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WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Calls on Computer Hackers to Unite Against NSA Surveillance

Apple denies working with NSA on iPhone backdoor

Lawsuit Demands Info on Rule That Permits NSA to Spy on the Whole World

Fiery explosions in ND crude oil train derailment

Homeless Japanese Being 'Recruited' To Clean Up Fukushima Disaster

Glenn Greenwald: The NSA Can "Literally Watch Every Keystroke You Make"

High housing costs push many teachers out of S.F.

Jobless Benefits Cut for 1.3 Million, Despite Highest Long-Term Unemployment Since World War II

New York Mayor-elect de Blasio names former teacher to lead schools

NSA installing malware and spyware on new consumer laptops

US will cling to mass surveillance like nuclear weapons - Assange to RT

Court Uphold’s France’s 75-Percent ‘Millionaires’ Tax’

The public should know what really goes on with drone killing

Female suicide bomber kills 15 in Russia's Volgograd (VIDEO)

Youth Can Handle The Truth

A&E: 'Duck Dynasty' resuming 'with the entire Robertson family'

Obama and Holder Protecting JPMorgan Chase NYC From Criminal Investigation

Guantanamo: Twelve Years of US War Crimes

Wall Street Execs Urged to Donate $91 Billion in Bonuses to Victims of Financial Crisis

There's an Alarming Number of Deaths in US Jails

10 Good Things about the Year 2013

Japan gets Okinawa approval for U.S. Marine base move

Federal judge: NSA phone surveillance legal

'Thousands' killed in South Sudan violence, UN boosts peacekeepers to 12,500

Wave of Israeli Air and Ground Assaults Pounds Gaza

Obama's Quiet Gift to Iraq: Hellfire Missiles and Surveillance Drones

How Do You End Homelessness? If You're This State, You Offer People Homes

Bread and Puppet Theater Founder Peter Schumann on 50 Years of Art and Resistance

Christmas Day Drone Strike Pounds Pakistan

Billion-Dollar Climate Change Denial Network Exposed

Small Town Accidentally Hires Black Drag Queen Dance Troupe for Christmas Parade

iPads for Newborns? Marketing Tablets for Babies 'Horrifies' Parents, Experts

'The Only Thing We Have to Fear...' is the CIA

Food Behind Bars Isn’t Fit for Your Dog

Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of AK-47, dies at 94

"If the Risk Is Low, Let Them Go": Elderly Prison Population Skyrockets Despite Low Risk to Society

Aging Political Prisoners Suffer From Illness, Decades in Solitary Confinement

It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken

Snowden Slams NSA Review as 'Cosmetic'

Are We Falling Off the Climate Precipice? Scientists Consider Extinction

The Worst Long-Term Unemployment Crisis Since the Depression

What's the Difference Between a Meth Kingpin and a Wall Street CEO? The Meth Dealer Might Go to Jail.

Truman's True Warning on the CIA

In San Francisco and Oakland, Residents Fight Back Against Tech Giants

Michael Ratner: NSA Surveillance Program Needs to be Torn Apart from Branch to Branch

Vigil for teen found shot in police car ends with tear gas, and arrests

Fired By Walmart for Christmas

Michelle Alexander on Bill Moyers: Locked Out of the American Dream

Edward Snowden: Person of the Year

Mediastan: WikiLeaks 'Road Movie'

Cracker Barrel rolls over: 'Duck Dynasty' products back

TEPCO detects record radiation at Fukushima’s reactor 2, new leak suspected

Demilitarizing the Economy: A Movement is Underway

3 US Military Aircraft Hit in S. Sudan, 4 Wounded

Indigenous Groups Win Right to Seize Chevron’s Canadian Assets over $18 Billion in Amazon Pollution

Judge strikes down Utah's same-sex marriage ban

We were subjected to 'meticulous, daily torture' – freed Gitmo detainee

Arctic 30 Members Welcome Russian Amnesty, But Refuse to Apologize for Trying to Stop Oil Drilling

Can BlackBerry Be Fixed?

President Obama Orders US Troops to South Sudan

The NSA Review Panel Didn't Answer the Real Question: Was Any of This Legal?

Obama Wrongs the Bill of Rights

Almost 90 hurt as ceiling collapses at London theatre

World's most powerful satellite telescope 'Gaia' launched to map Milky Way in 3D

Volcker Rule Made Meaningless by Abundant Exemptions

New Mexico Supreme Court rules to allow same-sex marriage

Study Shows Gulf Oil Spill Linked to Dolphin Disease and Death

If You Believe the Goverment, ‘You’re Stupid’

Mandela Is Gone, but Apartheid Is Alive and Well in Australia

Public Education and the Arts: Lessons From the New Deal

Unemployed Americans Speak Out as Benefits are Slashed at Christmas

Edward Snowden: NSA Surveillance Is about Power, Not "Safety"

Morsi Charged with Terrorism as Egyptian Military Widens Crackdown on Journalists, Activists

