct Professors Sleep in Cars and Rely on Public Aid

Getting poorer while working harder: The ‘cliff effect

The Dubious Art of the Dad Joke

New York Passes Landmark Rent Protection Law (VIDEO)

Houthi missile attack on Saudi Arabia's Abha airport wounds 26

Hong Kong clashes erupt after protesters storm legislature

Bring Troops Home and Send More Kids to College

The Stonewall Riots Didn’t Start the Gay Rights Movement

Trump to Working Class: 'Adios, Chumps'

Mali's government resign over Ogossagou massacre

Secret Files Show How Brazil’s Elites Jailed Former President Lula and Cleared the Way for Bolsonaro (VIDEO)

In Greece, a rebel organic farm goes against the grain

About: The Israeli Private Intelligence Company Black Cube

Russia drops charges against investigative reporter Ivan Golunov

New Evidence Suggests 2018 Chemical Attack in Douma, Syria Was Staged

San Francisco soars to 100 degrees as record heat wave roasts California and the West Coast

Near-record 'dead zone' forecast off U.S. Gulf coast, threatening fish

Tennessee Passes Law Designed to Intimidate Black Voters

Deepfakes Are Coming. We Can No Longer Believe What We See.

“They Are Not the Central Park 5”: Ava DuVernay’s Series Restores Humanity of Wrongly Convicted Boys

The Same Old Scare Tactic About Socialism

Huge protest in Hong Kong against China extradition plan

Women prosecutors refuse to enforce anti-abortion laws

Venezuelan Families Build Solidarity Amid Crisis

Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Georgia Probe Highlights Political Problems With State Ethics Commissions

China-Russia Partnership Threatens US Global Hegemony

Hip hop artist filmed pulling gun and launching racist tirade at man in late night gas station argument

How the US Supported Hitler’s Rise to Power

Venezuela reopens border with Colombia after four months

Whitewashing War Crimes Has Become the American Way

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fraught Attempt at Mass Production

German nurse gets life sentence for drugging & killing 85 patients to showcase resuscitation skills

Mexico freezes bank accounts in widening migration clampdown

Internet brings down Coca-Cola partner farm after SHOCKING animal cruelty footage surfaces online

Why a hipster, vegan, green tech economy is not sustainable

IRS abruptly stopped criminal investigation of Mar-a-Lago member accused of massive tax fraud months after Trump took office

The Gig (Economy) Is Up

Outrage as DNC Announces It Will Not Host 2020 Debate on Climate Crisis

African Union suspends Sudan over military crackdown

Boeing, Obama, a Gold Watch, and 346 Dead

Police raid ABC headquarters over Afghanistan stories

Toll in Sudan army attack jumps as China, Russia block UN action

U.S. Prepares Sanctions to Block Food Program for Millions of Venezuelans

The View’s Sunny Hostin said Jesus would attend a Pride parade

Sanders Blasts Walmart Executives to Their Faces at Annual Shareholder Meeting

A Shorter Working Week Isn't a Luxury—It's An Ecological Necessity

Canadian Inquiry Calls the Murder and Disappearance of Indigenous Women & Girls Genocide (VIDEO)

Massive crowds at Hong Kong Tiananmen vigil on 30th anniversary

Elizabeth Warren's New $2 Trillion Green Manufacturing Plan

Trump Insults London Mayor as ‘Loser’ as He Pays Tribute to the Queen

U.S. moving toward major antitrust probe of tech giants

Why Joe Biden Was Afraid to Face California’s Democratic Party

A Black Feminist’s Response to Attacks on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy

Dramatic Increase in Political Violence in Colombia due to Abandonment of Peace Agreement

'Bloody massacre': Sudan forces kill at least 30

Trans Woman Dies in ICE Custody On the First Day of Pride

Assange won’t face charges over role in devastating CIA leak

Pope apologises to Roma for Catholic Church's discrimination

Racist AirBnB Host Calls Black Guests ‘Monkeys’ And Kicks Them Out

‘Kiss of death’: Trump’s White House lawyer quits

Atlanta creates first food forest in Georgia, largest in U.S.

Steve Bannon’s Plan for Alt-Right University in Italy to be Revoked

South Korea’s pride parade marks 20 years in blaze of color — and 70,000 attendees

If Pete Buttigieg Is the “Opposition” to Trump, We Are Screwed

Virginia Beach shooting: 12 killed by 'disgruntled city worker'

On Thin Ice: March Warming in Alaska Led to Eight Deaths, Disrupted Fishing

Col. Larry Wilkerson on Mueller and Courage to Impeach Trump

Virginia Beach shooting: Residents hold prayer vigil for 12 dead