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Greece defaults on debt repayment as bailout expires

Charleston Massacre Forces White Nationalists Out of the Shadows

States Are Fighting to Keep Towns From Offering Their Own Broadband

Legendary Activist, Organizer Grace Lee Boggs Turns 100

Amid Warnings of Famine, Yemeni Civilians Trapped Inside Conflict with No End in Sight

Joseph Stiglitz to Greece’s Creditors: Abandon Austerity Or Face Global Fallout

Texas minister set himself on fire and died to ‘inspire’ justice

Freedom Flotilla III: Activists Sail to Break Gaza Blockade

Savatores Babones: Everybody should get ten paid sick days, ten paid holidays, and ten paid vacation days as a bare minimum

'We Can't Wait Any Longer': Activist Removes Confederate Flag from SC Statehouse

In Bernie Sanders, an unlikely — but real — threat to Hillary Clinton

Think California’s Drought Is Bad? Try Palestine’sThink California’s Drought Is Bad? Try Palestine’s

China Blasts US for 'Brazen' Human Rights Abuses at Home and Abroad

U.S. Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage

Google’s Cars are Now Smarter, and Slower

Mississippi private prisons hold inmates longer, without reducing crime

Fatal Friday: Scores dead after France, Tunisia & Kuwait hit by terrorist attacks

Love Wins! Today Is a Historic Day for Equality

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Take Down the Confederate Flag — and White Supremacist Culture with It

After Walter Scott Murder & Church Massacre, "Black Lives Matter" Takes on Special Meaning in SC

Monsanto's Covert War on European Food Security

Billionaire Families Lobby to Repeal Estate Tax and Further Entrench US Oligarchy

New Nina Simone Film Captures Singer and Activist’s Uncompromising Voice

As Rachel Dolezal Breaks Silence, a Roundtable Discussion on Race, Appropriation and Identity

Electronic Voting Fraud

Torture Is Already Illegal, So Why "Ban" It?

Pentagon rewrites ‘Law of War’ declaring ‘belligerent’ journalists as targets

An Explaination: Why Corporate Media Refuses "Terrorist" Label for Dylan Roof

Student Protests Forces Columbia University to Divest from Prisons

New York Times staff mimicked mass killings in leaked photos

Children of Smog in Delhi

International Banking Cartel Develops New Methods of Legal Blackmail

South Carolina Governor Urges Removal of Confederate Flag

West Philly shooting: 7 people, incl. 2 kids critical after gunman ‘randomly’ fires in street

War, Murder and the "American" Way

Spy Agency's Secret Plans to Foster Online "Conformity" and "Obedience" Exposed

Confederate Flag Still Flies at South Carolina State Capitol

Is FBI Ignoring White Violence by Refusing to Call Roof a Terrorist?

'You Have a Choice': Veterans Call On Drone Operators to Refuse Orders

On Remembrance and Resisting Desecration

In Face of White Supremacist Violence, Families Express Grief and Forgiveness

Julian Assange marks 3rd anniversary exiled in London’s Ecuador embassy

This is American Terrorism: White Supremacy’s Brutal, Centuries-Long Campaign of Violence

Why Charleston Shooter Isn't Being Called A Terrorist: White Riots vs Black Protests

Shooters of Color Are Called 'Terrorists' and 'Thugs.' Why Are White Shooters Called ‘Mentally Ill'?

South Carolina Massacre: Why Don’t We Call Killing of 9 Black Churchgoers an Act of Terrorism?

Massacre at South Carolina’s Emanuel AME an Attack on Historic Landmark of African-American Freedom

Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur: Unraveling the Politics of His Life and Assassination

Pope Francis: "Bold Cultural Revolution" Needed to Save Planet from Climate Change & Consumerism

One in Every 122 Humans Forcibly Displaced by War and Persecution

Suspected gunman caught after manhunt, despair shakes Charleston

Agent Orange victims in Air Force Reserves now eligible for compensation

Industrial Agriculture Is a Threat to World Food Supply

Massacre in Charleston: 9 Shot Dead at Historic Black Church

Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

Guilty of Killing Journalists, Israel Mocks Foreign Correspondents in Gaza

The Wild Ride of President-Elect Bernie Sanders

The Yes Men Are Revolting: In New Film, Legendary Pranksters Take On Polluters Behind Climate Change

US Navy War Games in Gulf of Alaska Threaten One of World’s Most Pristine Areas

John Cusack Addresses the 'Chiraq' Controversy Erupting from Spike Lee's new Film

