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Jimmy Carter on Monitoring Egyptian Elections, U.S.-Egypt Relations, Future of Camp David Accords

The War on Gays

To avoid counting civilian deaths, Obama re-defined "militant" to mean "all military-age males in a strike zone"

Cleveland Occupy Arrests are the Latest in FBI's Pattern of Manipulation

Fukushima Radiation Found in Tuna Off California

Democrat to Offer a "Lifeline" for Single-Payer Healthcare

How the US Sold Africa to Multinationals

Lethal Injection the Latest Chapter in America's History of Botched Executions

The Rule of Oligarchy Law – From Boris Yeltsin’s Russia to Aubrey McClendon’s Oklahoma

A Last Grasp For Bees: New research says farm chemicals put our food system at risk.

Afghan authorities say that at least 8 members of a family have been killed from a US-led NATO airstrike

Quebec Labor Unions Join Students in Historic Fight Against 'Bill 78'

China says US America is lying to itself when referring to itself as the 'land of the free'

Obama Administration asks judge to undo ruling against NDAA military detention law

It's payback time: don't expect sympathy – Lagarde to Greeks

Has the FBI Launched a War of Entrapment Against the Occupy Movement?

This Land Is My Teacher: Preserving Native Agriculture and Traditions

Coal Industry Pays Fake Activists $50 to Wear Pro-Coal Shirts at Public Hearing

Amazon Indians Can Be Saved

Doh! Romney Messes Up, Tells the Truth About Austerity

Red Square Revolt | Quebec Students on Strike

Occupy Wall Street Librarians Strike Back

Sadly Barack Obama, Like Mitt Romney, Is an Apologist for the 1%

On Memorial Day Weekend, America Reckons with Torture

"Who’s Killing Philly Public Schools?": Daniel Denvir on Plan for School Closings, Privatization

As New Jersey OKs NYPD Surveillance, Muslim Groups Continue Challenge to "Unconstitutional" Program

Egypt Election: Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Could Face Mubarak’s Ex-Prime Minister in Runoff

Obama Ushers in Era of Unprecedented Arctic Drilling

Global Protests Against Draconian Education Cuts, Tuition Hikes

Quebec's 'Truncheon Law' Richochets as Student Strike Spreads

What Started a Mississippi Prison Riot? Depends on Who You Ask

Pictures of Second "NATO 5" Informant, "Gloves," Published For First Time on

Cooperative Banking, the Exciting Wave of the Future

As Anti-Protest Law Attempts to Stifle Dissent, 400 Students in Quebec Arrested in Mass March

Messing With Our Minds: The Ever Finer Line Between News and Advertising

Fire on US Nuclear Submarine Injures Seven at Maine Naval Shipyard

Anatomy of a conflict after 100 days of student protests

Egypt Votes: Sharif Abdel Kouddous Reports from Cairo on Historic Post-Mubarak Election

Congress 'Un-Declares' War with Iran

'Biggest Act of Civil Disobedience in Canadian History'

35,948 Arrested Yesterday

Google doodle plays tribute to Moog keyboard creator, honoring bithday

Occupy Movement Wins Spate of Legal Battles, but Faces New Challenges Ahead as "NATO 3" Face Terrorism Charges

NAACP Passes Resolution in Support of Marriage Equality

How Twitter Mapped a ‘Covert’ US Drone Operation in Yemen

Medical Students Embrace Medicare for All

"I Know He Was Scared": Trayvon Martin’s Girlfriend Recounts Phone Call Right Before Fatal Shooting

Ben Jealous: "Heartbreaking" Trayvon Tapes Capture Experience of Millions Racially Profiled in U.S.

"The Worst Racial Profiling Program in the Country": NAACP President on NYPD Stop-and-Frisk Program

All-White Jury Acquits Houston Ex-Police Officer in Videotaped Beating of Black Teen Chad Holley

100-Foot Subsea Turbine Successfully Installed

Obama's 'Poverty-Relieving' Plan for Africa a Profit Boon for Giant Agribusiness

Nurses Gather at NATO Summit to Demand Government Fund Health, Not Death

Activists Win Preliminary Injunction Blocking Enforcement of NDAA's Military Detention Provision

NATO Protesters Held Without Charge After Raid as Chicago Steps Up Police Activities

Vermont first state to ban fracking

Disco queen Donna Summer dead at 63

"What Have We Been Doing?": Decorated Veteran Aaron Hughes to Return War Medals at Anti-NATO Protest

Looting the Poor: How Government and Corporations Use the Poor as Piggy Banks

Federal court enjoins NDAA

NDAA's 'Indefinite Detention' Provisions Unconstitutional, says Judge

Wells Fargo Has Blood on Its Hands: Desperate Man Commits Suicide After Shocking Foreclosure Mistreatment

Moscow police raid new Occupy protest site

New NYCLU Report Finds NYPD Stop-and-Frisk Practices Ineffective, Reveals Depth of Racial Disparities

Chávez's Economics Lesson for Europe

New Delay in Opening African Art Museum

Carlos Fuentes, Mexican Man of Letters, Dies at 83

"What Have We Been Doing?": Decorated Veteran Aaron Hughes to Return War Medals at Anti-NATO Protest

Double-talk on Pentagon's war against Islam course

"Magic Soap" Maker David Bronner on Labeling Genetically Modified Food, Fair Trade, the War on Hemp

As Obama OKs Weapons to Bahrain, Neurosurgeon Tortured by Regime Faces Trial for Treating Protesters

Ex-Financial Regulator William Black: Austerity is Sinking Economies from Europe to U.S.

