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‘Bullying’ campaign after US graduate speech criticises Israel

Pressley Files Amendment to Strike 'Reckless' Student Loan Provision From Debt Limit Bill

Venezuela's Maduro proves divisive at Lula's South American unity summit

Paolo Portoghesi, First Director of the Venice Architecture Biennale, Passes Away at the Age of 92

“Mafia combined with KGB,” Congress, FBI investigate ‘secret’ Chinese police stations in U.S.

Colin Kaepernick absolutely blasts NFL: ‘I haven’t seen substantial change’

Celebrated Geechee Gullah chef Emily Meggett dies at 90

Estonian researchers make “salmon” from peas

South American presidents led by Lula seek new shared agenda

Twitter janitors in New York file lawsuit over firings and demand backpay

EU’s Breton says Twitter ‘can’t hide’ after platform ditches disinformation code

French minister threatens to ban Twitter if it doesn’t follow EU rules

San Francisco enters a "doom loop"

Turkey's President Erdoğan wins re-election

More than 1,500 arrested during Netherlands climate protests

Progressives Condemn Biden-GOP Debt Ceiling Deal as 'Cruel and Shortsighted'

Supreme Court dramatically shrinks Clean Water Act’s reach

Mexican president tells Florida Hispanics: Don’t give ‘one single vote’ to DeSantis

French Olympic Committee head resigns during run-up to Paris 2024 Summer Games

Japan says scrambled fighter jets after Russian planes spotted

‘Potheads, go giggle elsewhere’: public weed ban begins in Amsterdam

Ex-guard charged with 95 counts of sexual abuse in California women’s prison

In Georgia, 1,400 Electric Bus Manufacturing Workers Have Just Won a Union

Starbucks Union Demands Company Bargain a National Contract

Militia leader gets 18 years in prison over US Capitol attack

Two-thirds of California voters say Feinstein no longer fit for office

Outrage as Parisians find anti-abortion stickers on city bikes

Microsoft warns Chinese hackers attacking 'critical' infrastructure

Tina Turner

Simply the best: Rock queen Tina Turner has died at 83

Target to pull some LGBTQ items after ‘threats’ to employees

95-year-old great-grandmother tasered by policeman dies in Australia

Remembering Uvalde children's joy one year after shooting

Four Filipinas sue diplomat employers in Switzerland for slavery

NAACP says Florida travel warning is just the start of organizing effort

German police carry out nationwide raids against Last Generation climate activists

Climate scientists flee Twitter as hostility surges following Musk's takeover

Amanda Gorman ‘gutted’ after Florida school bans Biden inauguration poem

Human Rights Campaign issues Florida travel advisory

We Need More Accountability, not More Black Trauma Porn

Romania must recognise same-sex civil unions, EU top rights court rules

PEN America and Penguin Random House sue Florida school district over book bans

Hiroshima Survivor Slams G7 Leaders for Embracing War & Rejecting Nuclear Disarmament

Ron DeSantis to launch his presidential campaign on Twitter with Elon Musk

Surgeon general issues advisory about social media risks for kids

Spanish police arrest several in connection with racist insults to footballer Vinicius Jr

Biden seals 3 deals in Pacific islands as U.S. competes with China

Message to Biden: Stop Negotiating With GOP Economic Terrorists

DeSantis’s $13.5m police program lures officers with violent records to Florida

From Waterboarding to Rape, Abu Zubaydah Depicts Torture at Black Sites & Gitmo

Judge Blocks JetBlue, American Airlines Merger

Meta hit with record €1.2 billion fine for violating EU data rules

French territory Mayotte begins demolition of vast shantytown

US dollar's dominance has declined in the Middle East

Fossil Fuel Firms Owe $209 Billion a Year in Climate Reparations

Iraqi artist battles to save boating tradition

Medical AI's weaponization

Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr says the Spanish league “now belongs to racists”

Spain has 'problem' with racism, says football federation chief

MLK’s famous criticism of Malcolm X was a ‘fraud'

Rome climate protesters turn Trevi fountain water black

NAACP issues travel warning in Florida: the state ‘has become hostile to Black Americans’

At least dozen killed in El Salvador football stadium crush

DC Police Officer Indicted for Sharing Sensitive Jan. 6 Info With Proud Boys

More than 36,000 people displaced by northern Italy floods

Angela Davis on the Enduring Legacy of Malcolm x

Atlanta politicians face pressure to vote against giving $31m to ‘Cop City’

School gun violence torments America's youngest generation

New York City is sinking - too many big buildings

Assad gets warm welcome at Arab League summit after years of isolation

Cannes’s ‘essential workers’ stage Carlton protest as French pension battle hits festival

'Death to Arabs' Chants as US-Backed Israeli Democracy Struts Its Stuff on Flag Day

