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The Criminalization of Private Debt

An estimated 77 million Americans have a debt that has been turned over to a private collection agency. Thousands of these debtors are arrested and jailed each year because they owe money. Millions more are threatened with jail. The debts owed can be as small as a few dollars, and they can involve every kind of consumer debt... read more .

The United States Is Not a Democracy

 When U.S. voters cast their votes in the 2020 November election, an unchecked pandemic raged through the nation, uprisings against racism and police violence stretched into their eighth month, and new climate change-intensified storms formed in the Atlantic. The reactionary and undemocratic... read more .

Rappers can’t make Black capitalism work for Black people


Florida ‘rights of nature’ amendment protects ecosystems and the right to clean water


Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio and Bevelyn Beatty Allegedly Stabbed In Washington, D.C.

Enrique Tarrio, the chairman of the right-wing group the Proud Boys has allegedly been stabbed after an altercation outside of a bar in Washington, D.C. Bevelyn Beatty, another Proud Boys member that gained attention over the summer after pouring paint on a Black Lives Matter monument, was also allegedly stabbed in the... read more .

The Colonization of the Ayahuasca Experience

About a decade ago, popular interest in ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brew, started taking off in Europe and North America, driven by high profile tales of its supposed mentally transformative healing powers. Lindsay Lohan, for example, notably claimed that it helped her let go of “the wreckage of [her] past life,” resolving old... read more.

Green New Deal Champion Chloe Maxmin Unseats Powerful GOP Incumbent in Rural Maine

The results of the U.S. Senate race this week in Maine—won by four-term Republican Sen. Susan Collins after Democrats poured $50 million into challenger Sara Gideon's campaign—may have given the impression that a Trumpian right-wing agenda has an iron grip on the state's more conservative rural voters, but the victory of... read more .

Garlic and Social Class

Garlic: crucial ingredient in practically every savory food, or source of stinky kitchens and stinkier breath? As American literature scholar Rocco Marinaccio writes, our answers to that question have deep roots in class, race, and geography, particularly when it comes to... read more .

'Choose Democracy, Stop a Coup:' Guerilla Street Mural in Oakland

Last Thursday, people from Oakland and the Bay Area carrying chalk, brushes, and buckets of paint, took over and painted 14th Street in downtown Oakland. A group of grandmothers who call themselves 1000 Grandmothers for Future Generations set up blockades on both sides of 14th Street, directly next to the Oakland Federal Building.  Read more.

“We Never Made It to the Polls”: Police in North Carolina Pepper-Spray Voting March


Glenn Greenwald: My Resignation From The Intercept

Last Thursday, renown journalist and co-founder of The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald, resigned from The Intercept with a fury - outlining in an editorial the reasons why: Today I sent my intention to resign from The Intercept, the news outlet I co-founded in 2013 with Jeremy Scahill and Laura Poitras, as well as from its parent company First Look Media. The final, precipitating cause is that The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate... read more .

The Dead Eyes and Cold Heart of Jared Kushner

The dead eyes of Jared Kushner always give up the game. His voice, a nasally trill from the depths of inherited privilege, cracks slightly under the weight of racist cliche-mongering. His usual verbal nervous tick — a recurring “right?” — is missing from the word salad of projected Black victimization that flows like sewage from his razor-thin lips:  Read more.

Remembering the Disaster at Hawks Nest

One of the largest industrial disasters in U.S. history occurred during the construction of the Hawks Nest Tunnel near Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, in the early 1930s. Hundreds of miners, most of them African Americans, died from silicosis, a disease caused by the... read more .