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Teamsters union pays $2.9m to settle racial discrimination lawsuit

How Chinese mafia run a scam factory in Myanmar

Lead prosecutor in Trump’s Georgia case dodges testimony on Willis allegations

Israeli Cabinet Members Join Settler Event of Thousands Calling for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza

Israel is the world’s Frankenstein state

French lawmakers vote to enshrine abortion in constitution

Chita Rivera, illustrious Broadway star, dies aged 91

Venezuela accuses US of ‘blackmail’ over sanctions

Pelosi Calls for FBI to Investigate Cease-Fire Supporters

Evergrande collapse: Hong Kong court orders liquidation of China property giant

French farmers block motorways around Paris in stand-off with government

Snoop Dogg now says he has ‘nothing but love and respect’ for Trump

AOC says no one should be ‘tossed out of public discourse’ for accusing Israel of genocide

After leaked deportation plans, civil society urges ban on far-right AfD

Eagle Pass is today’s Fort Sumter. Biden must federalize the Texas National Guard.

3 U.S. service members killed in drone attack in Jordan

US historians sign brief to support Colorado’s removal of Trump from ballot

Protesters rally after US university cancels Palestinian artist's exhibit

Two boys aged 15 and 16 killed in stabbing attack in Bristol

Femicide in Kenya: What’s causing an epidemic of violence against women?

Brutality of oppression: Ai Weiwei speaks on Gaza, China and New York City

Iran launches three satellites into orbit amid rising tensions with West

US Court Hears Case Alleging Biden Complicit in Israel's Genocide in Gaza

‘War criminal’: Arab Americans rebuff Biden campaign outreach over Gaza

France drops plan to decrease farmers' diesel discount but protests to continue

US Cuts UNRWA Funds Over Israeli Allegations

South Africa president: ‘Israel’s crimes are clear, we will not back down from truth’

Iran is now on Israel’s borders

‘Out of control’: Congresswoman sounds alarm over ‘unchecked’ gambling boom

Cornel West rebukes RFK Jr. for defending MLK wiretap

‘Israel’s supporters have been put on notice’, say experts on ICJ verdict

Why are Israeli soldiers sharing snuff videos from their genocide in Gaza?

Thousands across Austria to take part in protests against far right

Cervical cancer deaths rise among low-income Americans

UN court orders Israel to ensure acts of genocide are not committed in Gaza

Campaign to Demonize Palestinian Advocacy Shows Cracks at Columbia and in Courts

What the ICJ’s interim ruling means for Israel’s war on Gaza

Professors Slam Columbia’s Response to Chemical Skunk Attack on Students at Pro-Palestine Protest

EU, UN rights office express regret for Alabama nitrogen gas execution

Is social media harmful by design?

Alabama executes Kenneth Smith using untested method of nitrogen gas

French farmers block roads, dump produce as protest moves closer to Paris

In Hong Kong, decades of wealth gains evaporate on China’s watch

Will a US court order Biden to stop ‘complicity’ in Gaza genocide?

French court annuls large part of country’s new immigration law

Cal State Professors Win 'Historic' Deal Hours After Largest University Strike in US History

Know their names: Palestinian children killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza

More than one-third of Americans say Israel is committing genocide in Gaza

Following Yemen’s Houthis, Iraq resistance announces naval blockade on Israel

Activists unfurl banner at Madrid Museum to demand Gaza ceasefire

Ted fellows resign from organisation after Bill Ackman named as speaker

Egypt Sisi accuses Israel of impeding aid deliveries to Gaza

Minnesota Trooper Charged With Murder in Black Motorist’s Death

Argentinians stage nationwide strike against Javier Milei’s far-right agenda

UAW Chief Says Billionaires—Not Migrants—Are Real Threat to Working Class

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei on Israel, Gaza & Censorship

German train drivers begin their longest-ever strike

How Israel controls $188 million of Palestinian money every month

Nose wheel falls off Boeing 757 passenger jet awaiting takeoff

Johnny Marr blasts Donald Trump for playing the Smiths song at rally

Russia says no survivors in crash of plane carrying 65 Ukrainian POWs

LA Times fires 115 journalists in ‘HR zoom webinar’ following union protests

Kenya death cult leader charged after hundreds found dead in forest

'The last straw' for farmers in the EU: 'Work isn't appreciated, no prospects for family farms'

Progressive Lawmakers Unveil Bill to Attack 'Disease' of Corporate Greed

St. Louis’s Ceasefire Resolution Is a Testament to Black-Palestinian Solidarity

Why replacing fossil fuels is "a whale of an issue"

UN Chief Says 'Unprecedented' Israeli Killing of Civilians in Gaza Must End

"The U.S. just bombed Yemen again"

Family in ‘Shock’ Over Death of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Youngest Son

Macy's rejects $5.8 billion takeover offer

DHS raids Chinese car parts maker's U.S. headquarters

Egypt backs Somalia in dispute over Ethiopia-Somaliland deal

Israeli soldier shoots, kills friend after recently returning home from Gaza

1,000 mosques destroyed in Israeli onslaught on Gaza

UN General Secretary Guterres says refusing a Palestinian state Is 'Totally Unacceptable'