Target: 40 million credit cards compromised

A Wedding Was Bombed–Don't Worry, It Was by the US, Not in the US

D.C. Workers Win $11.50 Minimum Wage Increase

Putin 'to pardon' jailed former oil tycoon Khodorkovsky

'NSA ruined it!' Brazil ditches Boeing jets, grants $4.5 bln contract to Saab

NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe Details Gov’t Retaliation After Helping Expose "Gross Mismanagement"

Secret CIA Torture Report Outed by Senator

Under Amazon’s CIA Cloud: The Washington Post

Published: The Autobiography of Mark Twain – Volume 2

Gold drops in volatile trade after Fed says to cut stimulus

Bitcoin takes 50% plunge after China's biggest exchange bans new deposits

Mandela and Arafat

President Obama's NSA Review Group Is Typical Administration Whitewash

Edward Snowden is a Patriot

A Powerful Rebuke of Mass Surveillance

Freedom for Arctic 30, Pussy Riot Celebrated as Russian Amnesty Law Passes

Mandela and the ANC Brought Real Political Changes to Post- Apartheid South Africa

Obama and Climate Change: The Real Story

Pope Francis Labels Capitalism "New Tyranny", But Is It More Than Rhetoric?

Study: Chemicals Linked to Cancer, Birth Defects in Water Near Fracking Hotspots

On Selling Out: Progressives on the Take

Selling of ADHD: Diagnoses and Prescriptions Soar After 20-Year Marketing Effort by Big Pharma

Gunpowder and Blood on Their Cold, Dead Hands

Sen. Feinstein Defends NSA Spying as 'Major Tool' to Stop 'Terrorists'

As Judge Rules NSA Surveillance "Almost Orwellian," Obama Prepares to Leave Spying Program Intact

Revealed: Norway spies on Russia for NSA

America’s Child Soldiers

Where is the Political Leadership on Gun Control?

Edward Snowden says judge's ruling vindicates NSA surveillance disclosures

Pirate Bay relocates to Peru while working on ‘domain-irrelevant’ browser

The Permanent Crisis at Fukushima

Nikki Giovanni on Poetry, Grief and Her New Book, "Chasing Utopia: A Hybrid"

"Makes Absolutely No Sense": Budget Deal That Helps Billionaires, Not the Poor

Betty Dodson's Feminist Sex Wars

'Snowden Vindicated': Judge Rules Against 'Indiscriminate' NSA Spying

A Look at Abortion in Haiti

Actor Peter O'Toole dead, aged 81

Nelson Mandela buried at Qunu ancestral home

Nelson Mandela buried at Qunu ancestral home

Syrian rebels execute 80 civilians outside Damascus

White House delayed enacting rules ahead of 2012 election to avoid controversy

Italian girl ‘sexually assaulted’ riot cop with a kiss

Snowden Reveals Extent of Canada's Spying on Behalf of NSA

United Nations Warns of Toxic E-Waste Surge Ahead of Holiday

New York Times Professional Lies About Thailand's Upheaval

Irresponsible or humane? Belgians split over child euthanasia bill approval

Colorado school shooting suspect takes own life

Fossil Fuel's Wastewater Creating Earthquake Boom

Self-Censorship Biggest Failure of Israeli Media

"One of Our Greatest Coups": The CIA & the Capture of Nelson Mandela

Michael Lehnert: Here's why It's long past time that we close Guantánamo

‘This is not a movement you are going to stop’ – Connecticut governor signs first GMO labeling law in US

Uruguay Becomes First Country To Fully Legalize Marijuana

Obama Delivers Another Raw Deal

Coke's Conspiracy Against Tap Water

Chris Matthews and the Reagan Myth

The End of the Internet As We Know It

Published: Time Magazine's Snowden Snub

Coolant problem at International Space Station disrupting some systems - NASA

Walton Family Foundation Spent $91.4 Million Greenwashing and Walmarting Rivers and Oceans in 2012

ALEC’s "Institutional Corruption," From Backing Apartheid to Assault on Clean Energy, Public Sector

How History Will Remember Obama (Hint: Not Well)

A Cruel, Irresponsible and Dysfunctional Budget Deal

Congress Blew It - Again: The National Budget Should Reflect National Priorities

Obama's Oil Expansion Plans: A Clear and Present Danger to Public Safety

Violent mass looting engulfs Argentina amid police strike, 9 dead

US government sells last of its GM shares

Nation's Tech Giants Unite in Demand for Surveillance Reform

What would Universal Healthcare look like in the US?

"A Pan-Africanist Hero": Nelson Mandela Remembered by African Union Commission Chairwoman

Raúl Castro Praises Nelson Mandela’s "Unwavering Dedication to the Revolutionary Struggle"

Desmond Tutu’s Lively Tribute to Nelson Mandela: "He Gave Us an Incredible Gift"

Maya Angelou’s Tribute to Nelson Mandela: We Lift Our Tearful Voices to Say 'Thank You'

Same-sex marriages to be allowed in England, Wales from March

Measuring Food Waste

Guilty verdict in California city corruption trial