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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is moved out of solitary confinement into Belmarsh prison medical wing

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15 State Attorneys General Sue Trump Over New SNAP Work Requirements

$600M Property Tax Overcharge Is Eroding Detroit’s Black Homeownership

US Senate opens Trump impeachment trial as nonpartisan office issues critical report on Ukraine aid

Greece to elect first woman president, Ekaterini Sakellaropoulou

Scientists Say Hot Ocean 'Blob' Killed One Million Seabirds

Nissan denies rumours of plan to divorce from Renault

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Bring Democracy Back to North Carolina

Koalas, wallabies endangered by Australia bushfires 'ecological disaster'

‘Cautious optimism’: Northern Ireland’s government restored after 3-year deadlock

For Western Press, the Only Coup in Venezuela Is Against Guaidó

President Tsai Ing-wen declares victory in Taiwan election, opposition candidate concedes defeat

In Spite of Prison Reforms Incarceration Rates Remain High

As Virginia governor vows new gun control push, capitol braces for protests

Warren Stands to Gain From Castro Donors After Endorsement

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25 People and 1 Billion Animals Are Dead from Australia’s Bushfires

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Iran rejects claims it shot down Ukraine passenger jet

The Global War of Error

Putin makes rare visit to Syria, meets Assad

A digital effort is underway to preserve centuries of records about enslaved people

Puerto Rico declares state of emergency after wide quake damage

An Earth-sized planet found in the habitable zone of a nearby star

Australia strengthens bushfire defenses as economic, environmental costs mount

Galette des rois: France begins the new year with a cake for kings

Trump Threatens Afghan Armageddon

First Lady of the World: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Impact on New Deal to U.N. Declaration of Human Rights (video)

New Delhi: Students, teachers attacked inside JNU campus

Rep. Ro Khanna on Qassem Soleimani Assassination: Trump’s Actions Are Unconstitutional (VIDEO)

All Students Should Receive Free School Meals

raqi Parliament Votes to Expel All American Troops and Submit UN Complaint Against US for Violation of Sovereignty

Soleimani's death will give Iran renewed legitimacy

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Chain-reaction crash kills five, injures 60 on Pennsylvania Turnpike

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Mormons and money: An unorthodox and messy history of church finances

French chef loses ‘Cheddar-gate’ lawsuit over Michelin star demotion

Two Right-Wing Democrats Join Republicans in Asking Supreme Court to Consider Overturning Roe v. Wade

Sanders Vows to Create National Clean Drinking Water Standards

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Mariah Carey first to score #1 hit in four different decades

Visualising the amount of microplastic we eat

'Bombshell' Glosses Over the Horrors of Fox News

Federal Judge Blocks NC's Voter ID Law, Citing State's 'Sordid History' of Racist Voter Suppression

Israel's Netanyahu says will seek parliamentary immunity from prosecution in corruption cases

Australia fire kills firefighter, 100,000 residents urged to flee