‘Everyone, together, against fascism’: protests sweep Germany after exposé of AfD party’s deportation ‘masterplan’

The west’s complete contempt for the lives of Palestinians will not be forgotten

Indonesia files lawsuit against Israel at ICJ

Louisiana lawmakers pass new Congressional map adding 2nd majority-Black district

L.A. Times union walks out in protest of ‘substantial’ coming job cuts

Gravesites from former Black cemetery discovered at Florida air force base

Japan’s ‘Moon Sniper’ makes historic lunar landing

Ohio Pastor Charged for Opening Church to Homeless People in Freezing Weather

Germans protest nationwide after far-fight meeting on deportation of migrants

NYC Mayor Adams Vetoes Solitary Confinement Ban

Pressley, Raskin Lead Call for Biden to Oppose 'Forced Expulsion' of Gazans

Germany’s parliament approves easing citizenship laws

Silence is Complicity: Americans Must Oppose the Ongoing Israeli Assault on Gaza

Israel Blows Up Gaza University

EU Gaza Resolution Slammed as 'Green Light for Butchery to Continue'

Spelman College receives historic $100M donation

Israel’s War on Journalists: More Reporters Killed in Gaza in 3 Months Than Any Country

Palestinian Artist Samia Halaby Slams Indiana University for Canceling Exhibit

EU citizens are being kicked out of the UK

What happens when a school bans smartphones?

Holocaust Survivor Marione Ingram Decries Climate of Censorship After Her Hamburg Talks Are Canceled

Biggest NATO drills since Cold War to start next week

Biden allies plot to thwart third-party bids that threaten his reelection

Qatar, France broker deal to get aid, medication to civilians, hostages in Gaza

Germans protest nationwide after far-right meeting on deportation plan

150 Mennonites Arrested at Capitol for Peacefully Demanding Gaza Cease-Fire

In Gaza, the West Is Enabling the Most Transparent Genocide in Human History

Biden Becomes Fourth U.S. President to Bomb Yemen

Brazilian lawmaker asks ‘What war crimes has Israel not committed in Gaza yet?’

US judge blocks JetBlue from acquiring Spirit Airlines

Germans take to streets after AfD meeting on mass deportation plan

Dr. King Would Have Marched for a Cease-Fire in Gaza

Houthi rebels claim missile strike on US-owned ship off Yemen

Hertz is selling 20,000 used EVs due to high repair costs

Fani Willis breaks silence on misconduct accusations

Ex-boss of China’s state-run bank Everbright arrested on corruption charges

UN chief calls for ‘immediate’ ceasefire in Gaza

Scientist cited in push to oust Harvard’s Claudine Gay has links to eugenicists

Bloodied Baby Dolls Left Outside White House to Protest Biden's Complicity in Gaza

Three migrants drown at US border as Texas blocked their rescue

Over 50% of Gaza buildings damaged or destroyed in Israel's bombardment

Namibia condemns Germany for defending Israel in ICJ genocide case

Taiwan tells China to 'face reality' and respect election results

South Africa's president says he stands by genocide claims against Israel

Hundreds of thousands attend 7th national march for Palestine in London

Jewish Democrats grill Israeli ambassador on far-right ministers

Biden says US does not support Taiwan’s independence following election

Cape Verde becomes fourth African country to eliminate malaria

Biden denounced for bypassing Congress over Yemen strikes

Leading tech journalist quits Substack over platform’s Nazi newsletters

Norway to allow mining waste to be dumped in fjords

OIC applauds delivery of South Africa genocide case against Israel at ICJ

South Africa says 'Genocidal speech embodied in Israeli state policy'

Man who died in Alabama prison was reportedly returned to family without organs

As UAW Ramps Up Organizing, Tesla Boosts Wages for US Factory Workers

George Carlin’s daughter lambasts AI-generated video of late comedian

A Chance to Hold Israel–and the United States–to Account for Genocide

Nikki Haley’s pretend slavery ‘gaffe’ told us what this election is about

Ecuador in 'state of war' against cartels amid surge in violence

South Africa Presents Genocide Case Against Israel at ICJ

Naoimi Klein says world must stop Israel's war crimes

Nations Urged to Back ICJ Case Against Israel After Experts Confirm Genocide Underway

Elise Stefanik Breaks Fundraising Record After College Antisemitism Hearing

Norway 'Failed the World' With Vote in Favor of Deep-Sea Mining

Google faces multibillion-dollar US patent trial over AI technology

Israeli Knesset Member Backs Genocide Case at International Court of Justice

100 lawyers in Chile call on ICC to probe Netanyahu for war crimes in Gaza

Biden administration revamps gig worker rule

Bolivia backs South Africa's ICJ genocide case against Israel

David Bowie would have failed in today’s cut-throat music industry, says Nile Rodgers

Jordan's king warns Blinken of repercussions of ongoing war in Gaza

Jeremy Corbyn says 'Israel' needs to be held accountable for genocide in Gaza