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Former Watergate Prosecutor: We Need Officials Who Will Stand Up to Trump

Billionaires Arrive in Davos on Private Jets to "Solve" Inequality While Starving Children Eat Ashes in Madacascar

Chad foreign minister Moussa Faki Mahamat to head African Union

African Union criticises US for ‘taking many of our people as slaves’ and not taking refugees

Ford breaks from Trump over ban as Detroit Muslims protest

Trump fires acting attorney general for refusing to defend legality of his refugee ban

Starbucks Vows to Hire 10,000 Refugees in Response to Trump's Ban

Mexico says Israel should apologize over Netanyahu wall tweet

Trump signs executive order to block new government regulations

Gunmen kill 6, injure 8 in ‘terrorist attack’ on worshipers at Quebec City mosque

More US judges rule to restrict Trump ‘Muslim ban’ travel order

‘We must respond’: European leaders criticize Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

Airbnb offers free housing to refugees affected by Muslim travel ban

UN Ambassador Haley Lashes Out at US Allies in a Message of Vengance

America Should Look in the Mirror

US judge blocks deportations under Trump's Muslim ban

Former KGB chief who helped British spy Christopher Steele compile his lurid Trump dossier found dead

Madeleine Albright and Mayim Bialik vow to join Trump's Muslim registry

Trump banned refugees on Holocaust Remembrance Day. That says everything

L.A. tallies its homeless population amid concern about rising encampments

John Hurt, the actor who died in ‘so many spectacular ways’

Federal judge blocks Texas law requiring funeral rites for aborted or miscarried fetuses

Protesters Descend on JFK as Immigration Officials Detain Refugees

Jay Z Calls for Rikers Jail to be Closed in Exclusive Interview with Democracy Now!

Donald Trump: 'Had we taken the oil, you wouldn't have ISIS'

The State Department’s entire senior management team just resigned

Madeleine Albright ‘ready to become Muslim’ to protest Trump’s immigration policy

Mexico Cancels Meeting: Trump Shreds US-Mexico Relations in Less Than a Week

Compromise Does Not Work With Our Political Opponents. When Will We Learn?

Bessie Coleman: The first African American female to become a pilot

Americans could save $1 trillion over 10 years by financing infrastructure through publicly-owned banks

Carl Reiner Remembers Mary Tyler Moore: ‘She Was Grace Personified’

Oil Pipeline Spills 53,000 Gallons on First Nations Land

Mary Tyler Moore, Emmy-winning sitcom star, dead at 80

Winona LaDuke: Trump's Push to Build Dakota Access & Keystone XL Pipelines is a Declaration of War

A Complete Disregard for Democracy: Greenpeace Condemns Trump's Move on Pipelines & Silencing of EPA

Trump set to issue orders on border wall, immigration crackdown

Malia Obama Attends Sundance Standing Rock Solidarity Event Against DAPL

Video released of Chicago police chase that left unarmed teen dead

The Netherlands to Counter Trump's "Global Gag Rule" With International Abortion Fund

As Trump Moves to Advance Dakota Access Pipeline, Former VP Al Gore Calls #DAPL "An Atrocity"

Gag Me: Trump's Anti-Abortion Executive Order

"An Inconvenient Sequel": Al Gore on New Film, Trump, Climate Change & His Opposition to DAPL

Now President, Trump Once Again Lies About Why He Lost Popular Vote

Information lockdown hits Trump’s federal agencies

Jeremy Scahill on Trump Team: A Cabal of Religious Extremists, Privatization Advocates & Racists

Gov to Trump: 'California is not turning back. Not now, not ever'

Lee O’Denat, WorldstarHipHop founder, dies at 43

Donald Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer says 'we can sometimes disagree with the facts'

Pope warns against Hitler-like leaders coming to power on wave of populism

On His First Day in Office, Trump Raises Taxes on Middle-Class Homebuyers

How Kellyanne Conway ushered in the era of ‘alternative facts’

Secret Service plans to investigate Madonna for saying she wants to blow up the White House

Trump’s Two-Step Strategy To Take Over the Truth

Trump Advisor Calls Press Secretary's Falsehoods "Alternative Facts"

With False Claims, Trump Attacks Media on Turnout and Intelligence Rift

Civil Rights, Climate Change, and Healthcare Were All Scrubbed from the White House Website

At Sundance, Hollywood stars rally against Trump: 'This is a new America'

Donald Trump’s Unprecedented, Divisive Speech

China still dumping U.S. debt -- and so is Japan. But Russia is buying

Petition demanding the release of Donald Trump’s tax returns secures 100k signatures

Gambia's former leader Jammeh flies into exile in Equatorial Guinea

President Trump hit immediately with ethics complaint

Ex-CIA chief Brennan bashes Trump over speech during CIA visit

In San Francisco it's no kids allowed

Madonna Women's March Speech "Blowing Up The White House" on Washington Anti Trump

Madonna stuns MSNBC hosts with live F-bombs at Washington Women’s March

Women's Marches on All Seven Continents Demand 'A Better Future'

‘Destroying Palmyra is cultural cleansing of Syrian people’ – UNESCO

She's white rural republican and she's protesting President Trump

Women's March Sets Off in D.C. as 'Sister Marches' Take to Streets Around the World

217 arrests, 6 officer injuries during inauguration protests

Trump’s Inauguration Concert Was a Total Disaster

Why Chelsea Manning's Release Wil Make Us All Safer

Inauguration Special Featuring Michael Moore and Naomi Klein

Trump, sworn in as U.S. president, vows to end 'American carnage' in defiant speech

