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Student Loan Delinquencies Skyrocket Signaling 'Latest Red Flag'

EPA Urged to Take Action as EU Proposes Partial Ban on Pesticides Linked to Bee Die-Offs

Judge Orders Government to Immediately Suspend Secret Censor’s Ability to Interrupt Military Commission

Mass Killings: Why American Men Are "Going Postal"

Obama's Non-Closing of Gitmo

Immigration Reform Must Begin With Moratorium on Deportations

Hurricane Sandy in the Age of Disposability and Neoliberal Terror

Lack of Criminal Prosecutions Linked to Obama and Holder's Wall St. Connections

France, Germany celebrate 50 years of reconciliation

As Predicted, Austerity Policies Send US Economy Downward

Forced Contraception of Jewish Ethopian Women Is Tip of Global Iceberg

At least 6 hurt in Phoenix office complex shooting

Dutch Court Delivers Blow to Nigerians with Shell Oil Acquittals

City of Oakland Battles Obama Administration Over Medical Marijuana

Is Egypt on the Brink of Collapse?

A Fifth of Global Investing Considered “Sustainable”, Industry Reports

On doping, Lance Amstrong says "criticism is petty bullshit"

Toyota recalls 1.3m cars over airbag and windscreen wiper faults

Obama Admin. Fails to Prosecute Banking Fraud to 'Save the System'

Timothy Geithner Saved Wall Street, Not the Economy

Ex-Shin Bet Chiefs Denounce Occupation, Compare Israel to Nazi Germany

The New Extremism and Politics of Distraction in the Age of Austerity

Media Spies: Intelligence agencies infiltrate and actively work to influence mainstream media

Do You Give As Much Thought to Restaurant Workers as You Do to Your Organic Chicken?

French parliament to review gay marriage bill

New York State Museum exhibits Gordon Parks photography celebrating his 100th birthday

Brazil to give $25 monthly culture stipend to workers to go to movies, read books or visit museums

What's Wrong with the "Right to Work"?

Timbuktu mayor: Mali rebels torched library of historic manuscripts

Palestinians Preparing to Take Israel to International Criminal Court

In Canada, Progressives Stand Against Harper in 'Common Cause'

Finally: The UN Will Investigate Drone Strikes

Jordanians Vote for the First Time Since Arab Spring

Fruitvale, Depiction of Oscar Grant’s Last Day of Life, Takes Top Prizes at Sundance Film Festival

White Power to the Rescue

FDR's Four Freedoms: Diminished and Defiled

Aaron Tobey: Man With 4th Amendment Written on Chest Wins Trial Over Airport Arrest

Obama Administration Seeks New Drone Base in Africa

"Running from Crazy": Mariel Hemingway Tackles Family History of Suicide, Mental Illness in New Doc

As Federal Prosecutors Cash In, Big Bankers Go Unpunished

The President of Perpetual War

Scores dead in Venezuela prison riot, hospital says

French-led forces in Mali push north, US extends support

At Sundance Film Festival, Documentaries Shine Light on Overlooked Stories of Global Injustice

Israeli Elections: The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

Dozens Dead After 21 Convicted in Egyptian Soccer Trial Riots

Fruitvale: Ryan Coogler’s Debut Film on Bay Area Police Slaying of Oscar Grant the Buzz of Sundance

Anonymous takes down US Sentencing Commission website

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou given more than two years in prison

Portugal’s Disappearing Middle Class

Young Public Defenders Brave Staggering Caseloads, Low Pay to Represent the Poor

Summit of the Peoples Demands Solidarity and Sovereignty

UNESCO Warns Australia Over Destruction of Great Barrier Reef

When Trees Die, People Die

Cooperatives and Community Work Are Part of American DNA

US to end ban on women in frontline combat

Seattle Teachers' Boycott of High Stakes Tests Spreads

WikiLeaks Legal Adviser: "We Steal Secrets" Overlooks Key Facets of Julian Assange’s Persecution

North Korea plans nuclear test and says rocket programme is targeted at US

"Unintended Consequences of Military Intervention": Mali, Algeria Crisis Tied to Libya War

The Ugly Canadian: Harper Policy in Latin America

Violence is Deeply Rooted in American Culture: An Interview With Henry A. Giroux

As Obama Prepares for 2nd Term, Tavis Smiley Urges Him to Take Up MLK’s Fight Against Poverty

What Would a Down-to-Earth Economy Look Like?

