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The Nation of Islam’s Role in US Prisons

Howard Ayers, a member of the Nation of Islam, grew up in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. In 1993 he was sentenced to 25-years-to-life in prison. Between 1968 and 1993 the prison population of the United States grew by 400%. Lawyer Thomas B. Marvell attributes this increase to legislators, who in response to... read more.
T he landscapes in Davide Monteleone’s images of China’s belt and road initiative are very familiar to me. We can see desert, uninhabited wasteland and views along the Yangtze River and in north-west China . There are also photographs showing the... read more .

Biden Decries Atrocities in Ukraine While Backing Atrocities in Yemen

As the U.S. and U.K. push for Saudi Arabia to increase oil production to offset a rise in global energy prices amid sanctions on Russia, the kingdom on Saturday announced it had executed 81 people — the country’s largest mass execution in decades. Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of Democracy for the Arab World Now, says the muted criticism of Saudi abuses reveals a... read more .

Ukraine is Paying the Price for the U.S. “Recklessly” Pushing NATO Expansion

What role did the United States play in creating conditions for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and what will it take to end the war? The U.S. invasion of Iraq, which saw no repercussions for the Bush administration despite breaching international humanitarian law, coupled with Cold War-era policies and NATO’s eastward expansion, incited Putin’s aggressions... read more .

Philanthropy and the Gilded Age

In January 2022, Julian Fellowes’s new series, The Gilded Age premiered on HBO. While the verdict’s out whether the show will live up to its promise as an American answer to Downton Abbey , so far, it has delivered on the decadence characteristic of its titular era.  Read more.

How U.S. Shock Therapy in Russia Enabled Putin

While President Biden has ruled out sending troops into Ukraine, the U.S. is directly aiding Ukraine militarily and has imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia amounting to what some have called “economic warfare.” We look at Biden’s response with Senator Bernie Sanders’s foreign policy adviser Matt Duss, who is also Ukrainian American. He says the U.S. should continue to exhaust all diplomatic avenues in order to stop violence in Ukraine. Duss also details the U.S. role... read more .

Nigerian Student Fleeing War Describes Rampant Racism Against Africans at Border

The United Nations reports more than 800,000 people have fled Ukraine since Russia attacked last week, but many foreign nationals trying to escape have described racist discrimination and abuse, saying they were turned away from buses and at the border, while Ukrainians were welcomed with open arms. We speak with one of the African students who documented their experiences... read more .

It’s time to confront the Trump-Putin network

 I n 2014, the Putin regime invaded Ukraine’s Crimea. In 2016, the same regime invaded the United States. The former took place as a conventional military operation; the latter was a spectacular case of cyberwarfare , including disinformation that it was happening at all and promulgation of a lot of talking points still devoutly repeated by many.  Read more.