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Protests Erupt as Honduras Presidential Election Results Reversed

Indictment Links Drugs Planted by Dirty Cop to Slain Baltimore Detective

Bitcoin loses over a fifth of its value in less than 24 hours

Joseph Stiglitz says Trump Tax Plan to Worsen Inequality, Expand Loopholes (VIDEO)

Saudi women scholars call out prince's reform agenda

Africa solidarity is a 'pillar of Palestinian struggle'

Heather McGhee on Matt Lauer, Trump, Sexual Assault, Patriarchy and the Tax Code (VIDEO)

Trump's Latest Deal? Selling Out West Virginia to China

US government has Black Lives Matter under full-time surveillance according to documents

Pope Francis arrives in Myanmar amid Rohingya crisis

Mosque Attack Comes As Egypt Faces “Wave of Oppression” on Political Freedoms (VIDEO)

Saudi Arabia's Role in 9/11

Trump-Loving, NFL-Protest-Hating Police-Union Chief Who Supported Tamir Rice Killer Ousted by Black Cops

The Curious Case of the Black Male Escort Found Dead Inside a Wealthy Democratic Donor’s Home

Democrats Urged to Return Money From Donor Involved In Death of Black Male Escort

Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt

Why we are suing the Norwegian government

The death of the Russian far right

Overthrowing Assad and the Neoconservative Agenda in Syria

Rep. Conyers steps down from committee while lawmakers probe harassment claims

Ibram X. Kendi on Recognizing 21st Century Racist Ideas and Policies

Europe's White Supremacists Have Powerful Allies

ALEC Corporate Members Lay Off Over 12,000 Workers in 2017

Wall Street Stands to Make a Killing From Building Trump's Border Wall

Emmerson Mnangagwa sworn in as Zimbabwe president

Working to End Racism in Our Unions

Overthrowing Assad and the Neoconservative Agenda in Syria

A Tribute to Blacklisted Lyricist Yip Harburg: The Man Who Put the Rainbow in The Wizard of Oz (VIDEO)

FCC Commissioner Makes Passionate Plea to Stop GOP Colleagues From Killing Net Neutrality

Myanmar, Bangladesh sign Rohingya return deal

Anita Hill Says Joe Biden Apology Not Good Enough

Detective Murdered Day Before he was to Testify Against Dirty Cops

Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe will be someone else's fiefdom

Israel’s settlements: 50 years of land theft explained

Second U.S. judge halts Trump ban on transgender troops

High school teens ‘forced’ to work 11-hour shifts at iPhone X assembly plant to graduate

Russia finds 1,000-times normal level of radioactive isotope after nuclear incident claims

Civilian Death Toll in Iraq 31 Times Higher Than US Claims

Saudi Financial Crisis at Heart of Princely Rage

New FCC chief plans to ditch U.S. 'net neutrality' rules

German police present stolen John Lennon diaries

Robert Mugabe resigns as Zimbabwe's president

Iraqi Civilian Describes U.S. Airstrike on His Home That Killed His Wife, Daughter, Brother & Nephew (VIDEO)

US Airstrikes Killed Far More Iraqi Civilians Than Pentagon Admits (VIDEO)

BJP politician puts bounty on Deepika Padukone's head

Why there can never be a two-state solution

50,000 children in Yemen have died of starvation and disease so far this year

Yemen children are dying at a rate of 130 a day while Saudi-led blockade continues

French cop who attempted suicide twice tells why more colleagues take their own life

Finding inspiration in Kibera, Kenya's biggest slum

60 Minutes Paints US as Savior in Yemen Genocide

Virginia Governor Defies Trump on Paris Climate Deal, Pushes Investments in Solar & Wind (VIDEO)

'Slaughterbots' short films shows the danger of weaponized artificial intelligence

Harvey Weinstein Hired Israeli Spies to Silence His Victims

U.S. nuclear general says would resist 'illegal' Trump strike order

Turmoil in Zimbabwe May Present New Opportunities

Zimbabwe in Limbo as Military Seizes Control & Places President Mugabe Under House Arrest (VIDEO)

Russia gives unique 3D Palmyra model to Syria to help restore ancient city (VIDEO)

We Supported Their Dictators, Led the Failed ‘War on Drugs’ and Now Deny Them Refuge

Anti-Defamation League: Stop Pretending to Be a Civil Rights Organization

Celebrity Sexual Abuse Scandals Highlight Everyday Sexism

Eritrean diaspora stages protest in the Swedish capital

As Canada prepares for legal pot, ex-cops get into the business

Keystone pipeline spills 5,000 barrels of oil in US

More Than 200,000 Gallons Of Oil Have Spilled From The Keystone Pipeline

Zimbabwe army takes control but denies coup

Mysterious Radiation Cloud Over Europe Isn't "Harmless" at Source

House Approves $700B 'Cash Cow for Weapons Companies'