Exclusive: Aaron Swartz’s Partner, Expert Witness Say Prosecutors Unfairly Targeted Dead Activist

Canadian Aid to Haiti Tied to Mining Interests

Deadly Algerian gas plant rescue mission ends

Judge ruules Bradley Manning cannot defend himself - truncated defense to be allowed

Tunisian consensus 'unique in the Arab world'

Platinum Miners and Class Struggle in South Africa

Cubans allowed to go abroad without permit

Time, CNN Suspend Columnist Zakaria

Boycott of Standardized Tests Spreads as Seattle Teachers Revolt

Reform Advocates Celebrate "Supermax" Tamms Prison Closing

Why a Woman Should Lead the FCC

7 men gang rape bus passenger in India

Paul Krugman: US Economic Policy Resulting in 'Vast, Unnecessary Catastrophe'

In Haiti, Aid Dollars Corroded Social Fabric

A Guantanamo Prisoner Is Buried as New Details About His Death Begin to Surface

Why are Bob Woodward's WH sources - or Woodward himself - not on trial next to Bradley Manning?

France joins fight against Mali Islamists

With Chávez Ailing, Venezuela’s Longstanding Divisions Threaten New Political Upheaval

'Injustice and Illegality' Continue as Guantanamo Enters Year 12

‘Death of a Prisoner’ at Obama's Guantánamo

Bronx Residents Accosted by NYPD Win Landmark Court Ruling Deeming "Stop and Frisk" Tactic Illegal

Mr. President, Education Is a Human Right, Not a Product

Massive Cuts to Postal Service a Step Towards Privatization?

Big Oil, Big Ketchup and "The Assassination of Hugo Chavez"

General McChrystal compares Afghans to teenager who need US in parental role

The Progressive Caucus: Enabling Obama's Rightward Moves

Drawing the Line: Wherever It Is, Irate Judge Rules Stop-and-Frisk Crossed It

Failure of Current TV - Gore Wouldn't Take on Bush

French family locked in squalid flat for over a year

Ecuador vs The Bankers

Military Judge Refuses to Toss Out Charges Against Bradley Manning: Calls His Pretrial Punishment Illegal

Cornell West: A Voice in the Wilderness

4 Years After Vow to Close Gitmo, Why Has Obama Signed NDAA Bill Barring Transfer of Its Prisoners?

'Smoking Gun': Tar Sands Report Eviscerates Industry Claims

Exclusive: As Gitmo Turns 11, Al Jazeera’s Sami al-Hajj on 6-Year Ordeal of U.S. Detention, Torture

Canada Wages a "Low Level War" Against Iran

Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary

Community Leads its Own Relief Efforts in the Rockaways

A Liberace film too gay? No such thing

Former Adviser: Obama as 'Ruthless and Indifferent to Rule of Law' as Bush

Obama Signs NDAA Bill Allowing Indefinite Detention; Obama Orders Assassinations with No Oversight

Chuck Hagel Faces Tough Confirmation from Senate Hawks for Rejecting Party Line on Israel, Iran

Idle No More: Indigenous Peoples in Canada Actions in Support of Chief's Hunger Strike

US banks agree $18.5bn settlements in effort to clean up mortgage crisis

Obama’s "Assassination Czar" John Brennan Brings Legacy of Drone War and Torture to CIA

Obama Nominates John Brennan, 'Kill List' Architect, as New CIA Chief

Climate Change and Poverty: The Post-Crisis Crises

Hacker Group Anonymous Leaks Chilling Video in Case of Alleged Steubenville Rape, Cover-Up

Wildfires Rage Across Tasmania As Australia Swelters Under Heatwave

Those Who Say "I Support the Troops" Should Just Stop, Out of Respect for the Troops

Nelson Mandela recovers from lung infection and gallstone surgery

Damien Hirst's split from Larry Gagosian turns heads in art world

American Dynasties Perpetuated by "Cliff" Estate Tax Deal

Lance Armstrong considering doping confession, reports say

Hugo Chavez battles 'severe' post-surgery lung infection

Newly Sworn-In 113th Congress Is the Most Diverse in History, But Not the Most Progressive

Noam Chomsky: The Gravest Threat to World Peace

Bought, Sold and Abused in Yemen

Berlin's homeless find voice in choir founded by NYC jazz singer

Amsterdam's Plan to Resettle "Antisocial Tenants" in Containment Camps

Walmart Blocked Improvements Despite Vows To Improve Safety After Deadly Factory Fire

Cliff Deal a "Moderate" Betrayal

Gunman kills three in Swiss village shooting

France's Censorship Demands to Twitter Are More Dangerous Than 'Hate Speech'

Pope calls for new economic model, more ethical markets

Democracy Now!: 2012 Culture and Resistance

Midnight Weddings Commence as Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Official in Maine

Dozens crushed to death in Ivory Coast stampede

There Is No American Left

'Where Do the Children Play?' In Shadow of Fukushima Disaster... Inside