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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Boeing bids farewell to an icon, delivers last 747 jumbo jet

Pfizer's Record-Shattering $100 Billion in Revenue Denounced as 'Sickening'

US utilities shut off power to millions amid record corporate profits

Havana Declaration Outlines Vision for Building Just World Economy

Union Busting Continues in the US

‘Moment of joy’ as Pope Francis arrives in war-torn DR Congo

Death toll from Pakistan mosque bombing rises to 100

Rashid Khalidi & Orly Noy on Israeli Colonialism & Escalating Violence

Dozens killed in Pakistan mosque blast

US Says Israel Was Behind the Drone Attack on Iran

Tyre Nichols remembered as beautiful soul with creative eye

Suicide bomber kills 47, wounds over 150 at Pakistan mosque

Former Google Exec Says Sexual Harassment Complaint Ignored Because He's Male

Netanyahu gives Israelis ‘green light to shoot Palestinians’

Chevron Posts Record $35.5 Billion in Profit for 2022

US, Netherlands strike deal on blocking chip exports to China

Police say three dead, four hurt in latest California shooting

Ronna McDaniel wins RNC chair race that grew very messy by the end

Tens of thousands of teachers march in Lisbon to demand better pay and conditions

Released Footage Shows Fired Memphis Cops Beating Tyre Nichols

Santiago Declaration Envisions End of Neoliberalism Death Spiral

Former NATO general Petr Pavel wins Czech presidential election

Vernacular Architecture in Wales

Florida Republican sends welcome grenades to fellow Congress members

Democrat Jared Golden Joins House GOP in Passing Massive Big Oil Handout

Florida Republican sends welcome grenades to fellow Congress members

State of Emergency declared ahead of anticipated release of Tyre Nichols video

A forgotten crime: Remembering the 1943 Marseille roundup

Ancient statue of Hercules emerges from Rome sewer repairs

Tyre Nichols' arrest video is shocking, the Memphis police chief warned the public.

Skateboarders, activists, family gather to honor Tyre Nichols

BBC Arabic radio goes off air after 85 years

China, Russia and the U.S.'s Top Officials Scramble for Appointments With Africa

NYC : Strict Airbnb registration rules to take effect in January

Up to 25% of NYC's Airbnb listings could disappear under a new law set to go into effect

Name-your-price produce: farms let customers pay what they can

$18 a dozen: how did America’s eggs get absurdly expensive?

Memphis Police chief calls Tyre Nichols death ‘inhumane,’ as investigations continue

Biden Proposes Renters Bill of Rights as Landlords Make Record Profits

Gas shortage renders Iran’s air quality ‘unbreathable’ due to mazut pollution

US shuts down major ransomware network Hive

9 Palestinians, Including Elderly Woman, Killed by Israeli Forces in Refugee Camp Raid

Omar, Schiff, and Swalwell Blast McCarthy for Blocking Them From Committees

‘Cope with your own debt’, China tells US over Zambia debt relief

To Save Our Democracy, We Must Transcend Bill Clinton's Legacy

Microsoft cloud outage hits users around the world

Inuit Americans warn of ‘rock concert-like’ noise from ships affecting Arctic wildlife

Four mass shootings leave California reeling

In Iowa 2 students dead, teacher hurt in Des Moines shooting

Spain calls second emergency meeting over murders of six more women

Seven killed in two shootings in Half Moon Bay, California

Sen. Warren Slams Republicans for Creating 'Economic Chaos' to Protect the Crazy Rich

Arab states boycott regional meet in divided Libya’s capital

Burkina Faso ends French military accord, says it will defend itself

France remains ‘very sexist’: Watchdog sounds alarm

French government pushes pension reform through to parliament

Survivors recount rampant abuse at Los Angeles’ juvenile jails

‘It’s the opposite of art’: why illustrators are furious about AI

The Women of Iran Are Not Backing Down

Justice department finds more classified documents at Joe Biden’s home

Artwork rescued from Ukaine war displayed in Paris

Housing for People to Live In, Not for Corporate investment

Canada settles residential school reparations lawsuit

Ten people killed in Monterrey Park shooting

Biden Admin Refuses to Shield Right Whales From Lethal Vessel Strikes

Veterans Sail Historic Peace Boat to Cuba, Demand End of US Blockade

‘Assassinated in cold blood’: the man killed protesting Georgia’s ‘Cop City’