Austerity Arrives in Califoria: 'You Name It, We've Got To Cut It,' says Governor

Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow: Surviving Guantanamo (VIDEO)

Egyptians Watch First Ever Presidential Debate

François Hollande sworn in as French president

Five Reasons Drone Assassinations Are Illegal

Why Tibet Matters

Over One Million Say Shell No! to Arctic Drilling

Anti-Wall Street Protesters Upstage Morgan Stanley

George Lucas pushes low-income housing option

Obama: Pitchman for Exporting US-Made Weapons

Don’t Send Me Roses for Mothers Day

Malaysian legal body finds Bush guilty of war crimes

Crushing Defeat for Germany's Merkel as Voters Reject Austerity

Leaving Wall Street

In Search of Stripper Solidarity: Can Professional Dancers Find Workplace Justice?

Tim DeChristopher appeal: Oil lease bids stopped greater crime

UN Probe: U.S. Should Return Stolen Sacred Land, Including Mt. Rushmore, to Native Americans

Sexual Violence and Natural Resource Pillaging Top Hardships Facing Alaskan Natives

Stop the Drug War: Mexican Poet Javier Sicilia Condemns U.S. Role in Widening Drug Violence

Human Rights Group Condemns Murder of Journalist and LGBTI Activist in Honduras

Caught on Tape: Governor Walker Plans for a Single-Party State

Spain's indignado protesters face anniversary crackdown

Seniors' Social Security Garnished for Student Debts

Remembering Chris Drew: Chicago free speech artist and civil rights activist

The Austerity Theory is a Big Lie

Humor Helps: Top Ten Reasons to Make Gay Marriage Illegal

Women Artists Still Face Discrimination

Wisconsin Democrats Choose Challenger to Run Against Governor in Recall Race

The Greediness of Brain Drain

British-born celebrity hairdresser Vidal Sassoon dies

Big rise in North Pacific plastic waste

After NC Passes Marriage Amendment, Opponents Consider Next Steps

Austerity Can't Be Just for Regular People

Americans So Concerned About "Preserving Marriage" Ought to Ban Divorce

Against War and Austerity, Hollande Is Right and Obama Should Agree

Remembering Maurice Sendak

The People's Bishop

Fire at Tyler Perry's studios limited to backlot facade

The French are revolting. The Greeks, too. And it’s about time.

Surveillance State democracy

François Hollande wins French presidential election

U.S. Financed Military Crushes Sit-in

The End of Austerity in Europe?

Socialists celebrate as French vote nears close

Who's who? Obama, Romney projecting mirror image

Argentina's Model, an Alternative to Austerity

Last of Japan’s 50 reactors going offline

Bill Marher: Obama to the left of Pat Robinson

There Is a Plague Loose Upon the Land

Kent State, 40 years on: the shredding of constitutional liberty still goes on

Kent State Wounded Want Independent Review of New Evidence

"They Can’t Just Kill Us": Kenneth Chamberlain’s Neighbors Speak Out as Police Avoid Charges

Kenneth Chamberlain’s Family Seeks Lawsuit, Federal Probe as Grand Jury Rejects Charging Officers

As Grand Jury Clears White Plains Police in Kenneth Chamberlain’s Death, New Tape Shows Fatal Raid

Adam Yauch, one-third of the pioneering hip-hop group the Beastie Boys, has died at the age of 47, Rolling Stone has learned. Yauch, also known as MCA, had been in treatment for cancer since 2009. The rapper was diagnosed in 2009 after discovering a tumor in his salivary gland. Read more:

Cartagena Beyond The Secret Service Scandal

Quebec Students Ignite the Popular Imagination

The Ghost of Osama bin Laden

Illegal Settlements Bonanza in West Bank

Obama's Afghanistan Speech: A Guide for the Perplexed

Egyptian Military Rulers Face Growing Unrest as 11 Killed in Pre-Election Clashes

Free Press Co-Founder Robert McChesney: Murdoch Hacking Scandal a "Moment of Truth" for U.S. Media

Portland’s mayor on building prosperous cities

A New Approach to Chicken Farming

Courtney Love Loses Rights to Kurt’s Image

Making the Cut

Should Addicts Be Sterilized?

Why Are Universities Buying Up Drones Faster Than Police Departments?

Rupert Murdoch in "Unprecedented Firestorm" As U.K. Panel Finds Him Unfit to Run Global Media Empire

U.S. Media Giants Reel as FCC Orders Disclosure of Rates for Billion-Dollar TV Campaign Advertising

What Did We Get for 381 US Dead Since the Death of bin Laden?

Obama's 'Midnight' Deal Will Stretch Afghan War to 2024

Tasers Kill

Budgets: The Ultimate Lie-Detector

May Day

Freeing the University: Education Occupation on May Day

Why Are We Striking? Or to Put it Another Way – What’s Wrong with the World?