Italy threatens EU: 'Sort out migrant mess you caused or get hurt’

The Story of Levi Dehmann: Police Violence in Small-Town America

US Military Preparing Mobilization to Russian Border States

Associated Press Publishes Hit Job on Tamir Rice

AIPAC Crushed in House Trade Vote

The 13 cities where millennials can't afford homes

An American Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates

From Solitary to the Street: Coping with Freedom After Years in Prison Isolation

After Katrina, the Residents of New Orleans Saved Themselves

The Wanted 18: Israel Blocks Palestinian Filmmaker from Making NYC Film Premiere About Intifada Cows

McKinney Cop Defenders Are Ugly, Racist & Worse Than You Think

UN Peacekeepers in Haiti Force Girls to Trade Sex for Food, Medicine

Cleveland Judge Recommends Charges for Police Who Killed Tamir Rice

Ex-U.N. Official John Dugard: Israel’s Crimes are "Infinitely Worse" Than in Apartheid South Africa

Sanders to Clinton: The Time to Come Clean on TPP, Fast Track is 'Right Now'

Missile killing of 4 Gaza boys not a crime, Israel rules

Kalief Browder, Albert Woodfox and the Torture of Solitary Confinement

Traumatized by 3 Years at Rikers Without Charge, Ex-Teen Prisoner Kalief Browder Commits Suicide

Black Americans and the Military: This Country Is Not to Die for

Ezell Ford’s Shooting Death Shines Light on LAPD Brutality

Ornette Coleman: "A Visionary" Jazz Legend

Why free meals for kids is a great idea

On Being Poor: How Poverty Inflames and Erodes Every Aspect of Life

Louisiana Fights Release of Longest-Serving U.S. Prisoner in Solitary

Grannies Arrested for Protecting Arctic from Oil Drillers

Climate Change Is Sinking Florida's East Coast

After 43 Years in Solitary, Last 'Angola 3' Inmate Ordered Released

Pulling a Gun on a Pool Party? Texas Cop Suspended After Manhandling Bikini-Clad Black Teen

Sexually Abusing A Teen Boy Is Just Part of Dennis Hastert's Transgressions

30 Years Later, Will France Ever Apologize For Fatal Bombing of Greenpeace Ship?

Green Energy Surging and you’ll never Guess Why

John Oliver: ‘Bail Has Become a Way to Lock Up the Poor Regardless of Guilt’

Thou Shalt Not Kill

The American Spring Has Begun

Police Killing Unarmed Black People at Alarming Rate

‘Third World War being fought piecemeal’: Pope Francis slams global ‘atmosphere of war’

Community-Based Alternatives to Incarceration: A Win-Win for Parents and Children

From Occupying Banks to City Hall: Meet Barcelona’s New Mayor Ada Colau

FIFA Scandal Symbolizes Driving Force of Spectacle Sports: It's About the Money

Woman says her brother was sexually abused by Dennis Hastert

Death of college student in Georgia jail ruled homicide

A Fossil Fuel Free World is Possible

"Cultural Genocide": Landmark Report Decries Canada’s Forced Schooling of Indigenous Children

This LGBT Pride, Let’s Celebrate Difference Not Sameness

‘Where’s the $500 mn?’ Red Cross promises houses for 130,000 Haitians, ’builds only 6’

New York Times beat the drums of war an genocide against Syria

Wikileaks exposes the secrets of global privitization plan with massive document dump

National Union of Students executive committee votes to boycott Israeli goods

Edward Snowden Opened The Door for NSA Reform

Cops Growing More Aggressive Against Black People in Missouri

WikiLeaks Launches Campaign to Offer $100,000 "Bounty" for Leaked Drafts of Secret TPP Chapters

Old and Broke in America?

Organic Farming Flourishes in Cuba, But Can It Survive Entry of U.S. Agribusiness?

Video Postcard from Havana: Cuban Tourism Industry Adapts During These Changing Times

40 Reasons Our Jails and Prisons Are Full of Black and Poor People

Anonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond Promotes Prison Abolition From Behind Bars

Introducing Caitlyn Jenner

Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner breaks Twitter record with gender-transition announcement

San Francisco introduces advance-pay dining

Chinese ship sinks with at least 450 on board

Discarding the Elderly

Gay High School Student Delivers Uncensored Valedictorian Speech