'Dump Trump’: Filipinos gather to burn US flag, throw Trump photos into rubbish bins

President Donald Trump Delivers Grim Inauguration Speech as Protests Swell

The End of a People: Amazon Dam Destroys Sacred Munduruku "Heaven"

Obama's Condemnation of Israeli Occupation Doesn't Match His Last 8 Years in Office

George Soros says Trump is an 'imposter' who is certain to fail

Spike Lee Literally Canceled Chrisette Michele Over Donald Trump Inauguration Gig

Moby Comes Out of Hiding to Thrash Against Trump in ‘Erupt the Matter’ (Video)

U.S. investors see more automation, not jobs, under Trump administration

Human Rights Watch: Obama Broke the Law by Not Prosecuting Bush and Cheney

Avalanche destroys Italian hotel, up to 30 feared dead under snow

Nina Turner says "The Democratic Party Can't Just Whisper Sweet Nothings Anymore" - Nina Turner

Chinese Billionaire Says US Wasted Trillions on Wars and Wall Street

Chelsea Manning's Attorneys: Obama's Commutation Will Help Save Life of Jailed Army Whistleblower

Solar Employs More Workers Than Coal, Oil and Natural Gas Combined

Oscar López Rivera to Be Freed as Obama Commutes Sentence of Puerto Rican Independence Activist

Jewish centers in cities across US receive bomb threats

We Need the Truth About Trump and Russia Now.

Former 'Apprentice' contestant accuses Donald Trump of unwanted sexual advances, files defamation suit

Water Protectors Arrested, Tear-Gassed for Peaceful Prayer Walk at DAPL Site

Bipartisan EPA Alumni Urge Senate to Reject Pruitt's "Troubling" Nomination

Gene Cernan, Last Man on the Moon, Remembered

Newly Discovered 1964 MLK Speech on Civil Rights, Segregation & Apartheid South Africa

More Than 40 Dems Now Skipping Inauguration, While Planned Protests Grow

Chelsea Manning To Walk Free In May, White House Confirms

Corporate Cash Floods Trump Inauguration

Trump Inauguration as 'Twilight Zone' Television Listing Goes Viral

Cory Booker and the Big Pharma Dems Have No Excuse. This Vote Proves It.

Insane Clown President: Matt Taibbi Chronicles Election of "Billionaire Hedonist" Donald Trump

Martin Luther King's daughter: 'God can triumph over Trump'

12yo Indian girl ‘gang raped by school principal & 3 teachers’ in critical condition

600yo Buddha statue uncovered in Chinese reservoir

Martin Luther King's daughter says 'God can triumph over Trump'

Newly Discovered 1964 MLK Speech on Civil Rights, Segregation & Apartheid South Africa

Trump's Pick for Defense Sec'y Made Millions in Defense Industry After His 2013 Retirement

Obama Expands Surveillance Powers on His Way Out

Eight Men Own Same Wealth as Half of Humanity

Overwhelmed by Voters Angry About ACA Repeal, GOP Rep Sneaks Out Backdoor

South Korea prosecutors to seek arrest of Samsung chief

CCTV footage of violent arrest that led to firing of 3 officers finally released

Twitter Explodes After Trump Aide Claims GOP Never Questioned Obama's Legitimacy

More than two dozen members of Congress are boycotting Donald Trump’s inauguration

Gazans Struggle in 10th Year of Israeli Blockade

After Massive Outrage, Trump Team Reverses, Asks Head of DC National Guard to Not Resign at 12:01 Inauguration Day

Celebrating John Lewis, a Beacon in Dark Times

Over 4,000 civilians killed, aid blocked, zero accountability

Trump no longer expected to visit African American museum on MLK Day

How Betsy DeVos Used God and Amway to Take Over Michigan Politics

Bishop Eddie Long dies of aggressive form of cancer, church says

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus to close after 146 years

'Like Bull Connor, But With More Bull': Donald Trump Picks Fight with Civil Rights Legend John Lewis on MLK Weekend

Jane Fonda says people should not be fooled by 'good-looking' liberals like Trudeau

U.S. indicts three Takata executives, fines company $1 billion in air-bag scandal

Shots In The Back, Children Tasered: DOJ Details Excessive Force By Chicago Police

Thirteen Democrats Join GOP to Kill Sanders Resolution on Canadian Drug Imports

California Mobilizes for War Against Trump

Exxon Ordered to Fork Over 40 Years of Climate Research

Nicole Kidman calls for Americans to support Trump

Protests derail UC Davis event with Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli

Trump kicks off Martin Luther King weekend by attacking civil rights legend John Lewis

Abbas inaugurates Palestinian Embassy in Vatican, meets Pope Francis

Rep. John Lewis: Russia election 'conspiracy' makes Donald Trump's presidency illegitimate

Trump Was Confronted About Sex With Russian Women in 2001 Howard Stern Interview

Donald Trump starts MLK weekend by attacking civil rights hero John Lewis

Trump adviser Flynn held multiple calls with Russian envoy

Black Democrats Say Testifying Last In Sessions’ Hearing Is Like Being Sent To "Back Of The Bus"

Biden accuses Trump of playing 'into the Russian narrative'

Justice Department inspector general to investigate pre-election actions by department and FBI

US tanks and soldiers in Poland pose threat to Russia – Kremlin

If Chelsea Manning Gets Granted Clemency, Will WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Leave London To Face US Charges?

EPA accuses Fiat Chrysler of excess diesel emissions

Refusing to 'Celebrate' Trump, Rep. Barbara Lee Joins Growing Inauguration Boycott