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Nestle India factory staff plan one-day stoppage

Art smuggled out of Israeli prison displayed in Ramallah

Thousands of Inmate Workers on Strike at Alabama Prisons

Smith & Wesson sued over link to July 4 parade mass shooting

Billionaire MacKenzie Scott files for divorce from second husband

Newsom reverses course and signs farmworker bill backed by Biden

Haiti hospitals prepare to close as gangs blockade fuel supplies

We Have Seen This Movie Before: The Fascists Have Arrived

US aircraft carrier starts joint military drills in South Korea

Putin grants US whistleblower Edward Snowden Russian citizenship

Rising grocery costs pushing older Americans to eat less healthy foods

Iran protests flare over Mahsa Amini’s death for 10th night, defying crackdown

World reacts to Meloni’s right-wing victory in Italy election

Russia: At least 15 dead, 24 wounded in Izhevsk school shooting

A Welfare System Built to Exclude Will Never Reduce Poverty in the US

Far-right Giorgia Meloni wins Italy Election

Louisiana school turned ‘college fair’ into transphobic church event

Democrat offers resolution marking Atlanta race massacre — 116 years ago

Republicans block bill seeking to end ‘dark money’ in politics

‘We’ve moved backwards’: US librarians face unprecedented attacks

UN secretary general calls for tax on fossil fuel companies

Hunger now killing one person every four seconds

African Swimmers in American Waters

Family Dollar recalls toothpaste, mouthwash sold in 11 states

Xi Jinping moves to be China’s dictator for life

Whitewashing Queen Elizabeth’s legacy won’t save the monarchy

Chile Refuses Israeli Ambassador Over Killing of Palestinian Teen

India welcomes back cheetahs, 70 years after local extinction

South Korea issues arrest warrant for Do Kwon, Luna drop nearly 50%

In Armenia, ghost towns and grieving families along border with Azerbaijan

I-Day Speech: PM Narendra Modi Provides a Roadmap for India@100

Modi tells Putin ‘not a time for war’ as pressure mounts on Russia

Railroad union deal barely survived

Many college students are "quite-quitting" to preserve mental health

Newsom signs controversial social media bill into California law

Deadly rampage in Canada follows ‘ambush’ of Toronto police officer

Xi says China, Russia should work together as 'great powers'

‘Hat in hand’: Putin meets Xi at summit in Samarkand

At Starbucks and elsewhere workers are still unionizing despite obstacles

Revealed: how UK targeted American civil rights leader in covert campaign

Sweden’s ruling center left takes slim lead in national vote

Five killed as powerful earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea

Sweden's far-right party gains powerful political influence

Running water returns in Jackson, Mississippi – but it’s still undrinkable

South Louisiana Methanol Petrochemical Complex Cancels $2.2 Billion Project

King Charles III formally proclaimed UK’s new monarch

The EU is not an honest broker between Israel and Palestine

Steve Bannon charged with money laundering, conspiracy

After Queen's Death, Victims of British Imperialism Share Why 'We Will Not Mourn'

Nevada county official charged in connection with death of investigative journalist

D.C. mayor declares public emergency in response to migrant buses

Appalachians Protest Manchin’s Mountain Valley Pipeline Plan

When bitcoin plunges, Buttcoin cheers:

Life Expectancy for Indigenous Americans Drops by 6.6 Years

Misery and Weath: Wall Street Rakes in Record Breaking Profits from Global Suffering

Sen. Warren Introduces Bill to Repeal 'Right-to-Work' Laws Enacted by GOP in 27 States

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, dies aged 96

Queen Elizabeth II dead at 96

Healthy school meals should be available to all U.S. students – permanently

Toxic arsenic levels make tap water unsafe for thousands in New York City

Files Seized From Trump Include Document on Foreign Nation's Nuclear Capacity

Instagram fined $600M in Europe for privacy violations

Hackers infiltrate second-largest US school district in growing trend

Chorus of Legal Experts Denounce Trump-Appointed Judge's Ruling on Seized Documents

California heatwave enters intense phase bringing blackouts and wildfires

Jackson, Miss., Mayor Lumumba on Water Catastrophe in Majority-Black City

Canadian hockey has a rape problem

Google Workers Push for Cancellation of Secretive $1.2B Project with Israel

Los Angeles melts under its worst heatwave of the year

Alaska upset flashes warning signs for GOP

‘His was the slow way to freedom’: Russia says farewell to Mikhail Gorbachev

Barbara Ehrenreich, author who resisted injustice, dies aged 81