The Evidence Is Clear: Medicare for All Will Save Money and Lives

At least nine dead and 20,000 homeless in Italy’s worst flooding in 100 years

DOJ arrests four people in cases of U.S. tech theft for Russia, China, Iran

UK companies embrace four-day week

CEO of OpenAI calls for government regulation

Tennessee governor signs bill to protect gun firms

At least 3 killed, others wounded in New Mexico shooting

Missouri high-schooler suspended for recording teacher using racial slur

Former Sen. Doug Jones Slams Tuberville for Defending White Nationalists in Military

Rebrand 'Mass Shootings' as 'Second Amendment Celebrations'

Homophobic attacks in France rose almost 30 percent last year,

75 Years After Nakba, Palestinians Hail 'Historic' UN Commemoration

Mormon church has $100bn ‘clandestine hedge fund

Forbes takeover bid gives conceals foreign funding

Law school graduates turn their backs on NYC Mayor during commencement address

How America’s fatal gun attraction turned schools into war zones

As Trump’s lies and scandals deepen, the GOP responds as usual – with silence

In pictures: Spain faces devastating drought

Daniel Penny charged with manslaughter over death of Jordan Neely in New York

'Same Sh*t, Different Day,' Says Fetterman After Yet Another Norfolk Southern Derailment

Susan Sarandon arrested at fair wage protest in New York

Almost 80% of employees say bosses can't be trusted

The next Trump: Brown, younger and just as extreme

Ocasio-Cortez Flames CNN for “Profoundly Irresponsible” Trump Town Hall

Flesh-eating ‘zombie drug’ saturating Los Angeles

Elon Musk recalls almost all Tesla cars in China

Frustration at CNN boils over with Trump town hall

Economic and social cost of "forever chemicals" exceeds $17 trillion

US Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to California Farm Animal Law

Israel kills 30 Palestinians in Gaza as violence escalates

Former US Marine to be charged in choking death on New York subway

Manhattan DA to charge former Marine in subway chokehold death

Ex-Tesla worker seeks third trial in race bias case after $3.2 mln award

Army sergeant sentenced to 25 years after being convicted of killing BLM protester

Timeline of Texas mass shootings during Gov. Abbott's tenure

French parliament designates Wagner a ‘terrorist group’

George Santos in custody on 13 federal charges

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot exits proud after getting ‘a lot of s--t done’

Israel Kills 13, Including Women & Children, in Airstrikes

Justice for Jordan Neely: Friend Remembers Dancer as “Gentleman” as Calls Grow for Killer’s Arrest

‘Everything is gone’: entire Indian villages burned in ethnic violence

US jury finds Donald Trump sexually abused E Jean Carroll

David Miranda, noted writer and former Brazilian congressman, dies aged 37

Kanye West treasurer resigns, alleges possible ‘unlawful’ campaign transaction

Texas GOPAnti-Groomer Resigns Over Sexual Misconduct With Teenage Aide

Louisiana man wrongly convicted of rape released after 29 years in prison

Jordan Neely, the New York subway victim was a 'young man in real crisis,' advocates say

What Conservatives Can’t Say About Clarence Thomas

Jordan Neely Was Already Dead

Private equity's looming bankruptcy boom

Congo buries its flood victims as death toll surpasses 400

Another weekend of death at the Kentucky Derby but don’t expect change

US truck drivers push for better working conditions: ‘We’ve lost our patience’

Eight people killed in shooting at shopping mall in Allen, Texas

Georgia Gov. Kemp signs new bill giving him total control over all prosecutors in Georgia

7 killed by driver near Texas migrant shelter

Arab governments vote to readmit Syria into Arab League

Israel demolishes Palestinian West Bank school

Newton Minow, Ex-FCC Chair Who Said TV a 'Vast Wasteland' Dead at 97

Several people shot and gunman dead at Dallas mall

Jordan Neely killing: lack of arrest highlights racial disparities in charging

Iowa Becomes Second State This Year to Repeal Child Labor Protections

Suicide rates remain high in military

South Africans ask King Charles to return world's biggest diamond

US must tackle police brutality against Black people head-on, UN experts say

US supreme court halts execution of Oklahoma inmate Richard Glossip

Suspect arrested after second mass shooting in Serbia

Clarence Thomas’s problems multiply at Supreme Court

Trans Teen Receiving Award From Iowa Gov. Shouts “Trans Rights Are Human Rights”

New York and California investigate NFL discrimination complaints

EPA needs to be rebuilt, not nickel and dimed to death with budget cuts

Wife of Supreme Court Justice Thomas Took Secret Payments Ahead of Landmark Voting Rights Case

Nazi Germany and the Contemporary Republican Party

Get out of Russia while you still can, ex-oligarch warns Western energy giants

Dallas disrupted by hackers - courts closed, police and fire sites offline

Suspect, 21, arrested in fatal stabbing spree in California college town