End Medical Debt: Fight Grows to Stop Hospitals from Suing Patients

Research shows ‘All-natural’ Simply Orange Juice is loaded with PFAS toxins

Ron DeSantis bans African American studies class from Florida high schools

People exposed to weedkiller chemical have cancer biomarkers in urine

Shock and anger after fired worker killed by police at Oklahoma pork plant

Police Kill Forest Defender "Tortuguita" in Georgia

Google plans to layoff 12,000 workers

Mayors call for help with migrants and asylum seekers

France announces massive increase in defence spending

Corporate Prosecutions Hit Record Low in 2022 Under Biden

Death toll in Tibet tunnel avalanche rises to 20

Julia Morgan, American Architect

Italy’s most wanted mafia boss arrested in Sicily

Brazil charges 39 with staging coup after storming of government buildings

Airbnb feels like staying with a cheap, uptight friend – then paying for the privilege

Shooting at Martin Luther King Day party leaves eight wounded in Florida

Greta Thunberg Detained Defending German Village From Coal Mining

Far-right group militants go on trial for Macron assassination plot

Macron’s pathetic pension reform shows why Europe cannot be fixed

Germany plans to demolish town for coal mining operation

Apple CEO Tim Cook takes 40% pay cut, but will still make $49M in 2023

Amid demand concerns, Tesla cuts prices by up to $13K in US

Europe’s largest store of rare earth metals discovered in Sweden

Exxon made ‘breathtakingly’ accurate climate predictions in 1970s and 80s

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, dies at 54

Exxon's climate research accurately projected global warming, study finds

Dolphins ‘shout’ to compensate for human-made background noise

Driver in China kills 5 and injures 13 in "malicious" car attack.

Teacher and cousin of Black Lives Matter founder ‘Tased to death’ by LAPD

Justice officials to investigate Biden's handling of classified documents

Victims of CIA-Backed Afghan Death Squads Known as “Zero Units” Demand Accountability

British rock legend Jeff Beck dies aged 78

The Myth of the 'Moderate Republican'

New York City nurses strike ends

A Bank of Her Own

Seattle lawmaker introduces legislation to ban cashless retailers

Brazil’s Jan. 8 is the inevitable consequence of Jan. 6

AMLO Urges Biden to End U.S. “Disdain” for Latin America

Remembering the Rosewood Massacre

Social Media Giants 'Directly Aided' Fascist Insurrection in Brazil

Bed Bath & Beyond closing 62 stores, holding liquidation sales

Millions at risk of flooding as fierce storm lashes California

Thank you, Prince Harry, for having the courage to speak your truth

Demolitions begin in India’s ‘sinking’ Joshimath

France to raise retirement age to 64 by 2030

Israel’s bans Palestinian flag-flying in public

California’s Inland Empire: Nearly 9,500 warehouses cloud the air with pollution

Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro mount an insurrection in Brazil

‘Literally walking over a dead body’: Amazon employees accuse company of cruelty

Six-year-old boy in police custody after shooting Virginia school teacher

World leaders condemn Brazil violence as US lawmakers call for Bolsonaro extradition

Iran replaces police chief amid protests

The Republican Party Is Now More Dangerous Than It's Ever Been

Excitement as China opens borders to quarantine-free travel

Virginia: school chief ‘in shock’ after teacher shot by student

Thousands march in Paris in memory of 2013 murder of Kurdish activists

Kevin McCarthy elected Republican US House speaker after chaotic week

Jair Bolsonaro wrecked Brazil’s presidential palace

‘It never stops’: killings by US police reach record high in 2022

‘Self-healing’ Roman concrete could aid modern construction

Russian hackers targeted US nuclear research laboratories

Christmas blackface parade celebrated in Spain

Kenyan LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba found dead in metal box

Canada bans foreign homebuyers

South Carolina Supreme Court rules abortion protected under state constitution

NYC Uber drivers strike again for better wages

The cashless future is here. So is Big Brother.

Longest-serving Palestinian prisoner released from Israeli prison

Workers at Delta Airlines are the latest to attempt unionization

US unveils new border restrictions for Haitians, Cubans, Nicaraguans

How Trump’s Tax Returns Shows He Fleeced U.S. to Enriched Himself

Lula Inaguration: Bolsonaro Flees Brazil to Hide Out in Florida

Should Football Be Banned?

Eight members of Utah family found dead from gunshot wounds

Amazon to cut more than 18,000 jobs

The criminalization of poverty and homelessness

Will the NFL ever change?

Football star Damar Hamlin in critical condition after collapse on field

Iran shuts French institute in protest of Charlie Hebdo

All Republicans Are George Santos