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Today: Poetry

Today I was dreamin' of something I forgot to remember A grade school cross guard was I In my shiny uniform Helping kids cross the street I was happy just to be I was happy being me Later walking home Eating berries on the way Hoping that, this eve On this day I would find Mother baking My most favorite cake I was thinking of my friends And a little kitten stray That I fed table scraps When Mother looked away And to think all this happened In just one day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today 25 November 2002 A Poem by Max Eternity All Rights Reserved

I Now See: Poetry

I now see that I have the power As I open my eyes to all that is I see that I am connected to all that I love That I can transcend all that I loathe So, I now embrace all that comes my way Though I may not condone I may not condemn Instead, I nurture my body in wellness As I fill my mind with wisdom and peace And in justice, I use my voice to speak my innermost truth On this day, in this hour I now see that I have the power I now see _________________________________________ A poem by Max Eternity July 16, 2005 All Rights Reserved

The Hope of Tomorrow: Poetry

The thought explodes from the center of nowhere laughing and crying at the same time an expression of joy singing a song of sorrow Deep within my local mind i find this place amused in time in love with all it's smallness in awe of it's great expanse When we find ourselves in nowhere space it's easy to think you're lost it's easy to think we've been forgotten and easier still to just forget But realizing yet the hope of tomorrow i see myself relaxed and calm neatly silenced, embraced by a sweeter charm _____________________________________________ The Hope of Tomorrow by Max Eternity 2 March 2007 All Rights Reserved