Declaring 'Train of Injuries Must End,' House Dems Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

Tesla hit by class-action lawsuit claiming racial discrimination

Tesla hit with another lawsuit claiming a racist work environment

Gov.-elect Phil Murphy names his chief of staff, chief counsel

Getting Rid of New York's Fake Democrats

History of America in hole-punched photos

'Israel doesn't want anyone learning what's happening'

Saudi alliance bombs Sanaa airport, blocking aid access

How the U.S. Poisoned its Veterans

Jerry Brown's holy war on Donald Trump

Fight the Disease, Not the Symptoms

California Gov. Jerry Brown delivers a blunt climate change message in Germany

Fears for Lebanese economy if Saudis impose Qatar-style blockade

CA Gov. Jerry Brown Tells Indigenous Activists Protesting Fracking He’ll Put Them “In the Ground” (VIDEO)

Remembering Mulugeta Seraw and All Those Killed by the Far Right

"Don't Cut Our Taxes," Say 400+ Very Wealthy Americans. "Raise Them."

Saudi's 'War on Lebanon' Backfires

Magnitude 7.2 quake kills at least 2, injures 28 in Iran

Why 60,000 people joined a nationalist march in Poland

Cambridge slammed for 'censoring' Palestine BDS event

The Hidden History of How California Was Built on Genocide

Americans Are Stressed About the Future. Here’s Why That’s Promising

Hamid Karzai: US colluded with ISIL in Afghanistan

Nation That Says It Can't Afford Medicare for All Has Spent $5.6 Trillion on War Since 9/11

Papa John's CEO Blames NFL Protesters for Really Bad Pizza

Thousands of nationalists, fascists march in Warsaw

US Marine trainer guilty of abusing Muslim recruits

‘Cashed-up’ Mother Teresa kept Vatican Bank afloat

The US Southern Command's Silent Occupation of the Amazon

Millions on Brink of Death in Yemen, But Members of Congress Can't Be Bothered With Questions

Yemeni Journalist: Saudi Arabia’s Total Blockade on Yemen is “Death Sentence” for All (VIDEO)

After Mass Murder in Texas, Republicans and Democrats Echo Familiar Refrains

Qatar appoints four women to Shura Council

Greek Oligarch Evangelos Marinakis Faces Criminal Charges After Expanding his Media Empire

Three Richest Americans Now Own More Wealth Than Bottom Half of US Combined

Kathy Griffin’s Wild Show: Defiant, Shaken, Then Fainting

The only one punished since Eric Garner's killing is the person who recorded it

Remove ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ as national anthem, California NAACP urges

California NAACP proposes removing 'Star-Spangled Banner' as national anthem

Holding onto Your Humanity in Solitary Confinement

Pacific Islanders Demand End of Fossil Fuels

Spanish court annuls Catalan independence declaration

Most of Congress 'Likes War' and Opposes Ending US Support for Saudi War in Yemen

UK minister Priti Patel resigns over secret Israel trip

Donna Brazile Sheds Further Light on the Arrogance That Brought Down Clinton Campaign

Case Is Dropped Against Activist Who Laughed at Jeff Sessions’s Hearing

Detroit: From Motor City to Housing Incubator

A call for restricted maximum income

NYPD Officers Are Charged with Rape of Teenager (VIDEO)

Saudi helicopter crash 'kills high-ranking prince'

'Paradise Papers' Reveal Tax Avoidance of the Global Aristocracy

Woman fired for ‘obscene’ gesture aimed at Trump’s motorcade

Texas church shooter threatened mother-in-law before rampage

With Support from the West, the Saudi Massacre on Yemen Continues

Spanish Judge Orders Arrests of Catalan Independence Leadership

Greek Economist Yanis Varoufakis on Nazi Resurgence in Europe (VIDEO)

St. Louis Rises Up Against Police Violence Again

Mass shooting reported at Texas church

Trump’s Tax Plan is Class War Against the Poor (VIDEO)

Thousands Descend on German Coalfields in Protest

Media Make Excuses for Bush Sr.'s 'Cop-a-Feel' Assaults

Russia retaliates after Canada imposes sanctions

Economist Yanis Varoufakis: Puerto Ricans Deserve an Escape from “Permanent Debt Prison” (VIDEO)

Donna Brazile Confesses that DNC Rigged Primaries

11 Saudi princes, 4 ministers arrested as crown prince unleashes crackdown on corruption

The Prelude to the Russian Revolution of 1917

Eritrea opposition: Security forces kill 28 protesters

UK's defence chief resigns over sex allegations

Tesla stock falls on Model 3 delays, biggest-ever quarterly loss

New Investigation Links Berta Cáceres’s Assassination to Executives at Honduran Dam Company (VIDEO)

New York attack suspect charged with providing support to Islamic State